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Expensive Taste // A.F.I


a/n: I’m gonna make this quick bc my computer is not really cooperating but !!! my first ashton imagine!! ive had this idea forever but it took so long to write but here it is now!! I hope you like it!!

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3 AM

Requested by @bikeral

Pairings: Bruce x f!Reader

A/N: I’m back! <3

Nat has created a chatroom.

Nat has invited Tony, Clint, Thor, Steve.

Nat: Guess what I just saw!


Nat: Wake up!



Thor: What is it that you saw?


Steve: what

Thor: Oh nothing. Go back to sleep.




Nat: I saw Y/N!

Steve: She lives here, you know.

Tony: Shocking.

Nat: Leaving Bruce’s room!


Thor: At this ungodly hour? It could only mean one thing!


Thor: No, you fool.

Clint: Nat stop laughing. I can hear you from my room. You know my brain doesn’t function until I have coffee!

Steve: But what if Clint is right? Maybe Y/N and Bruce were working on something and she just fell asleep.

Nat: Really, Steve? REALLY?

Steve: Let’s ask them.

Nat: Don’t seem suspicious.

Tony has cleared the chat.

Tony has added Y/N.

Tony has added Bruce.

Clint: Hello.

Steve: Hi.

Tony: Hey.

Thor: Greetings.

Nat: Sigh. What did I just say?

Bruce: Hello? It’s kinda early to be chatting, don’t you think?

Y/N: Err, hey.

Tony: Were you asleep? Am I disturbing?

Y/N: No I was awake.

Bruce: Me too.

Clint: Oh? Awake, you say? Doing what?

Bruce: And why would you want to know?

Tony: I hope you didn’t tire yourselves out with whatever you were doing… OR WHOEVER YOU WERE DOING!


Y/N: Wait what?!





Bruce: We can explain.

Y/N: Yeah.

Bruce: It’s none of your business. Explanation over.


Tony: Clint you owe me $1000.

Clint: No! You’re rich, you don’t need it!


Bruce: A bet?

Tony: Yeah, I bet that you and Y/N would get together before the end of the week and Clint bet on next month.

Y/N: Technically… We’re not together.


Steve: Nat please.

Nat: Wanda has to train the new recruits now! I took a bet with her as well.

Thor: I had a bet with Sam. He has won.

Tony: Didn’t Bucky and Vision have a bet too?

Steve: I had one with T’Challa.



Tony: Although, that would be a benefit, right Clint?

Clint: Don’t associate your sinful mind with me.

Clint: But yes.

Y/N: I can’t believe you two!

Bruce: Tony I swear to Thor I will hulk out and fling you out of the base so hard you’ll arrive in Wakanda.

Thor: You have my blessings.

Clint: Here’s a question… Why aren’t you two together?

Nat: I know the two of them are so smitten with each other.

Bruce: Well. Uh. You see.

Y/N: It’s okay Bruce…

Bruce: No. I…



Tony: Well obviously.

Steve: Shhh Tony, let them continue.

Tony: No they sound like 12 year old’s.


Tony: …

Y/N: I -


Nat: Fangirling.

Clint: YES.


Bruce: YOU -


Bruce: YOU DO?!

Y/N: Of course! Are you forgetting about…?


Bruce: Oh! No, no, no. That was, wow. I mean - I’m the hulk, you know?

Tony: stop this.

Y/N: I know, and I’m not scared.

Bruce: Would you like to go out on a date? See where things go from there?

Y/N: I would love to!

Tony: Can’t you do this in person? We’re in the same building. Your rooms are opposite each others.

Y/N: .. RIGHT!


Bruce has left the chat.

Y/N has left the chat.


Tony: It’s a special moment for my Brucie! I want it to go well for him!


Steve: I am disappointed in you, Tony. DISAPPOINTED!

Steve has left the chat.

Nat: Sleep with one eye open.

Nat has left the chat.

Clint: Done with you.

Clint has left the chat.



Tony: A. CHAT.




Loki has joined the chat.

Loki: Now, Thor. Use your words. We have discussed this.

Tony: Shut up, Loki.

Thor: Quiet, brother!

Tony has left the chat.

Thor has left the chat.

Loki: Why do I even bother?

Loki has left the chat.

The Pan Flute{Peter Pan Imagine}

Originally posted by pans-flute

Peter Pan Imagine 

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Yes,  I have a request where the reader has her own treehouse and peter is try to make the reader fall for him. The reader is starting to fall for him but he needs one big idea so peter went to serenaded her. And if you want some heat going on (smut) ;)

Warnings: smut (as requested), swearing, kinda ooc!pan

NOTE: Might not be exactly what you wanted, but I hope you like it no less.

It was a quiet evening in Neverland. The birds sung, the sun shined down upon the trees, and the wind was brisk. The leader of the island thought to take a nice stroll through the forest, to check on his most prized possession. You.

Of course, whenever he claimed that you were his, you would always deny it. Saying how you were your own person, and you were. But, getting that through Pan’s thick skull was difficult to say the least. Once he came up to your treehouse he had custom made for your own privacy, he called out to you in the most cliche way he could.

“Y/n, Y/n, where for art thou, Y/n? Dost thou wish to keep ye King waiting for so long to see thine beautiful face?” He called up to you, down on one knee with his arms directed up at you.

With a giggle, you walk over to the balcony of the treehouse, rolling your eyes once you see his position. Deciding to play along, you replied. “Oh, Peter, Peter! Where for art thou, Peter? Thy heart begs for ye mercy of-” You busted out laughing in the middle of your sentence, not being able to contain the cringe. “Oh my God, are we really doing this?”

“Well I didn’t make that balcony for show,” He huffed, getting off his knee and standing straight up. “Thought I might as well do something romantic, for my little lost girl.”

“Okay 1) Although Romeo and Juliet is romantic, they die at the end. And 2) for the last time Peter, I will never be yours in a million and one years.” You clarified, resting your elbows on the railing of the balcony. 

He smirked at you, his eyebrow raising high to the sky. “What about a million and two?” 

“I hate you, you know that?” You shook your head, can’t help but to smile anyway.

“You can’t resist me for long, my dear.Your heart will belong to me, just you wait.” He pointed at you, winking. Pan turned to walk away, heading back to camp.

“I highly doubt it!” You yelled, still shaking your head.

“Peter Pan never fails!” He called toward you, still walking in the direction of the camp. 

As much as you hated to admit it, you knew that he had your heart in the palm of his hands. From day one your crush blossomed, and it only grew bigger and bigger the more time he spent with you. The way his lips curled into that devilish smirk of his, or how his hair shined perfectly in the sun and moonlight. Or the way his laugh was rare, but lovely to listen to, and how there are slight creasings in his forehead when he pouts, or is in one of his moods. He was dangerously cute, like a cuddly grizzly bear. 

But, that cuddly grizzly bear hasn’t really proved that his love was true. You just needed one BIG push, something special from his heart that would make you his. Forever. 

A few hours had past, and you decided to stay in your treehouse for the remainder of the night. You went to the camp a few times to grab food, but never really saw Pan…at all. The only time you spoke to him that day was when he visited. Odd. You asked a couple lost boys and Felix, and they all just looked at you with smirks. It kind of freaked you out, but it did tell you one thing. Pan was up to something.

The sound of leaves and branches being crushed alarmed you from your spot on the bed, as you just got done putting on your sleep attire. Getting up, you start to hear the sound of…a flute? 

You walk out onto the balcony, the sound of the music becoming even more clear. It wasn’t just any flute, it was a pan flute. And only one person owned a pan flute on the island. Looking down, your connection was correct. Pan was down there, blowing away softly on his pan flute, seeming to really be getting into it. His eyes were closed, as his body gently swayed to the music he played for you, the delicate sound putting you at bliss.

Once he came to a stop, he finally opened his eyes, seeing the warm smile on your face. You asked him to play it one more time, and he was happy to do so. When he was done, you motioned for him to come up and come inside, the smile never leaving your face. His was starting to form as he knew it worked. You never invited anyone up there. Until now.

You grabbed his hand as soon as he was at the top with you, pulling him inside. “That was beautiful, Peter. Did you make it up?” You curiously asked, sitting crisscrossed on your bed, while he leaned against a desk. 

He shrugged, “Only for a special someone.” He winked at you, your heart rate picking up a little as you blushed at his words. “The pan flute itself is something special for you, love.”

“What do you mean?” He picked it up from the desk he laid it on, handing it to you and letting you inspect it. Not seeing any difference, you raised your eyebrow. “It seems like a regular pan flute, the one that you play for the lost boys.”

“Yes, darling, but try blowing in it.” 

Doing as he said, still confused, you blew air through the hole. But no sound came out. Now you were really in a bewilderment as you stared at the flute. “Is it…broken?” 

Pan grabbed it back from you, blowing air into the holes like you did, only this time..sound came out. You tilted your head, now just frustrated on why he wouldn’t just tell you. “I made it special for you, Y/n. It’s a pan flute only I can blow into and it’ll make music…only you can hear.” 

“You mean..I’m the only one who can hear the music? Just me?” You smiled at him, putting your hand to your heart in astonishment. He smiled back, setting the flute back down as he walked over to you. Pan sat on the bed next to you, reaching his hand up slowly to caress your cheek.

“Only you, my love. That way, I can play you music at night to help you to sleep, and wake you up in the morning, or whenever you want me to play it for you, I will. You’re own special pan flute, for my little lost girl.” His thumb rubbed over your cheekbone, you sighing happily at the contact. 

This meant a lot to you, coming from Pan, the demon who swore off love for as long as his immortal life gave him. It might not seem like that much, but to go out of his way to make a pan flute just for you to hear, seemed like something from the bottom of his heart to you. There was no fighting it any longer, this boy had your heart and you were going to let him have it. 

You leaned in without warning, connecting your lips in a soft and gently kiss. A little taken aback, he snapped from his daze to kiss you back, his other hand coming up and holding your other cheek. He pulled away for quick moment, running his thumb over your bottom lip, a content grin on his face. 

“All it took was a pan flute and a song, hm? And what was that talk about me not having your heart in a million and one years?” His grin deepened, his eyes shining in pure amusement as you just rolled yours.

“Just shut up and kiss me, dammit.” You gripped his collar, pulling him closer, to where your noses brushed against each other. 

He chuckles softly, his hands traveling downward until they rested on your waist. “Among other things…” Connecting your lips again, you leaned backward until you laid upon the bed, with Pan hovering above you. 

He rested his hips in between your legs, each arm placed on the sides of your head as he deepened the kiss, savoring the taste of your lips as if he would never get this opportunity again. One hand slowly reached down, hiking up your gown to expose you bare legs to him, along with your underwear. His finger hooked onto the waistband, tugging it just a little and then letting it go, to smack back against your skin. The sudden contact made you gasp, giving his tongue access to enter your warm mouth, rapidly moving it around in the new territory. 

You moaned softly at the new feeling, not even given a chance to dominate his, not like you had one to begin with. Your hips bucked up, wanting more, brushing your crotches together. The friction alone was enough to push Pan over the edge of being gentle, something definitely snapped from within him. His sat up from the bed, alarming you in thinking that he was going to leave, but he just gently patted your head. 

“Calm down, darling. I just need you to undress for me, okay?” He calmly asked, his eyes dark with lust. You nodded slowly as he walked over to the lantern that lit the room, blowing out the candle to where nothing but the moonlight shined through the room. You hesitantly slipped off your night gown, blushing at the thought that he was going to see..well…everything. He turned around seeing that expression on your face, walking back over to you. His hands rubbed up and down your bare shoulders, trying to calm you down a little. 

“Hey,” He gently spoke, making sure that he caught your eyes with his. “You have nothing to be ashamed of, sweetheart. You are truly and utterly beautiful, so please don’t hide such beauty from me,” He gestured to your crossed arms over your chest. Biting your lip, you continued to stare into his eyes. Even though they were clouded with lust, such love was also held in them as he stared right back at you. Slowly, you remove your arms, Pan biting his lip as his eyes traveled to the new territory. He reached forward a little, looking at you in approval to touch you. Nodding your head, both of his hands cupped your breasts, sending chill bumps all around your body. 

His hands squeezed, a small gasp escaping your mouth as you placed your hands over his. “Y-You’re fully dressed, that’s not very fair..” You pouted, Pan chuckling slightly as you went for his shirt. Getting him undressed until he was left in nothing but his undergarments, he went right back to business. He pulled you in close to his body, your chest pressed against his as you shared an intense kiss, pouring every ounce of love for one another into it. His hands gripped your hips tightly, mumbling a ‘jump’ while your lips were still together. Obeying, you wrapped your legs around his waist, as he carried you back to the bed slowly. 

Crashing onto the bed, in the previous position you were in before, the less clothing covering up your center from his only intensified the heat that traveled to your core. You could already feel him pressing against you, just begging to be noticed. Feeling a little bold, you move your hand down while tracing his abdomen on the way, until you finally reached your destination. You rubbed the area casually, feeling it become even more stiff than it was before. Pan grunted softly in your ear, his hips slightly thrusting more into your palm as his breathing became heavier. 

“Do y-you see what you’ve done to me, gorgeous? B-Barely even touched me, and you’ve turned m-me into a stuttering, horny mess.” He bit his lip as you continued to rub him, grinning to yourself that you have this kind of effect. He groaned, his head resting in the crook of your neck, letting you feel him for as long as you desired. Knowing that he wanted more, you tugged his trousers down until he finally sprung free, letting out a large exhale now that he was out of tight containment. You decided to flip your positions, Pan laying on his back while you took his trousers all the way off, throwing them on the floor somewhere. 

Pan lifted himself onto his elbows, watching you closely as you sunk to your knees in between his legs. You traced the tip of his cock with a delicate finger, the sounds of him trying to contain himself only made you giggle, as you were indeed barely even touching him. 

“Darling…please do something…” 

“Is that begging I hear? Peter Pan begging to me?” You gripped him whole in one hand, making him jerk his hips upward at the sudden action. “What a turn on that is, my love.” You leaned up, peppering the base in feather-like kisses, until you felt like he’s had enough teasing. 

Without warning, you took as much of him as you could into your warm and welcoming mouth, a slight gurgling noise coming deep from his throat as he sighed in relief right after. You moved your head up and down at first in a slow and steady pace, taking in the sounds that he made as one of his hands came up to tangle in your hair tightly. 

Hollowing out your cheeks nearly drove the man insane, as he accidentally made you choke once he thrust up at the new feeling. The slight tugging at your hair gave you a signal that the teasing better stop, but it was too much fun. 

“Y-Y/n, baby, please s-stop fucking arou-oh God!” He yelped as you sped up, whatever you couldn’t fit into your mouth, your other hand could take care of. You moaned around him as he carefully started thrusting to match your rhythm, his groans filling the air and his head leaned back into the bed. The grip on your hair tightened as you felt his member pulsate, alarming you that he was close. Pan quickly yanked you up, releasing him and allowing him to catch his breath, you doing the same. 

His eyes lids drooped as he massaged the back of your head because of his hard tugging. He stared down at you in awe, his jaw dropped as his face was completely flushed. Pan slightly glared at you as an amused look danced upon your face. “You are such a naughty girl,” He rasped, gripping your jaw as he pulled you up to your feet, to where you stood in between his legs. “Never knew what wonders this mouth could do, always imagined, but they can’t compare to what you just did. But the teasing wasn’t a smart move, sweetheart.” 

Your stared at him through hooded eyes, straddling his waist as your wrapped your arms around his neck. “What are you going to do to me, sir?” You purred, sending shivers down his back. 

“Fuck, say that again,” He gripped your waist tightly, the material of your underwear rubbing deliciously against his throbbing member. You smirked down at him, scratching at his chest and collar bones slowly, making him growl in approval. 

“What are you going to do to me…sir?” You whispered in his ear, biting the lobe. That did the trick. He was so over being a gentlemen, as his full demon started to show. He flipped the two of you over, his hands pressing your wrists to the bed. Holding you there with one hand, his other reached down into your underwear, rubbing at the burning skin that has been dying to be touched. You moaned out at the sudden contact, his hand moving at lightning speed against your clit that had your hips squirming. Pan literally moaned at the feel of you, burning hot and practically soaking through your underwear. He ripped off the material to shreds, licking his lips once he finally got a look at you. “My God, look at you. You’re soaking, baby…all for me,” He cooed, while you just moaned in response. 

Time and time again, Pan dreamed of having you like this. At his mercy, a panting mess, begging for HIM this time. The circles on your nub came to a slowing stop, making you gasp for more.

“N-No please, don’t stop, don’t stop..!” You whimpered, shaking your hips side to side to get more friction, but he just let go of your wrists to hold you down to the bed. Pan chuckled darkly as he leaned down to take your right bud in his mouth, swirling his tongue over it again and again. You gripped on his hair, crying out in pure pleasure. The feeling of a single digit entering you heightened the pleasure, thrusting at the same pace as he worked your nipple. Tugging it with his teeth had you scream his name, surprising him. Blushing madly, you cover your mouth, embarrassed at your loudness.

“No, love, do that again. You’re pretty sounds are what fuels my fire,” He went knuckle deep into your core, curling the finger upward until he hit the right spot, making you arch your back and howl at the sensation. He drew his attention to your left nipple, showing it just as much attention as the other one had. You started to clench around the one finger, your moans increasing, but to take the cake Pan added a second finger, going twice the speed than the first. You choked on a moan, your body jolted upward as your eyes rolled to the back of your head. You needed one more push, you were almost there…until he decided to pull his fingers out.

“No no no, Peter! Please, please don’t do this, I was so close!” You whined, practically in tears that you weren’t given release. He smirked at you, pushing you back down onto the bed, and snug himself in between your legs again. In a swift and fast motion, he thrust himself inside of you. 

All of him at once. 

You gasped so loudly, but was so sure that oxygen was no longer a thing you worried about. A sudden tear slid down your cheek, alarming him of what he had done. “Y-Y/n! Darling, I am so sorry, d-did I hurt you?! Are you hurt?!” He was about to pull out, until your legs wrapped around his waist, securing him from going anywhere. You gripped his lower back, digging your nails into his skin while you bit your lip to lessen the pain. He wiped your tear away, a regretful look on his face. “I’m so sorry, love.”

“I-I’m fine, I’m okay…really,” You smiled weakly at him, rubbing up and down his back. “P-Please, just f-fuck me, sir…” 

That made his eyes widen in surprise, but smile down at you no less. “Christ, I love you.” He leaned down, kissing your lips gently to distract you from the pain, as he slowly thrusts in and out of you until you got used to the feeling.

From you previous action, it stretched you out just enough to where the pain didn’t last for that long and you were back to your moaning state. You held onto his back as he gradually started to pick up the pace, his hands gripping your thighs tightly as he pounded in and out of you. 

Pan lifted you upward to get a better angle, burying himself deeper into you, to where he reached certain spots that had the both of you groaning with pleasure.

“Oh m-my God, Y/n…” Pan moaned in your ear, holding you impossibly close to him, afraid that if he leg go he would loose this feeling. “You’re so bloody tight-AH but you take me so well!” He started planting kisses all over the area of your neck, sucking on the spots that got the most reaction out of you.

Your moans turned high pitched at this brand new feeling you have never in your life experienced before, it wasn’t like anything else in the world. You rocked to the rhythm of his thrusts, clawing up and down his back, receiving growls of appreciation.  

“F-Fuck Peter, harder please, fuck me harder!” You pleaded, not believing it yourself that these words were coming out of your mouth. He did as you asked, your earlier events of teasing making it easier to reach your climaxes. His thrusts started to become sloppy, his groaning increasing as well as his speed. It was almost inhuman how fast he was going in and out of you.

“O-On three, princess, okay?” He whispered in your ear, getting you to nod quickly in response, as you tightened around him, signaling that you were close as well. “One…” One hard thrust, jerking you further up the bed. “Two…” another hard thrust, this time timing making you cry out as it hit your special spot head-on. Your head lulled back, your eyes closing tightly as Pan found it again. He smirked down at you, returning his fast movement, hitting that spot over and over and over again. 

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh God!” You called out, literal tears streaming down your face, intoxicated on the feeling of him, all of him. 

“Three!” He exclaimed, a long groan flowing out of his mouth, as he came aggressively. You screamed out, literal scream, as you clung to his back from dear life, finally able to let it all out. You felt the hot spurts as Pan came inside of you, still thrusting in and out to milk out both of your intense orgasms.

You continued to clench around his softening member, your whole body twitching and in pure bliss as your brain tingled and buzzed from the event that took place. Pan finally came to a stop, his face looking as if he was on the best high of his life, the lust completely drained from his face and was replaced with dorky smile. He pulled out of you slowly, rolling onto his back, as the both of you breathed heavily to catch your breaths. Sweat gleamed on your bodies the moonlight, the sound of you breathing and the wind blowing the only thing you two could hear.

“Wow..” You broke the silence, looking over to see a cocky smirk play on his lips. “I’ve had better,” You teased, getting a scoff in response.

“Oh, don’t even try it, I brought you to tears, love.” He wiped away the few that stayed on your cheeks, pulling you in close to his chest. Too weak and exhausted to move, with a wave of his hands, and blanket was placed over the two of you. Pan kissed your forehead gently, rubbing delicate circles on your lower back. “You know, you’re not going to be able to walk tomorrow.”

“Yeah? Have fun healing from those scratches,” You poked his chest, looking up at him, with your eyelids slowly becoming heavier.

Pan looked down at you lovingly, cuddling you closer. Never in his life did he think this day would ever come. Cuddling after semi-aggressive love making. But, he’s not complaining. 

“I love you, my little lost girl.”

“I love you too, Peter Pan.” You hummer, slowly falling into a deep sleep, him following suit. “You know what I realized?”

“Hm?” He mumbled with his eyes closed.

“The lost boys might not have heard the music, but I know that they heard us.”

Pan giggled, the sound alone making you smile softly. “Good.” 

I Can't Help Falling In Love With You - George Weasley Imagine


Hiya please could I have a George one shot? Reader meets George for the first time at Fred’s wedding, reader is the maid of honour and George is the best man. Thankyou!
Could you do a George wedding imagine? I don’t have any specific details. I just really love weddings and George Weasley
Hello! May I request something if its not a big bother? It can be any prompt but can I include George serenading you by playing the piano and singing Cant Help Falling In Love With You? Thank you so much!

A/n: I decided to combine these requests! Hope you like it!

•(Y/f/n) = Your Friends Name•

~(Y/n)’s POV~

I scratched my neck in frustration. Why would Fred and (Y/f/n) choose theses dresses? This dress is making my neck and body itchy. As the maid of honor, I guess I should have told my best friend, (Y/f/n), something when we went dress shopping for the bridesmaids dresses and wedding dress; but I didn’t want (Y/f/n) to be disappointed. She seemed so excited when she first laid eyes on this dress and I didn’t want to say no. The bridesmaids dresses are cute no doubt but it’s the material that’s killing me. I look in the body mirror and pat my dress down. It’s a long blue gown that reaches my toes, it has a slit on the side showing my leg. My hair is down, I just curled it and was quite happy with the results. I step out of the bathroom where loud chattering was heard. Lots of people where here at the wedding, Fred’s family and (Y/f/n)’s family are all here.

“Places everyone!” I heard a voice scream, everyone began to walk left and right making me confused. Once the crowd cleared up and stopped moving, I quickly stepped onto the platform where the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and groom are taking places. Fred looks like he’s about to pass out “Don’t be nervous Freddie” I whisper, he looks up at me “I’m not nervous! Well… Maybe a little” he says biting his lip “Don’t be. Everything will be fine” I whisper, he nods his head slowly before facing the aisle where (Y/f/n) is walking down already. The brightest smile I have ever seen was on her face and the look on Fred’s face was priceless. As (Y/f/n) takes her place in front of Fred, I look beyond his head to see his twin brother, George looking straight at me. I’ve heard (Y/f/n) talk about him sometimes, but I’ve never met him before. He winks and smiles at me making me blush and get a tingling sensation in my stomach. Are those butterflies?! I clap when Fred dips (Y/f/n) dramatically and kisses her like there’s no tomorrow. The party goes on and on, noting interesting going on until I get to the punch bowl.

I grab a cup and start to drink but someone knocks into me making me drop it on my dress. I gasp as the cold liquid soaks the front of it. “Oh no! I’m so sorry!” I heard a voice exclaim, I look up to see him. George. He’s looking at me, our eyes locking together. His stare is so intense, it might make me melt. He shakes his head “Sorry. Here, wear my jacket.” He says quickly taking off his black jacket “No, it’s okay. You don’t have too” I whisper, he smiles softly making me want to kiss him. “I want too” he says putting the large jacket over my shoulders. I slip my arms through the sleeves; it’s way to big but I don’t mind. It smells just like him. Manly yet gentle at the same time. “I don’t think we’ve meet before” he says raising his eyebrow “You sound so sure. Maybe we have” I say smirking “No we haven’t. I would have remembered if I met a beautiful girl like you.” He says smugly, I laugh lightly trying to hide the fact that he made me blush yet again. “George. George Weasley.” He smiles making my insides melt “(Y-Y/n)” I stutter out. I have to get away from him before my knees buckle underneath me. “Hopefully, I’ll see you around. George” I say before walking away “Oh, you’ll see me! That’s a promise!” He says loudly. I can’t help but smile.

~ 5 Years Later~

I patted down my large puffy white skirt, my wedding dress is way more comfortable than my bridesmaids dress from many years ago. I look at myself in the mirror. I never thought that I would get married nor would I have thought I would meet my future husband at my best friend’s wedding. Maybe it was destiny all along that me and George met at the wedding. If I said no to be her bridesmaid, I probably wouldn’t even be standing in this beautiful dress. I would probably be at home feeling lonely. Unlike what I feel now. I feel happy, I’m marrying the person that has made the past five years the best of my life. I’m marrying the person who spilled punch all over my dress. I’m marrying the person that I love and want to spend the rest of my life with. George Weasley.

“(Y/n)? Are you ready?” I hear a voice whisper, I turn around to see (Y/f/n) smiling at me. I wiped the bottom of my eyes “No, I’m nervous” I cry, she quickly enters the room and hugs me tightly “Don’t feel nervous. You should see George, it looks likes he’s about to pee his pants.” She whispers making me laugh sadly. “I love him so much” I whisper looking up at her “And he loves you too” she smiles. I nod my head before standing. We leave the big tent that I’ve been waiting in and make our way towards the aisle. My dad is waiting there pacing back and forth, he stops when he sees me. His eyes tearing up. “Oh, my little girl” he whispers hugging me “Dad” I whisper “You look so beautiful” he says quietly “Thank you” I smile at him. We loop arms and start to make our way down the aisle. Me and George lock eyes the same way we did, the same night we met. His smile is wide, I can’t help but smile back just as wide. My dad kisses me on the forehead before letting me go. I stand in front of George and he grabs my hands in his gently. “You look amazing” he whispers but just loud enough for me to hear over the Wizard’s voice that’s starting the ceremony “You look handsome” I whisper “I can’t wait to kiss you” he says quietly. The wizard says some words, that me and George have to repeat.

“I, George Weasley, take, (Y/n) (Y/l/n), to be my wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part.” George slips a ring on my finger as he says those words.

“I, (Y/n) (Y/l/n), take, George Weasley to be my wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part.” I slip a ring onto George’s finger.

“Do you George Weasley, Wilt thou love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health; and forsaking all others, keep thee only unto her so long as ye both shall live?”

“I do” George says immediately making me laugh lightly

“Do you (Y/n) (Y/l/n), Wilt thou love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health; and forsaking all others, keep thee only unto him so long as ye both shall live?”

“I do” I say loudly giving George’s hand a tight squeeze.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.” The ministry wizard said raising his wand and waving it above me and George’s head. George wasted no time to grab my waist and pull me forward attaching our lips in a soft and warm kiss. “I love you so much” I whisper placing my hands on his face “Not as much as I love you” he smiles before he whistles making the ministry wizard pull out a chair from behind him. “Sit” George says quietly before kissing me on the forehead. He walks behind the piano that was right down the aisle, where I walked through to get here. He grabs a microphone and starts to speak in it “This is for my wife, the person who always knew how to make me smile and to make me happy. This is for you honey” My eyes start to swell up. He starts to play the piano making me smile. I’ve never heard George sing before but right as he says the first words I knew he had the voice of an angel.

“Wise men say, only fools rush in. Oh, but I can’t help falling in love with you. Shall I stay? Would it be a sin. Oh, but I can’t help falling in love with you.”

Tears start to trail down my cheeks.

“Like a river flows surely to the sea. Darling so it goes. Some things are meant to be. So, take my hand, and take my whole life too. Cause I can’t help falling in love with you. Like a river flows so surely to the sea. Oh my darling so it goes somethings are meant to be. So, won’t you please just take my hand and take my whole life too. Cause I can’t help falling in love, in love with you. Cause I can’t help falling in love, falling in love. I keep falling in love, with, you” George stops singing and I’m crying in my hands, George engulfs me in a tight hug “What’s wrong love?” He whispers “Nothing’s wrong. That was so beautiful Georgie, I love you so much” I cry “I love you too” he says quietly wiping my tears away with his thumbs before kissing me on the lips softly.


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Inspirational Mun Award! This award is given to muns that spark inspiration for everything from conversations to pictures! To receive this award more than once means you must be extremely inspiring! But I ask that you keep the inspiration going by giving this award to at least five other muns. Nothing bad will happen if you don't but it's fun to brighten another's day right?

What what what

noooooooo [smooshes your face] Nooooo LIES I’m not evening doing anything omg stop [hides in a box]

my heart is filled with such deadly poison
the   worst    kind         of  poison
        &     no doctor     can  cure it
        &     no      pill     will  ease it

     ah   –   j e a l o u s y 
        thou    art a   heartless bitch.

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Bad boy michaek clifford coming ti your house kate at night through your window because he cant sleeo and he want to skeep next to you pleaseee and sorry for any english mistake

Oh you’re fine! I know actually what you meant :)

(again there may be some spelling/grammar mistakes sorry my spelling is shit..thank you spell check haha)


1:30am the clock on your bedside table read illuminating your bedroom in a soft red glow. You were trying your best to try and fall asleep but it just wasn’t happening. You rolled over onto your back in annoyance and looked around your bedroom taking in how slightly different your belongings looked in the dark when you heard something lightly tap your bedroom window. You choose to ignore it thinking it was some stupid bird when you heard it again and again more frequently until you had enough and got out of bed to investigate. You slowly pulled back your curtains and looked down to see your boyfriend Michael standing below with a handful of stones smirking up at you.

Michael and you had been going out for about 5 mouths now and you could say it was going really good although whenever you took him to meet your parents a month ago, your dad was not amused at all and told you to stop seeing Michael. He didn’t like the idea of you dating the ‘troublemaker’ in town which was slightly correct because Michael was considered the bad boy in school who didn’t give a shit about his school work and had his own motorcycle to get him around town and also you too as you loved being on the back of it as he sped through the roads making the wind blow your hair through the purple helmet he got you and getting the opportunity to wrap your arms around his body.

Back to now, you looked down at him trying to hold back your smile even though you were so happy to see him. You opened your window and whispered loud enough for him to hear.

“What are you doing here?”

He got down on one knee and placed his right hand over his heart and his other reaching out towards you before he answered you.

“Oh, Y/n, Y/n! Wherefore art thou Y/N?” he dramatically called to you grinning from ear to ear. You shook your head and laughed at how ridiculous he looked.

“Technically Juliet said that to Romeo, not the other way around.” You corrected him giggling. He now stood up on both feet and looked up at you.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, miss smarty-pants” he chuckled rolling his eyes a little and before returning to smirk at you.

That smirk did things to you and he knew that. Ever since you first met in history class and he through a piece of crumpled up paper at the back of your head. He always give you that famous smirk before he would walk up to you either to pull you into a hug, hold your hand or full on make out. His lips were always so soft and pink looking that just called out to be kissed and you felt like the luckiest girl in the world because you got to kiss them.

Michael was always so caring and gentle towards you but to anyone else he would just glare at them with those beautiful green eyes. To them he was the bad boy but to you he was a cuddly kitten that always wanted to leave kisses all over your face making you giggle, him soaking up your cute reaction. He thought you were the cutest thing on the planet, always reading in depth into a book or whenever you did nearly anything that involved you to concentrate hard you would stick out your tongue a little bit and he would just sit there and look at you with so much love and adoration in his eyes. One day you were reading something when you felt eyes on you and as you looked up you met his gaze making you look away and blush and he lightly touched your face and turned you to look at him again and told you how effortlessly beautiful you were.

“So…can I come up?” he questioned you with a hopeful look in his eye. His face was so adorable you couldn’t say no to it.

“Yes” you smiled down at him and giggling at his reaction because he literally ran towards the trellis that was attached to your wall.

“Please, be careful” you worriedly spoke to him because you really didn’t want him to fall, get hurt and have to take him to the hospital.

“I’m always careful, babe” he smirked at you reaching the very top and climbing though your window. As soon as both of his feet landed on your bedroom floor he pulled you into a tight hug nuzzling his face into your neck breathing in your scent. You both stood like this in silence for a while before you finally spoke up.

“Are you going to tell me what made you come hear so late?” you quietly asked as his lifted his head from your neck and looked at him with a small smile on his face.

“I couldn’t sleep” he admitted “It’s not the same without you there. I just needed to hold you and make sure you’re okay.” He pushed his bottom lip out into a pout making you want to kiss it so badly.

“I couldn’t sleep either” you whispered back leading in to kiss his soft lips. He tighten his arms around you as he deepen the kiss smiling into it and slowly the both of you walked towards your bed. The back of your legs bumped into the end of the bed causing you to topple over onto your back as Michael not to gracefully landed on top of you causing the two of you to break into a fit of giggles.

“shhhh” you brought a finger to his lips to silence him. “I don’t want to wake my parents, my dad would kill you if he found out.”

“Oh but baby that’s the fun of it. You just don’t when you’re going to get caught” smirking from above you “You’re a bad girl sneaking me away from your dad.”

“Shut up you” you chuckled pulling his face down to kiss him again and lightly playing with the hair on the back of his head when you started to leave kisses along his stubbly jawline, down his neck and his collarbones.

“Please baby, don’t turn me on because I know for a fact that if we continue this you won’t be keeping quiet” he lightly whimpered and moaned. Now it was your turn to smirk at him but you knew he was right so you stopped your teasing and climbed further up the bed and got under the covers patting the space for him to go to as he didn’t moved an inch during this but he automatically crawled towards you with a huge smile on his face. Soon the both of you were cuddled up together both on your sides with his arms wrapped around you making you the little spoon and him the big spoon. He lightly traced small spaces on the skin of your stomach and you listened to his breathing he started to trace what you thought were letters. You concentrated on what he was doing and soon found out he was writing something. ‘I love you’ he had traced onto your skin reaching his head down to leave a small kiss against your cheek and nuzzling his head into your neck again.

“I love you too, Michael” you whispered back to him feeling him smile against you neck. The both of you eventually fell asleep with him holding on tight to you as though you were going to leave him but you knew that you wouldn’t be going anywhere. Not without him.