y u cry

You guys don’t understand how much this got me, my heart literally jumped over the moon, I am SO happy!
So many good things have happened this year. I’m speechless aside all of the screaming. I CANNOT wait for this film, I absolutely CANNOT wait.

Calm down Odagiri, calm down
Middle School Spy Boys
Calm down Odagiri, calm down

A short excerpt from the drama CD. 
Because y’all need to hear Odagiri having a fit. /shot

Robber: Alright, so did all of you surrender your phones? Huh? Hey you! You still have your phone! Give it to me!

Odagiri: Mmm! Mmmmm! Nmm! Mmm!

Robber: If you don’t give it here, I’ll shoot this guy!

Odagiri: Hmm! Nmmm! Mmm! Nmm!

Sakuma: Is your smartphone worth more than my life?!

Robber: Hurry up and give it to me! Or else I’ll shoot you! I’ll really shoot you! Are you fine with that?!

Sakuma: O-Odagiri!!!

*Odagiri hands his phone over*

Robber: You could’ve just handed it over earlier!


Robber: Huh? W-what?! Scary!


Fukumoto: Odagiri has this sickness that when he’s separated from his phone, even for a short while, he’ll have seizures. All of his body will be wracked by violent seizures, if we leave him like this, it would eventually lead to his death.

Robber: I-I’ve never heard of that sickness!!


Amari: Poor thing. Since he’s like this, why don’t you just return it?

Robber: Eh? B-but–…!

Jitsui: At this rate, not only you’ll be labeled as a robber, but also as a murderer.

Robber: Arghh shit! Fine! Fine already! Take it! *throws the phone to Odagiri*

Odagiri: *breathes a sigh of relief*

Robber: Didn’t he get well too soon?!