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Boxing Lessons
Tom is giving you boxing lessons for the first time and ends up being more into your physique than your techniques.

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Includes: Smut, DaddyKink!Tom, Rough!Tom

I stood behind Tom with my arms crossed over my chest as I watched him swiftly punch at the speed bag. Well, I had my eyes more on his bare back, watching his muscles tensing and relaxing over and over again, something to bite my lip over. He dropped his arms to his sides as he threw his head back, catching his breath.

He turned to me once he did. “Your turn.”

“You don’t expect me to be that fast the first time, now do you?” I asked with a single raised brow.

He chuckled, taking his water from my hands, “no, but I want you to try.” I fixed the wrap on my hands as I walked over to it. “Can you reach it, Y/N?” He teased.

I looked back, shooting him a nasty look as his eyes scanned up and down my body. “Yes.” I turned back and quickly began imitating his movement, just not punching it as fast.

“There you go. You’re doing great, darling!” He encouraged me as my arms quickly grew tired.

“Can I stop? My arms aren’t gonna hold up much longer.”

He laughed, stepping close behind me. “Keep going.” His hands hovered under my arms, making sure they wouldn’t fall.


“Thirty more seconds, I know you can.”

“Honestly, you suck. You really, really, really suck.”

“You wanted to learn how to box.” I rolled my eyes knowing he’s right and pushed myself to get through the last of it. “Alright, that’s it.” I dropped my arms by my sides and leaned into him. He draped his arm around my neck, “you’re great. A few more times on that and you’ll begin to get used to it.”

“What’s next?”

“The punching bag. I can show you some techniques.”

“Mmm… okay.” I nod my head as got off of him. We walked over to the punching bag he managed to install when he first moved in. I stood in front of it, “show me the technique.” I told him as he put water bottle down on to the nearby bench press.

He walked back to me, standing behind me with a hand on my waist. “So, you’re gonna want to put this foot forward.” He grabbed my bare thigh, pushing it outward, “and your legs gotta be spread apart a bit past shoulder width.” He muttered, pressing himself a bit into my backside.

I moved my leg out, “like this?”

“Good. Now, bring your hands up just above your shoulders.” I did as he told me. “Now, stand as straight as you can.” He pressed his hand against my stomach.

“I’m not standing straight already?”

“Almost.” I straightened out, ‘accidentally’ pressing myself into him. “Perfect,” he muttered to me before sighing. He cleared his throat, “this is a, uh… basic stance.”


“It’s the best stance for punching. Give it a try.” I jabbed a few times at the punching bag. He grinned, “you’re a natural.”

“So, what’s next?”

“If you put your hands up by your temples with enough room to see your opponent past your hands,” I followed along, moving in to the position he said, “this is a high stance, so that once you’ve closed the space between the two of you, you can use this to block their hits that’ll be coming towards your face. You want them to hit the lower parts of your arms. But you’ve gotta be careful now because all of this,” he ran his hand over my torso, “is exposed to be hit.”

I looked back at him, “so, what’s the stance called where you’re up against me and copping a feel?”

He laughed, “the you-look-great-in-this-sports-bra-and-shorts-and-I-can’t-help-myself stance.”

I turned around around to him leaving little space between us as I unraveled the wrap from my hand. “Maybe I could show you some of my techniques since you can’t help yourself so much.”

I let the wraps fall to the floor as he smirked at me. “Yeah, I wanna see what you’ve got, baby girl.”

I fold my arm around his neck, my hand snaking it’s way to the back of his hair. I pulled him down into a deep kiss. He held onto either of my hips, pulling me into his hardening member. My free hand untied the string on his gym short and looped my fingers into the band making his kisses a bit more aggressive. I took my hand from the band, slowly wandering over his lower stomach.

He bit down on my lip and tugged on it gently, turning me on. He brought his lips back to mine, bringing his hand over my ass to squeeze it. In one swift movement, his big hand smacked my ass causing me to moan against his lips. I could feel a slight smile on his as we kissed. His hand moved from my butt to between my legs, rubbing me over the thin cloth of my shorts.

I brought my lips to his neck, kissing his most sensitive spots and swiping my tongue over the skin, listening to the soft groans escape his lips as his fingers worked a little faster.

I kissed down his toned chest and torso, slowly bringing myself down to my knees. His hand moving up my body as I moved before resting on the side of my neck. I kissed his hip bones as I slipped off his shorts, agonizingly slow and let them fall to the floor. I dragged my hands against his hard length being held down by the band of his boxers. I plant gentle kisses to his cock over the cloth, keeping my eyes up on him.

Tom bit down on his bottom lip, watching me tease him. I hooked my hands in to the band on his boxers, allowing his long cock to spring free. I bit my lip, attempting to hold back the grin, but failing miserably.

“You like what you see, baby?” He questioned a bit of laughter in his voice.

“Absolutely, daddy.” He grinned, hearing that name.

I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock. I placed my tongue on the base, licking my way to the tip before slowly taking him in my mouth as much as I could and pumping the rest in my hand. He wrapped my ponytail around his hand, pushing farther down onto his cock. His control turning me on immensely.

“That’s it, baby.”

I placed my hands on his hips as he pushed down nearly his entire length. I moaned over him and brought one of my hand to his balls, cupping and gently squeezing them. He threw his head back, his breathing heavier as he still held me down on him, quickly thrusting into my mouth making my eyes water. I pushed myself off of him, catching my breath.

“Oh, fuck.” He groaned, “you always do that so well, darling.” He pushed the free strands of hair off my face with his free hand and wiped away the tears down my cheeks.

I wrapped my hand around his length, pumping him up and down quickly. I slid my other hand down into my own pants, gently rubbing my clit. He watched me touch myself and him as he muttered, “fuck.”

I licked the precum from his tip and lips fell apart as he ran his fingers through his lose curls. I bit down on my bottom lips, innocently looking up at him. He cupped his hand beneath my chin and I stood. He pulled my hand from my shorts and yanked them down to my thighs, his fingers sliding over my slit before pushing past my lips and thrusting his middle finger into my core as his thumb rubbed over my clit. His lips kissed my neck as he pushed me back, stepping out the shorts pooled at his feet until my back hit the cold mirror wall.

Tom pushed the shorts all the way off my legs and kicked them aside. He slipped in a second finger, thrusting his fingers quicker.

“Like that, baby.” I moaned out, throwing my arms around his neck, pulling him closer to me.

He smirked, pulling his fingers out from my core, bringing them to my lip, “taste yourself for me.” Without hesitating, I took his long fingers into my mouth and slowly gliding my tongue along them. “You are so sexy, Y/N.” He muttered, pulling out of my mouth and replacing it with his lips.

Tom grabbed at my thighs, lifting me off my feet and wrapping my legs around his waist. His grabbed his cock, placing self at the entrance of my core.

“How badly do you want me, darling?” He questioned against my lips.

“So bad.”

“Beg for it.”

“I want you to fuck me so badly, daddy, please…” I kissed him, “please.” With that, he thrust into me with all the force he could. I let out a loud moan.

“Like that?” He pressed his forehead to mine.

“Yes, daddy.”

He continued thrusting into me with all the power, his hand snaked to pussy and he began quickly rubbing my clit. I could tell he already wanted to cum the way he touched me, leaving me a moaning mess as he groaned.

“Tom, baby-”

He stopped thrusting and looked at me with raised brows. “Who?” He teased, pulling himself out of my pussy.

“Daddy, I’m sorry.” I moaned as he rubbed his cock between my lips and against my nub.

“That’s what I thought.” He muttered, taking my hand off the back of his head and holding it over my head.

He slipped inside of me with ease, thrusting a bit slower than before. His hand held my arm tightly above head as my walls clenched around him, he growled a deep, “fuck.”

I could feel the heat, building up inside of me as my breathing turned into panting as he brought me closer to the edge. He brought his thumb back to my clit, noticing how needy I had become. My free hand grabbed at his bicep, digging my nails into it and feeling it flex repeatedly as he rubbed my sensitive nub. I began bucking my hips into his and pulling him closer to me with my legs.

“Look at me when you cum, baby girl.” He whispered to me.

Those words did it for me. I looked up at him like he wanted as my nerves unraveled and slew of curse words slipped from my lips. My toes curled and my eyes fell shut from the immense pleasure. I let go of his waist, sliding down against the mirror to my knees. Tom let go of my wrist and I wrapped my hand around his cock as he leaned forward, resting his forehead against the glass as his hand rest on my cheek, rubbing the bottom of my lip of my mouth that I left open for him.

I pumped his cock as his breathing became heavier and grunts and moans left his lips. His hand moved to the back of my ponytail, tightly gripping my hair before he came. His warm cum made it’s way into and around my mouth. He caught his breath, his chest heaving up and down as he watched me swallow his cum.

“Fuck,” he chuckled, “you’re such a good girl.” I stood up on my slightly trembling legs and leaned into him. He rest his forehead on mine instead of the mirror. “We’ll have to finish sessions like this from here on out.” He suggested as he grabbed my ass.

I laughed, “we didn’t even get to finish the lesson, Tom.”

“There’s always next time to pick up where we left off. Now, how about we head upstairs for a shower?” I smirked and nod my head, knowing he’d be up for a round two.

BTS Reaction | Making them cum

Anon request: Okay, first of all, I just adore your writing 🖤 second of all, could you write one where they’re grinding on their gf or whatever and she makes them cum in their pants? (sorry if my English is bad haha)

A/N: Thank you!

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Innocence | BTS Reactions

Anonymous: Can you do a bts reaction where their s/o is really really shy and innocent?? Thanks in advance!

Summary: Your boyfriend says something really dirty, or at least something that you’re not used to hearing. You’re someone who’s never had a boyfriend before the one you have now, so therefore have never really done anything with anyone. Your boyfriend knows you’re waiting for the right time, but that doesn’t stop him teasing you.


Jin: You sat downstairs on the living room sofa, watching TV with a blanket over both you and Jin. Suddenly, you felt his hand trail up from your knee to your thigh, but he didn’t look at you, he just kept looking at the TV. You stayed silent, trying to focus on the TV, as sometimes Jin would just caress your leg and leave it at that. But this time it was different, his hand moved to the inside of your thigh, somewhere he’d never wondered before and this time he looked at you “You’re so sexy, (Y/N)~” he teased, coming close to you and placing his lips inches away from yours, before he couldn’t hold in his laughter anymore. He just found your bright red face and big huge eyes extremely cute and couldn’t contain his feelings “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it’s just so fun seeing your expression when I say those things.” he finally settled and placed a kiss upon your temple and running his fingers through your hair “I was only teasing, don’t worry. I love you.”

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xmiojin  asked:

Jin I missed the sexy you

Jin: Well you won’t be seeing it any time soon because I ain’t sexy whatsoever– the fuck are you doing???!


And as if Tom had another personality, he immediately welcomed a threesome between you guys. “Come on sweetie, show my buddy Haz the things that your dirty mouth could do.” Tom instructed, shifting your position making both your ass and your head on the edges of the bed.

warnings: threesome!!!, smut!!, grinding, unprotected sex, oral, rim jobs, anal

You swayed your hips while your back pressed against Tom, practically grinding on him, as both of you were dancing and goofing around at Haz’s party while finding the other cast members of Spider-man: Homecoming scattered all over the house. The neon lights discoed around the room as the music was on maximum, blaring around the living room walls. “Are you having a great time?!” Tom questioned yet screaming between the clamors.

“Definitely!” You cried back as your right hand gripped tightly on a bottle of Budweiser beer you were consuming earlier. As you felt Tom stiffened his grasp onto your hips, your slightly intoxicated mind made you bend and began rubbing your ass onto his prominent bulge. “Fuck yes, Y/N. You’re so sexy.” He groaned acknowledging himself getting turned on at your actions.

For some they never considered your relationship with Tom as what you stated, was ‘just friends’ and maybe with a few benefits, though other than that you and Tom affirmed that both of you were unlikely to be together. Even if deep down you acknowledged a small interest with him, it dissolves whenever you realize being friends with benefits with him is what’s best (just to stay away from paparazzi drama) especially now that he’s became increasingly famous after landing the role of Spider-man.

Zendaya then got in front of the crowd alongside Jacob who was holding a birthday cake on his hands, which immediately distracted the intimate scene between you and Tom. “Where’s the birthday boy, anybody seen him?” Zendaya searched over the crowd trying to find Haz, who has just emerged out of nowhere. “There he is! Come on here and blow out your candle.” as you glimpsed on Haz who walked past the crowd.

The crowd, including you, sang a cheerful birthday song for Haz before he grinningly gusted on the flame that was ignited on a blue candle stick which radiated across the room. “Did you make a wish? Was it something related Y/N?” Zendaya joked, as everyone laughed along, further making Haz flustered and turn into the shade of bright pink. He looked over his shoes, trying to hide his flushed face as he seemed to feel sheepish about the awkward situation he was in now.

Everyone knew about Haz’s small crush on you, but thankfully it was honestly never awkward to either the both of you, but there were also some who did not like the idea of it especially Tom. And there were situations where people would assume you both had something which always seemed to be cute, but you both knew it was far from true, especially because you had your eyes on another person which was not Haz.

Your intimate session with Tom halted as everyone, including yourself, migrated over the dining room as Haz handed out slices of his cake. A felt of guilt washed over you as you held a slice of cake on your hand, completely forgetting that you left Tom behind in the living room all by himself. So you went back and picked up another slice just for the both of you, and as you were about to proceed onto the living room, Haz surfaced promptly out of nowhere. “Hey Y/N.”

Haz smiled directly at you as he rested his arm on the door frame, completely blocking the way and making you unable to pass through the room and to catch a glimpse of Tom. “Hey, Haz. Happy birthday!” You cheered placing the cake alongside on the counter and leaning your back against the edge of the table. “Thanks, it’s nice to see you here. Honestly you were the only person I waited for to arrive.” He chuckled making you blush at his cute remark.

“You’re such a sweetheart, aren’t you?” You beamed and looked behind searching for a stool. As you pulled out a wooden stool, you sat on it and leaned over on the counter signaling an interest in the conversation you and Haz were having. “But a bit flirtatious too, huh?” further making Haz plaster a devious smile on his face that emphasized his structured jawline and blue marbled orbs.

You could tell that he was somewhat intoxicated, like you, already. His face was flustered due to the burning alcohol consumption, his hair was perfectly disheveled as if he was in a Hollywood actor in action, and his movements as if he was signaling the both of you to find a room and make out. “Well, surely anyone can’t help themselves from a girl as lovely as you.” He admired followed by a wink directed at you, making you blush onto a shade of red.

Even if you badly wanted to continue your conversation with Haz, you saw Tom staring at the room enraged as he walked past the crowd trying to immediately escape to nowhere. Making you leave Haz alone in the room, along with the cake that you intentionally planned to bring for both you and Tom. “Tom!” You called out, pushing against the bodies and shoulders in the crowd, but Tom did not take a second to look back.

He carried himself upstairs and randomly picked a vacant room in which you followed behind. You entered the room, pushing the door behind you, and having to face an infuriated Tom who seemed as if he wanted to rip someone’s limbs off, “Why did you even follow me upstairs, you already have Mr. Steal-your-girl eye fuck you in the room.” Tom scoffed and crossed his arms showing an unpleased look.

“We were not eye fucking,” You responded, “We were just talking about his party and I greeted him a happy birthday. That’s it.” But only leaving Tom more unsatisfied with the answer you gave. “Yeah fucking right. He was probably undressing you in his thoughts already.” And within seconds you observed Tom slightly progress near your, making you step back until your back was pressing against the walls.

Tom lowered his face against yours, making sure you felt his hot breathe brushing past against your cheeks which most definitely made you aroused. “Sucks to be him because you’re mine.” He growled, as his fingers gently made way underneath your dress and onto the fabric that covered your wet core. He softly rubbed his fingers, against your lace panties, making you easily moan out of delight. “You’re already wet for me and I barely did anything, love.”

He pulled down your panties which dropped down onto your ankles and immediately crashing his soft pink lips with your luscious plump ones. With one hand he restrained both of your frail wrists and with the other hand, he gently teased your drenched core and drew figures on your clit. “Fuck, who owns this naughty pussy, huh?” Tom’s breathing intensifies as your heartbeat began pumping rapidly. “You do, Tom.” You answered.

You felt Tom unzip the back of your dress before continuing to tease your clit. “Fuck yes I do own this.” He groaned as your dress loosened from its original skimpy state. Tom slowly teased his finger on the entrance of your core and made sure you were all drenched from between, furthermore as he made out with you, he slowly was acquiring dominance by accessing into your mouth, which caused a slight gag reflex as he was already shoving his mouth to your throat.

Both of you then danced your way onto the soft bed, Tom roughly forcing you to lay down on it as he stayed on top of you. By now your back was against the mattress and Tom slowly pulled your dress down, discarding the clothing somewhere in the room and leaving you naked beneath him. “You’re body is so perfect.” He moaned and took his time gradually viewing your perky boobs that complimented your curves nicely. “I just want to make you come so bad.”

Then Tom pulled the hem of his shirt over his head revealing the toned abs and biceps you always had fantasized of. He unbuttoned his jeans, pulling them down and tossing them on the carpet and leaving him only in his brief and boxers which revealed his prominent bulge. Tom teased his shielded erection onto your core by pressing his bulge against it and roughly grinding himself at it. “I’m so fucking hard for you, love.”

“Fuck, please stop teasing me.” You whimpered trying to reach your clit to add a more pleasurable sensation but Tom smacked your hand away immediately. “You deserve to be punished because you have been a bad girl tonight, love.” He stated and slowly cupped one of your breasts and delightfully kneaded it making you moan out his name and lightly arch your back. 

Since you were blinded at what Tom was going to do next but you felt Tom’s breath brush past against your drenched core, sensing he has descended his face against it. You felt his tongue lick a strip of your core and made its way onto your anus, the slick warm muscle heating you up as Tom lapped it over on the opening. And Tom gradually penetrated a finger into your tight hole, making you shut your eyes cry at the painful yet pleasurable sensation. “You like that don’t you?”

As Tom stopped, he gave a stern look directly at your powerless body. “Bend over. Face down and ass up.” He stated in which you obeyed and slowly turned over and shoving your face onto the mountain of pillows meanwhile ascending your ass to face against Tom. Then he gave a swift spank on it, observing it bounce (which he always had enjoyed) and whispered, “That’s a good girl.”

“Fuck ye-” You whimpered but being cut off immediately as both you and Tom heard the door swing open. There emerged Haz who was left shocked on what scenery he has walked into,”Oh god I’m sorry. S-should I leave?” He stuttered leaving in an utter disturbance. “No. You can stay.” Tom directed, “Watch me fuck this naughty little slut until she comes for me.” He snickered as Haz pushed the door behind him.

And as if Tom had another personality, he immediately welcomed a threesome between you guys. “Come on sweetie, show my buddy Haz the things that your dirty mouth could do.” Tom instructed, shifting your position making both your ass and your head on the edges of the bed. At one edge Tom was entertaining your lower region meanwhile the other edge, you faced Haz. He began unbuckling his belt and pulling his pants along with his boxers, dropping them onto his ankles.

You saw Haz’s dick sprung out already erect and hard in which you began lightly stroking. Then you dipped your lips onto his tip, spitting onto it as you continued stroking, “That’s so fucking hot.” Haz groaned feeling his hips mellowly thrust into your mouth. You began bobbing your head up and down onto his hard length, gagging and creating a sound every time his tip reached the back of your throat.

Meanwhile Tom became jealous of the fact that Haz was basically mouth fucking you already. So he pulled his boxes and briefs down, and began teasing the tip of his dick onto the pulsing entrance of your core. He teased your by rubbing his tip gradually on your clit and circling it all around your drenched pussy. “Do you want my cock in you?” Tom questioned, making you whimper and nod as a response, “I fucking want it in me, please.”

Tom kept teasing his tip this time slowly inserting an inch and pulling it right back, filling up his pride because he saw you begging for more, “How bad do you want it?” He smirked, again, smacking your ass whilst you continued to gag onto Haz’s dick. “Please I badly want you inside me, Tom.” You whimpered, looking up to see Haz already throwing his head back at the pleasure he was intaking. “As you wish.” 

Then slowly penetrated inside you and immediately commenced on thrusting. He bucked his hips forward and backward, him making sure your ass was slapping against his skin. He grasped on your hips securely as his thrusts kept getting harder which made you lose focus on what you were doing Haz. “God you’re so fucking tight, Y/N.”

Meanwhile Haz brushed your hair onto one side of your face, clumping it and made sure it was not bothering you from blowing him. “You’re so fucking good.” Haz moaned followed by another faint moan, “So good to me.” As he gripped tighter at your hair and harshly pulling it as you continued bobbing your head and stroking at his length. “She’s a dirty little slut isn’t she, Haz?”. Tom gave another smack on your left ass whilst Haz firmly placed his hands on the side of your face.

Now you barely did anything to Haz as was thrusting himself in your mouth, hitting the back of your throat several times as your jaw began to hurt already. “I-i’m gonna come.” Haz whimpered as your head was immediately pulled from the back making your mouth disconnect from Haz’s throbbing dick. “No one is allow to come yet.” Tom commanded as he harshly was pulling your hair, “No one will come unless I say so.”

“Why don’t we switch positions, buddy?” Tom questioned, pulling out his length out of your cunt as he harshly rubbed your clit through the use of his thumb. “You can fuck Y/N other hole for a change.” He instructed as Haz just nodded, his face flustered and out of breath. 

“Lay down and spread your legs widely for us, love.” Tom commanded in which you submissively obeyed, spreading your legs in front of Haz while he swore under his breath after seeing the magnificent view. “Her cunt is exquisite, isn’t it?” Tom snickered as he forced his dick on your mouth whilst sucking him upside down. He moaned out your name as he gradually commenced thrusting into your mouth, purposely hitting every areas there was. “You’re so mouth is so warm and dirty, just the way I like it.”

Meanwhile Haz warmed up his cock and positioned it on the rear end of your anus, slowly penetrating his tip into you as you clenched around his dick tightly as a response. “Yes, that’s so fucking hot. Do it again.” Haz breathed and placed his hands firmly on the inside of your thighs as he thrusts more into you, being in sync with Tom’s thrusts in your mouth. “You’re such a doll, aren’t you?”

You choked at Tom’s immense cock as he kept hitting the back of your throat, gagging ever thrust he gave and at the same time clenching around Haz’s hard dick. By now you were ultimately fatigued already as the two boys who were forcefully using you, but you could feel Tom practically on the verge of his climax as his dick was twitching in your mouth. “Fuck I’m going to come.” Tom moaned out, throwing his head back in delight as he bucked his hips rapidly as his body was dripping sweat already.

As Haz was sloppily thrusting into you, admiring the way your perky boobs bounced and your nipples harden, he was also near his climax. “Argh, I’m so fucking close.” He groaned, planting his hand on one of your breasts and delightfully squeezing it and pinching the nipple rigidly. “God your boobs are so fucking perfect, you’re a fucking goddess.”

Tom then pulled his erection out of your worn out jaw as he pumped himself and positioned it onto your face, he targeted your mouth as he continued jacked himself off. You saw his white fluids spurting out of his tip as you widely opened your mouth trying to catch the white warm substance. His cum eventually filled your mouth, though you did not catch all of it as few droplets of his cum streamed down from your neck and cheek. Then you delightfully swallowed it all as Tom breathed out, “Such a good girl.”

However Haz was also at the verge of his orgasm. You looked down at him as he sloppily thrusting into your asshole whilst whimpering out swear words under his breath. “Cum on Y/N’s body now.” Tom directed as Haz pulled his dick out, your hole clenching around once more. And as Haz followed Tom’s orders, he too jacked himself off as he positioned himself trying to target your body.

Within a few pumps Haz was already oozing out his come. He pumped himself more as white fluids began spurting out from his tip and dropping onto your boobs, this happened for a long minute as he finally emptied himself. By now your whole boy was covered with fluids, the cum that was on your breasts were now dripping down to your stomach. “You are so fucking hot.” Haz stated, trying to regain his normal breathing back. “She’s still mine, Harrison.” Tom articulated, crossing his arms and looking sternly at his best friend.

You were so fatigued that all you wanted to do was lay down but of course you were a mess. So you decided to stand up and head towards the bathroom that was inside the room already, “Go fight all you want all night, I’m going to take a shower.” You breathed, as you unlocked the door and proceeded to go in. “Can I go too?!” Both Haz and Tom perked in a unison. “Come on! Round two in the shower, please?” Haz pleaded.

“I’m up for that!” Tom agreed and high-five Haz as both looked back onto you. “You guys seriously aren’t tired? I’m already exhausted.” You retorted, trying to resist the two naked men that were pleading in front of you.

“Please Y/N? For my birthday?” Haz pouted as you began having a harder time on deciding. But finally you gave in, “Fine.” You sighed in defeat, “But if I slip or bump my head on the walls you guys are paying for my insurance.”

Preference “How they react to you going down on them for the first time” (NSFW)

(Woooo more nasty preferences 😏😏 Yay for our faves being more than happy 😏 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owners.)

Negan-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d get overly turned on and excited and would let you have your way with him. He had always wanted you to suck him off, so when you would eagerly offer it to him one night, by getting on your knees, he’d smirk and teasingly chuckle and whisper to see you. He’d let you take control for a while before getting to into it and reach in your hair to conduct you, only to make you look at him and swallow everything. “Y/N…Baby girl…You’re getting yourself dirty tonight..Fuck…Y-You’re really good at this aren’t you, you little cocksucker…Shit! Look at me…You’re gonna swallow all of it aren’t you…Good…”

Daryl-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d at first deny that he liked it as he somewhat feels bad but as you’d encourage and turn him in with your words and all, he’d gradually just get into it. He’d feel like he was forcing you into it at first so he’d just try to get you back on your feet so that he can be the one to give you a special treatment, only to give up as you would wrap you lips around his cock and suck him off slowly. “Babe…I’m okay…You don’t have to…No…You want to? Alright…I’ll be honest…I feel like you deserve it more than I-…Y/N…Fuck…Shit…You’re…Perfect…”

Rick-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d just enjoy it and would have no problem to show you that he does as he’d let you do whatever to him. Just seeing you sink down to start sucking him off would turn him on even more and he wouldn’t hesitate to teasingly praise you. He’d make you look him the eyes, tucking your hair away, only to gradually lose control and grip your hair. “Y/N…I love your mouth…It feels really good…Keep going…Yeah…Like that…Just like that…Yeah…Fuck…”

Merle-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d just love seeing you on your knees for him and cheer praise you for it while just letting himself loose to feel you. As you’d slide down his body to sink on your knees, he’d smirk and bite his lips to see you and just flirt with you. He’d touch and feel your lips and cheeks for a moment before losing control as you would wrap your lips around his cock, making him grip your hair to hold himself. “Y/N, baby…You’re gonna suck my cock? Yeah…Good…Oh fuck…Baby your lips are so beautiful…Sh-shit! Yeah you like that…You like sucking on daddy’s cock? Yeah…”

Glenn-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d have a hard time hiding his smile to see you on your knees and just praise you. He’d enjoy every bit of attention that you would give him and softly tuck your hair away to get a good look at you. He’d stroke the side of your face softly and smirk to see you to work before gradually losing control and promise you to return the favor. “Y/N…You’re so beautiful…And you love me so much…That’s so lovely of you…Look at me…Fuck…Fuck…Yeah like that…Keep up like that and you’ll have to let me have my treat…”

The Governor-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d just feel so overwhelmed with pleasure that he’d have a hard time to find the right words to say. To see you on your knees and obeying his orders would have already turned him on so much but seeing you just want to suck him off would make him nearly lose his mind. He’d encourage you even more and grab your hair to hang on and gently thrust forward. “You’re such a good girl, Y/N…Doing everything I ask of you…Mmhh…Like that…Just like that…Don’t stop…Do you hear me? You don’t stop until I come in that pretty mouth of yours…”

Abraham-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d look at you lustfully before smirking and chuckling. He’d tease you with his words and jokingly tell you that it’s okay if you don’t want to, referring to his size, only to suddenly be caught up by your lips. He’d be impressed and would just praise you and grab you softly to pull you closer to him. He’d just enjoy to see you down on your knees and would order you to please yourself. “Oh Y/N…You’re so sexy cutie…But i’ll be honest with you, I don’t mind if you stop…I get it i’m pretty big…You probably can’t- Oh…Fucking shit…You’re takin’ it all…Wow…Fuck…”

Eugene-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d lose complete control and just start to talk dirty about you. You’d see a completely different side to him and be impressed by how he can go from being innocent as to what was happening to suddenly just begging you to not stop. Slowly, you’d feel his fingers grip your hair and him thrusting, showing you that he doesn’t want you to stop. “Y/N? W-what are you doing? Why are you on your knees? Y-you’re…Fuck…You’re taking in all of my dick…Shit…Yeah like that..don’t stop…Like that…more…”

Jesus-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d just be enamored by you and be glad to have you in that moment. He’d touch you gently and let sweet words of encouragement to let you know that he appreciates you and how much he loves you. He’d keep looking you in the eyes and would be surprisingly gentle with you as he wouldn’t want to rush anything. “You have such pretty lips, Y/N…I’m so lucky to have you…and i’m just so grateful…Grateful to-…to have you like this…So pretty…I-I love you…Fuck…”

Dwight-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d just feel like a sense of relief and enjoy every instant of it. He’d feel as if you were accepting him and get even more turned on by the idea of it. He’d enjoy seeing you sink to your knees and touch him all over, that he’d start to ramble on about how dirty you are as he reaches to grip and tug your hair. He’d make sure you’d keep looking up at him and that you’re pleasing yourself as well. “Yeah…That’s right, Y/N…on your knees…Opening your mouth for me, already? You dirty little girl…Fuck…Just like that…Yeah…Shit…Let me see you touch yourself…Do it…”

Morgan-The first time you’d go down on him, he would’ve denied it a few times before letting you. He’d just feel like it was a dirty act to ask of you to do, so he had been avoiding it for quite a while until one night, you would surprise him by having your way. He’d end up not having time to stop you and just get lost in the pleasure you were giving him as you would feel him reaching to tug your hair. “No, Y/N, honey…I-I don’t need you to do this. I swear…I-I’m fine…I’ll take care of you…Please let m-…Y/N! Wait-…Fuck!…”

Shane-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d feel somewhat proud of you and just be completely into it. He’d talk even dirtier to see you on your knees and as he’d grip your hair, he’d end up tugging you to control the rhythm and all. He wouldn’t be ashamed of his groans and would get even louder as he’d feel your tongue swirling around. Eventually, he’d feel like he had no choice but to thrust into you and would keep at it. “You’re so good at this…It’s amazing…Fucking shit…Just like that…Do it again…Yeah…I-I can’t…Fuck take this…Like this…Yeah…”

Milton-The first time you’d go down on him, he would’ve pretended to not wanting you to but in reality would actually just feel excited to see you get on your knees. He’d deny you a few times, take your hands away from his belt and everything but end up giving it up and letting you win and just enjoy the feeling your lips and tongue all over, making him praise you. “Y/N…
No…I don’t want you to…No not that way, please…i’m serious…I-I can handle it myself…I-I’m- Fuck…Y/N…Baby…Please…D-don’t stop…”

Aaron-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d be pleasantly surprised and would just feel special about himself. He’d at first be stunned to see you get lower as you would kiss each other and ask you teasingly as to what you were doing but as you’d kiss his hips, he’d understand. He’d end up cupping your face softly and tell you to take your time as he wouldn’t want the moment to end too soon. “Y/N? What are you- Oh!…You’re doing that…I-I don’t mind…I-I do like it…Slowly…just like that…Take your ti-…time…take your time that’s what i meant…”

Gabriel-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d be shy about it and would put up a little fight for you to not do so, only to end up enjoying it a little too much. As you’d make out, you’d soon sink to your knees, making him realizing what was happening and try to pull you back up. However, as you’d have your way with him, his train of thought would slowly be cut off, making him groan at you to keep going while gripping your hair tightly. “Y/N, sweetheart…No don’t…I already told you…I-I don’t need you that w-…Y-Y/N! Please…Don’t stop…Yes…like that…Y-You’ll swallow everything, for me…right?”

The Wolf-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d find it amusing of you and just start to tease you for being so dirty. As you’d both make out, you’d feel his hands keeping to push you down, making you understand as to what he wants. As you’d lower yourself, he’d guide his cock to your mouth making you suck him off. He’d laugh and ramble on about how you’re his and such as his hands would creep up in your hair. “Oh…Y/N…You’re at this point now? Finally, sucking my cock for your pleasure…You’re such a dirty slut…my dirty slut…Yeah like that…wait…let me help you…Mhmm…more like this…”

Noah-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d feel amazing and wouldn’t want you to stop despite at first being reluctant about it. He’d be nervous about and would try to talk you out if it. as much as he could, saying he wants you to feel good not just only himself. However, as you’d be adamant about wanting to and you’d kneel in front of him with a pleading look to just start to suck him off, he’d forget about everything and let you. “No…Y/N…I-I don’t think it’s a good idea…I’m not sure…It’s just…I don’t see the pleasure for you…I-…Woah…Y/N…Fuck…”

Simon-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d have everything already planned and would just get an even bigger hard on than he already does. He’d just sit in anticipation and as you’d start to suck him off, he’d smirk and close his eyes in sheer pleasure of it and just your name would come to him. He’d then just love to give you orders on how to do it and look at you as you’d take each inch of him deeper, making him start to praise you and thrust into you. “Y/N…Y/N…Baby girl! Fuck! Yeah…like that! You’re so good…It’s amazing…Taking my whole length…Alright…Now give me a long lick…Keep stroking me like that…You’re such a good girl…”

Ezekiel-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d show you his usual kind side at first but as you’d gradually go on, his lustful and rough side would come out. He’d find it so lovely of you to want him that way, that he’d let you get down on your knees and start to suck him off. He’d stroke your hair softly while speaking to you in a sweeter tone, to make sure you were fine. However, the more you would go on the more he’d lose control and you’d feel him thrusting forward. “Beautiful Y/N…If this is really what you desire…go on…Such a sweet queen…pleasuring her king this way…Simply amazing…F-fuck…Yeah like that…Come on…”

Benjamin-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d be stunned and try to stop you, only to end up being amazed by you and want you to keep going. He’d feel awkward about having you do that to him, so he’d do his best to keep you from getting away from his embrace. However, you’d snake your way down to him and as he’d have no time to pull you back, he’d end up getting caught up with his words and in the moment, enjoying all of it. “Y/N?! W-what are you trying to do? Are you serious? You want to…No…Come here…Y/N…Oh fuck…Y-you’re really doing this…Oh…D-don’t stop..

Caesar-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d smirk happily and just want you to take your time. He’d tuck and stroke your hair as a way to encourage you and just compliment on you and on how you would suck him off. Gradually, his words would get dirtier and his soft touches to your hair would end up being a tight grip as his hips would occasionally rise up. He’d teasingly beg you to stop, knowing that it’ll probably make you go even faster. “Oh…Y/N…Please…S-stop…I-I don’t think I can handle this…Y-You’re just so good at this…Fuck…Please…I’m begging you to stop…”

Heath-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d be nervous about it and just try his best to keep a straight face so that you could change your mind and let him do it to you. He’d feel guilty to see you in that position and keep looking away to deny you, only for it not to turn you off but actually work harder. He’d end up giving up and lose control and just start to ramble on about how he actually likes it. “I’m sorry, Y/N but…I feel like I should be the one to do you…Not this…I-I’m just…F-fuck…I-I…I don’t hate this…Go on…”

Spencer-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d get even more turned in than he already is and just get slightly arrogant about his size. He’d guide himself into your mouth and jokingly pull away a few times saying that his size was too much for you, only for you to suddenly take control and have it your way. His attitude would change and he’d show his more vulnerable side that comes out when he loses control. “So you’re finally going to suck me…Good…But I warn you might not be able to fit it all in-…Woah! Y/N! F-Fuck! Shit…I-I’m sorry…Sorry please don’t go so fast…”

Richard-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d be more than glad to feel your mouth and tongue over him and just enjoy to look at you on your knees. From his eyes, you could tell that he wanted it so you made sure to give it to him properly. As you’d start to take him in, he’d let out sweet words about you and gradually they would turn into groans, encouraging you to keep going for him and ask you to swallow for him. “Y/N…You’re so beautiful…Your eyes…You lips…How do I even deserve you…Look at you…Y-You’re mine…All mine…That’s right…Like that…Please take of it…Swallow…”

Nicholas-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d be surprised for a few seconds before his arrogant behavior would come out and just let you know that you were his. He’d look at you wide eyed to see you sink down to your knees and ask you as to what you were doing but the instant you suck him off, he’d change completely. He’d let out some groans and just pull you to him by your hair and talk about how dirty you are. “Y/N? What are you-…Oh, fuck! Sucking me off is it? Yeah that’s right…You should’ve been doing that since the beginning like the dirty girl you are… ”

Gareth-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d suddenly get quiet and try to control his groans. He’d want to have the best of you so he’d keep in his reaction for most of the time to make you work harder before giving in and surprise you by pulling you by your hair tighter. He’d pull you closer and just whisper praises to you for it and end up telling you to swallow every thing. “Y/N…You finally understood…Good…See you’re actually really good at this…That’s what I wanted and that’s what you’re giving me…I hope won’t forget to swallow…”

Michonne-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d just be so seduced by you that she’d smirk and let you have what you want. She’d just whisper sweetly to you about how lovely you are like this and try her best to keep her eyes on you. As you’d get rougher and more eager, she’d end up losing control and just grip you to keep going. “Y/N…I love you so much…You’re so kind…and sweet look at you-…I’m so lucky…Lucky to have you…Oh my god…Y/N…”

Maggie-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d tease you about your abilities and jokingly make you doubt yourself, only because she wants you to prove her wrong. As you would do so, she’d still try to tease you and take everything casually. However, as you’d work on her, gradually you’d feel her rising up slightly and start to grip your hair as she loses control. “Oh come on Y/N…You? I don’t think it’ll be useful of you to do that…Let’s do something else…You don’t want to? Y/N, seriously? I don’t think that’s enough…Seriously-…Oh fuck…”

Andrea-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d be even more turned on to see you want her that way, that she’d let her more vulnerable side come out. Although, she would still be lustful about it, you’d notice her words slowly change to more loving and encouraging ones. As you’d hold on to her, she hold you back and grip onto your hair. “Y/N…Yes…Like that…don’t stop…You’re so good at this…Amazing…I-I love you…”

Jessie-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d deny that she wanted you to do so and try to get you away, only to give up as you would give her your all. Her words telling you to stop would turn into moans, that she’d try to stifle but struggle to do so. She’d end up gripping onto the sheets and beg you to not stop. “No Y/N…I’m fine…I swear I don’t need you to do this…I don’t-…Y/N…Fuck…”

Beth-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d be nervous and shy about it and just push you away for a few moment. She’d feel embarrassed about herself and try to make you change your mind by paying attention to you affectionately, only to end up losing to you as you would have it your way. She’d enjoy it so much she’d then tell you to keep going and not let go. “Y/N, I’m fine…You don’t have to do this…Please…Let me taken care of you…Y/N…Oh goodness…Oh my god…D-don’t stop…Please keep going…”

Sasha-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d just feel so at ease, she wouldn’t have a problem to let herself loose. She’d enjoy to be in your care and seeing how eagerly you want to do so for her, she’d softly stroke your hair and let you have your way with her. She’d just encourage you to keep going and as she’d feel near she’d grip your hair. “Y/N…It feels really good…You’re amazing…Yes like that…Just like that…Keep going…”

Rosita-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d give you a slightly hard time for a moment by pretending to not care, only to give up and show you exactly what she feels. She’d make you work harder for her with her words but as soon as she’d feel you getting more into it, she’d thrust herself to you. Her words would then turn you on even more and as you’d hold her she’d let herself go even more. “Really? You think that’s enough…Wake me up when you’re done…Y-Y/N! F-fuck…I-I like it like that…Yeah…Yeah…Keep going just like that…”

Tara-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d just feel so loved and cared for that she’d smile looking at you. She’d stroke your hair sweetly and whisper to you kind words to make you know that she loves you no matter what and do her best to contain her excitement. As you’d go even harder at her, her words would turn into moans and groans. “Thank you Y/N…You’re so kind…sweet…and perfect…I-I couldn’t hope for more…I-I like it like this…I-I love you…”

Carol-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d act like she wouldn’t want it, only to feel herself giving up and letting you have your way. She’d try to pull you back up to keep kissing her but as you would be so adamant about it she’d sigh and just let you. She’d pretend to not care for it, only to suddenly be unable to contain her true feelings. “No…Get back here…Y/N…Fine whatever…Have it your way…Y-Y/N…W-wait…F-fuck…”

Arat-The first time you’d go down on her, she wouldn’t be shy about liking it and seeing you sink lower to her. She’d smirk and bite her lips, unable to keep her eyes off of you and just praise you. She’d pull your hair towards her to keep you in place and give you instructions on how to make it better, only for you to do it your way and make her breathless. “Yeah…Y/N…Just like that…You know I want this…Perfect…Her let me show you…Like this…Good…”

BTS Reaction to: Their friend accidentally sending them nudes

Anon asked: ”Hello! Much respect. Please feel free to take as many breaks as you need for as long as you need them. Writing is not something that can be rushed and you should know that you always have the freedom to come and go as you please. Take care of yourself and don’t feel bad about it :) when - or rather IF, lol - you’re feeling up to it, could you write a bts reaction to their friend (you) accidentally sending them nudes? If not, good and cool. Sorry for the long message and the general lameness” 

Author’s note: Thank you so much anon. Gifs aren’t mine. x 


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Even though you were friends Seokjin had always found you attractive. So when he saw the nudes he couldn’t help but save them to his phone. Sure he knew they probably weren’t meant for him but he liked that you send them anyways. 

“I know is isn’t meant for me Y/N but you’re so beautiful.” 


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Yoongi knew that they weren’t meant for him but he couldn’t help but check you out. You were absolutely beautiful and the fact that you were wearing black lingerie didn’t help his thoughts. 

“Damn Y/N you’ve no idea what you’re doing to me.” 


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Hoseok smirked when he saw the photo you just send him. Yes he knew it wasn’t for him but he saved the photo anyways. He played it cool when you apologized for sending him the photo and pretended to not be fazed by it. Little did you know that he was very affected by the photo. 

“You’re really doing crazy things to me Y/N.” 


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Namjoon was mature enough to realize how you must have felt when you send it on accident. He had been the cool friend and told you that it was okay. What you didn’t know was that he saved the photo on his phone and bit his bottom lip while looking at it. 

“Fuck you’re so sexy Y/N.” 


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Jimin chuckled when he saw your billion texts of pure panic. He knew it wasn’t meant for him and that you were sorry. He couldn’t help but laugh when he realized how embarrassed you were. Jimin told you that you had nothing to worry about and that you are absolutely beautiful. 

“Ah Y/N you’re driving me crazy. Why am I thinking about you in this way?” 


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Even though he was your best friend he was also a guy who knows what he likes. When he saw your naked body he instantly felt his blood rush south. Taehyung knew that photo wasn’t meant for him but he still liked the sight. 

“You’re seriously missing with my head Y/N.” 


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Jungkook’s hormones were out of control already and when he saw the nude you send him it only got worse. He found himself thinking about you in a way that he had never imagined and it really started to mess with him. 

“I know you’re my best friend Y/N but damn you’re so hot.” 

stand up • monty de la cruz

a/n: i think that this is one of my fav requests bc i wrote the character based off of me a lil bit hehe. also, thanks for 700! 💓

warnings: swearing, smut, you already know what it is, my old sinner ways

you walk into school to be greeted by a chorus of “oh’s.” this wasn’t an unusual occurrence at liberty high, but it was an annoying one because every time it happened, you knew that there was some undeserving victim at the root of it all.

you sigh deeply and walk towards your locker, but you can’t quite make it all the way there because the hall is blocked by the formed circle. in the center, you see montgomery de la cruz taunting some freshman you’ve never seen before. the boy looks absolutely terrified, while monty chuckles. it isn’t long before monty has him by his collar and pushed up against the wall. monty is about to throw a punch, and you speak up, pushing yourself toward the center of the circle.

“monty can you stop being such a dick for once in your life?” you say and the boy turns his attention towards you. once he sees that it’s you, his expression softens a bit and then quickly turns into a smirk. “this is men’s business y/n, it’s best if you just butt out.” he says to you arrogantly. the crowd laughs. “you shouldn’t be partaking in it then,” you say, crossing your arms across your chest. “put him down.” the chorus of “ooo’s” rises again and you see monty’s nostrils flare.

“and if i don’t?” he questions. “then i’ll shove my foot so far up your ass, you’ll cough up
my size 5 vans.” you snap at him. monty looks stunned and shakes his head, putting the boy down. the crowd subsides and you walk to your locker. monty’s gaze lingers on you while you put in your combination. he walks over to where you’re standing and props himself against the locker beside you.

“size 5? tiny, that’s cute.” he says while you dig around your locker. you groan and close the door, still annoyed with him. “montgomery, go be a piece of shit somewhere else, maybe go to class for once? i don’t have the time right now.” you say trying to walk away from him. he stands in front of you, placing each hand on either side of your head. he’s dangerously close to your face, so close that you can smell the mint on his breath and feel it on your cheeks. you’d be lying if you said that you didn’t find him attractive. “leave me the hell alone de la cruz. don’t you have somewhere to be?” you spat at him, trying to seem confident. on the inside, you felt like you were melting.

“why do you hate me, y/n?” monty asks you while searching your eyes with his. you snap into reality and remember why you’re angry with him in the first place. looking him dead in the eyes, you begin speaking. “because, you’re an ass monty. you’re such a bully and i’m sick of your shi-” monty let’s his impulses take over and cuts you off by smashing his lips onto yours. he pulls away and stares at you intently. “how do you manage to piss me off so much, but turn me on at the same time, y/l/n?” monty says while gripping your wrist.

you giggle at his words until he presses himself flush against you. you can feel your breath hitch in your throat. “you think this is funny?”
he growls while grinding himself against you. you let out a shaky breath and then you smash your lips onto his. you didn’t know what was taking over you, but you weren’t complaining. monty yanks your hand and leads you into the janitor’s closet, slamming it shut and locking it.

his lips immediately attach to your neck and you shudder from his touch. “you’re stupid montgomery.” you moan breathlessly. “mmmhmmm.” he hums against your neck in response. “so stupid.” you moan as he lifts your shirt above your head. monty kisses you again, more forcefully this time. you can feel his hard on dig into your leg, so you glide your hand down to start palming him. he moans into your mouth and then grabs your wrists, pinning them above your head while he kisses you roughly all over.

monty sits down, pulling you on top of him. he grabs your hips and you start grinding against his erection, moaning from the friction. “fucking shit y/n, you’re so sexy.” monty groans while grabbing your ass to squeeze it. you smirk and stand up, and his eyes latch onto you. you decide to give him a show and take off your pants and panties painfully slow, without breaking eye contact with him. his eyes rake your body up and down and he takes his pants off too.

he walks towards you swiftly and has you pushed to the wall again in a rough, fiery kiss. you tug at the waistband of his boxers, and he pulls away. “jump.” monty breathed into your ear, and you felt chills go down your spine. you do as he says, wrapping your legs around his waist in the process. he uses one hand to pull down his underwear, positions himself at your entrance, and pounds into you hard and fast. the sudden contact made you cry out in pain as you bounced on him. his firm grip around your waist was sure to leave hard to explain bruises, but in the moment, all you can think about is the pleasure that you feel. your eyes roll back as you grip monty’s shoulders.

“o- oh my… fuck.” is all that monty can get out. you try to control your moans but with every thrust, all you can do is gasp out. you were never one to be speechless, but words couldn’t describe how you were feeling.

monty backs up and sits against the shelf so that you can ride him. your hips rolled effortlessly while you placed your hands on his chest. you felt your legs getting weaker by the second, knowing that you were nearing the edge. “fu- oh my god mont, i’m close.” you whimper. monty sits up so that he can kiss you, and you start to bounce on him faster. he moans into your mouth again and then pulls away to place wet kisses on your jawline, lacing his hand into your hair. he kisses behind your ear and then begins whispering to you.

“let it out baby girl.” monty says in your ear, causing you to shiver. “look at you, riding my cock. god you look so hot right now. i wish you could see it.” he continues. his words motivate you to bounce even quicker, and he hisses. your nails dig into monty’s back. your walls clench, and you come undone around him. before you have a chance to ride out your high, monty flips you onto your back. he rolls his hips into you and brings his thumb down to rub your clit. pleasure jolts through your body as monty goes to work.

your whimpers echo off the walls of the janitor’s closet while monty grunts. “shit y/n, i’m not going to last.” he breathes out. monty rubs your clit even faster and your eyes roll back. your vision blurs as you cry out his name, and your senses go into overdrive. monty puts his head in the crook of your neck, and after a few more thrusts, he comes, triggering your second orgasm. you both breathe heavily while trying to recover from the event that just took place.

“so,” monty starts, “wanna ditch? i mean we’re already hella late, and i have the house to myself. what do you say?” he questions you with a smirk.

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"What is it this week?" Christophe asks, and he purposefully eyes Victor's boner. // Victor adjusts his suit pants and glares at him. "He's wearing the Jeans(tm) again." // "He is?" Christophe asks, and glances around. "I'm surprised you're still alive."

When Victor arrives at his apartment later that night, he’s just managed to toe off his Salvatore Ferragamo oxfords when a hand tugs his tie and yanks him forward, pushes him against the wall.

“Careful, that’s Italian silk,” Victor chides. He clicks his tongue but angles his face to the side, lets Yuuri press kisses to his neck.

“Mm. Sorry,” Yuuri murmurs, not sounding sorry at all. “Couldn’t help myself.” He licks a stripe up to Victor’s jaw, then pulls away and looks up at him. “You tortured me all day,” he says accusingly, thumbing at the lapel of Victor’s sports jacket.

Victor shoots him a look of disbelief. Wraps his arms around his boyfriend’s waist and slips a hand into one of his back pockets, applying just the faintest amount of pressure to make Yuuri squirm. “Me torture you? You know what those jeans do to me, gorgeous.” 

Yuuri gives a small smile at that, a light blush spreading over his face that Victor finds irresistible. He ducks down and kisses him, licks into his mouth until Yuuri’s gasping and tugging again at his clothes, and Victor can’t even bring himself to care about the wrinkle damage that’ll leave.

Requested: BTS Reaction to Twerking Choreography For Your Group In Front of Members

Mommy’s Note: I had so much fun writing this. Also I decided to have more fun with this and add an alone time part *wink wink* :3


You were still rehearsing with your group on stage when Jungkook and the other members came to surprise you with food. Jin had to catch the food Jungkook almost dropped staring at you on stage. You were twerking away and ended it with a wink to your audience and a slap to your ass by another member. Jungkook was fixated on watching you through his hands. He couldn’t believe his sexy girlfriend was dancing like that. Once the song ended you smiled seeing Jungkook and ran over to you. You wrapped your arms around him smirking when you felt something poke you. 

“Kookie! You are here?” You smiled at him.

 Taehyung smirked at the two of you. “You okay Jungkook you look like blood is going someplace else that isn’t your brain.”

You couldn’t help but laugh, and Jungkook gave Taehyung a threatening look. 

“I like your choreography babe.” He stuttered out.

Later when you two are alone while the members are eating together. You were going to change out of your stage outfit when Jungkook came up behind you stopping you. “I loved your dance (Y/N). Can you show it to me again.” He whispered in your ear his voice laced with lust. You smiled and started to shake your ass slower than you did before letting Jungkook enjoy himself with his hands on your hips. You could feel him getting hard pressed against your ass. 

“Oh (Y/N) I need you wrapped around my cock.” He groaned holding you against him. 


When he saw you practicing your choreography with the other group at the rehearsal he instantly started dancing to the music. He loved the way your hips moved and your ass bounced to the music. He couldn’t help but want that ass bouncing on his dick. He didn’t care the other members were staring at you, and when you did you trade mark wink and kiss to the audience he cheered so loud for you.

“Yes! That’s my girl! That’s my (Y/N)!” He cheered. 

You laughed then walked over to him. “I’m guessing you liked it?” 

He smirked putting his hands on your hips; he reached down giving your ass a squeeze. “Oh hell yeah.” He whispered. 

Later when you were in the dressing room while your members had already left. Taehyung walked into the dressing room with a hungry look in his eyes. 

“Oh baby that dance was so hot.” He pulled your half naked body to his. 

You smiled then started to grind your ass against his crotch. “I knew you would like it Taehyung.” 

He licked his bottom lip watching your hips move and ran his hands along your slides to cup your breasts. “I can’t take it (Y/N). I really need you now. Do you think you can be quiet.” 

You moaned softly at  his kneading of your breasts then let out a gasp when he pulled your hair so your neck was exposed to his long pleasurable tongue. 


When he saw you shaking your ass up on stage he would be hiding his face. He hated that the members were there to see you in such a sexual situation. If it was just him he wouldn’t mind, but he hated that all the other members were trying to not stare or were staring at your ass. 

You walked over to him then gave him a kiss on the cheek. “You okay?”

Jimin shook his head then grabbed your shoulders. “Why is your dance like that?” He shook you then sighed hiding behind Jin. All the other members were laughing at him and Namjoon sighed. 

“Let’s just eat.” Namjoon spoke through the silence. 

Later when you were in the dressing room Jimin walked in then locked the door.

 “Such a bad girl. Dancing like that. You probably got off on how all the guys were probably aroused by your dancing huh?” He reached behind you slipping his hand down your booty shorts to rub your pantie covered pussy.

You moaned leaning against him as he kept rubbing away at you slick lips. “That’s right moan for my babygirl. Moan like the slut you are for daddy.” 

You kept moaning then he pulled his hand away sitting in one of the dressing room chairs. 

“Show daddy that dance, but slower babygirl. I want to see every step, bounce, and shake.” He had his legs spread a bit on the chair leaning back. 

You started to dance for him slowly rolling your hips then shaking your ass facing away from him. He slapped your ass his cock getting hard in his jeans. “So slutty, but only for me right babygirl?”

You bit your bottom lip while dancing. “Yes daddy.”   


When he saw you twerking on stage for the rehearsal he cheered loudly.

“Yes! That’s my (Y/N)!” He loved your music and everything about you. 

He loved that you were a good dance too. He even started twerking to your music even with the members there. 

You laughed running over to Hoseok when the music was done and gave him a big kiss on the cheek. “I’m so glad you love it Hoseok.” 

He smiled looking at you. “I’m more than loved it baby. I could dance to it all day!” 

You were pulling off your stage clothes when Hoseok stepped in closing the door. You turned your head to look at them then covered your breasts with your arms. Hoseok smirked walking over to you and slowly lowered your arms so your breasts were exposed to his hungry gaze. He circled you slowly taking in your half naked body.

“You are so sexy (Y/N). I loved seeing how your hips moved.” 

Hoseok pulled you towards him by gripping your ass. “You have no idea how much I want to watch your ass bounce on my cock baby. Right here and now.” 


When Jin stepped inside seeing you twerking on stage he was annoyed and embarrassed. The other members stood there with mouths open. He yelled for his members to stop staring as your ass bounced up in down under perfect lighting. The sequin costume showing off your body. He waited patiently when the song was over to walk over to you.

“Is that really the choreography? Who choose that? Did the studio choose it? I talking to them.” He threatened. 

You took his arm shaking your head. “Don’t do anything Jin.” 

He let out a long sigh then took you two the other members, so you all could eat together even though he hated the dance he wasn’t going to hate you or your passion. 

Later when you were taking off the sequin top to show your bare breasts Jin walked in unhappily then closed the door.

“So you really are going through with that dance huh?” He asked filled with a bit of anger.

You sighed. “Yes, Jin. I like the dance. It’s fun. Plus it’s nice to feel sexy sometimes.”

Jin walked over to you putting his hands on your hips then ran them up your sides his fingertips brushing against your breasts. “I just don’t like seeing you sexy for anyone but me. I’m sorry babygirl.”

You smiled enjoying the feeling of Jin’s hands; his hard on was pressed against your ass. You decided to bounce your ass up and down slowly on his half hard cock. “I will always be your sexy girl Jin. No one else will ever touch me like this. I promise.” 

He groaned wanting to stop you for the sake that you were sort of in public, but he couldn’t stop himself from rubbing one of your breasts. “Just as long as its me. I’m fine with whatever you do (Y/N).” 


When Yoongi saw you twerking at the rehearsal on stage he didn’t bat an eye. He knew what this industry meant, and he also knew that you were a grown woman who was sexy. The other members stood their with mouths open. He let out a sigh giving them a look that could kill. They instantly looked at another member on the stage. He didn’t mind your dance. He just hated the way the other guys looked at you. The moment the song was done you ran to Yoongi giving him a big hug and a peck on the cheek.

He smiled at you. “I like your song (Y/N).”

You smiled holding onto him. “Thank you baby!” 

“Let’s eat.” He said walking away pulling you by your hand to the dinning area.

Later you walked into the dressing room seeing Yoongi sitting on one of the chairs in the dressing room. 

“Close the door.” His voice was laced with lust, but he didn’t look at you.

You obliged being a bit nervous then he motioned for you to come towards him; you slowly walked to him.

“Do you know how much the other members were looking at you kitten? I bet you loved the way all the guys got excited when they saw you.” His eyes were watching you, but he didn’t show any emotion.

You shifted not sure what to say. You did get a power high and felt sexy when the guys looked at you dancing.

“Why don’t you give me a little striptease kitten. I want to see how me watching you would make you feel.” 

Your cheeks got red, but you started to dance slowly stripping out of your outfit piece by piece. Yoongi watched quiet and intently. His breathing was starting to get heavy as he watched you.


The moment he saw your hips shake and your ass bounce on stage he had to suppress a groan. His eyes moved to the members who were watching just as intently with some shocked. Namjoon cleared his throat making the members eyes dart from you to another member in seconds. Namjoon waited until the song was over until he walked over to you pulling you close by your hip. 

“I didn’t know that was your dance babygirl. It was very sexy.” He gave your earlobe a nibble before he walked over to the other members with the food his arm wrapped around your hips.

You were in the dressing room getting undressed. Namjoon walked in closing the door and locking it behind him. 

“Come here babygirl.” His voice was thick with lust. 

You walked over to him quickly with your hands covering your breasts wearing only the sequin covered booty shorts. He let out a deep breath looking at you. 

“Look at that sexy body my girl has. That dance you did keeps playing in my mind, but instead of the audience it’s just for me. Do you think you can do that for my babygirl just like that.” He enjoyed the fact you weren’t wearing your top anymore it made it even hotter. 

He sat down at chair waiting patiently for you. Even though you were nervous you started to move your hips just like you did before. He watched biting his bottom lip. He could feel his cock getting hard watching your ass and breasts bounce with every pop and twist with your body. 

Keep Quiet

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Pairing: Jimin x reader 
Genre: Smut
Word Count: 3.7k
dt: my soul sister, the Ji to my Kook<3

“Shhhh baby girl, try to keep quiet. Unless you’re wanting to get caught.”

What was suppose to be date night for yourself and Jimin, turned into a big gathering when six of your boyfriends best friends decide to crash your date. Things start to get heated when you go into the kitchen to get something to drink when Jimin decides to follow right behind you. 

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GOT7: their s/o steals their shirts

when I was dating my ex girlfriend, she practically lived in my closet. but she’s like, eight inches shorter than me so I could wear nothing of hers. the pain


Mark loves seeing you in his shirts, ok? Especially if they’re slightly big on you and soft and he can pull you into his arms and cuddle for hours. If it were a common occasion for you to show up for a date in a shirt he hadn’t even noticed had disappeared, he’d literally melt into a Mark-shaped puddle on the floor (ok, not literally, but you get me), smiling nonstop and hugging you until you’re about 87% sure his arms have left indentions in your ribs. He doesn’t care if you steal so many shirts that he’s only got two left- it’s worth it for the feeling he gets when he sees them draped over your shoulders. 

“You’re so cute, Y/N. I’m serious.” 


Jaebum is torn between thinking you’re adorable in his shirts and thinking you’re hot as fuck in his shirts. Either way, he loves it. Not only do you look absolutely brilliant in his shirts, but it’s pretty obvious that you’re taken, so others are less likely to flirt with you. And, of course, he loves showing you off and this is a perfect way to do that. He probably buys shirts, wears them twice, and then leaves them at your place, though, so that he still has a closet after you visit. You’d sometimes catch him staring at you when you’re wearing one of his shirts with a proud expression painted on his face

“You should wear my shirts more often. It’s hot.” 


Jinyoung won’t admit it very often, but he loves how you look in his shirts. That said, he’s not a huge fan of you stealing them. They are his shirts, after all. If you were just hanging out with him and stole a shirt to wear for that, though, he wouldn't be able to tear his eyes away from you. If you’re out in public in his shirt, he feels conflicted because on one hand, everyone knows you’re his and he loves that feeling, but on the other hand, he prefers these things to be done in private. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t think you look amazing, however, and he’ll probably compliment you at least once or twice, though he won’t do it more than that because he’s trying to convince you to stop stealing his clothes lmao

“You look amazing. Do you not have shirts of your own, though?” 


Proud af boyfriend. He thinks you’re drop-dead gorgeous no matter what you wear, but seeing you in one of his shirts is almost a religious experience for him. He would literally give you the shirt from off his back if it meant he got to see you in it, no joke. He wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of you when you wore his shirts, by the way, so get ready for that. His arms will be around your waist, slung over your shoulder, tangled up in your hair, whatever- they’re going to be on you. Get ready to be shown off. You could have the flu and look like an absolute mess but he’s grabbing a random stranger and telling them to look at his beautiful s/o (but not too long, he aint about that) 

“Isn’t Y/N beautiful? Seriously, so sexy. My heart stops every day.” 


Youngjae thinks it’s hilarious how he never notices his shirts disappearing, yet you have such an extensive collection and how did you even manage this?? Impressive, really. He loves the way you look in his shirts, how they’re a little too big and the sleeves go past the length of your arms. He might get shy when he first sees you in one of his shirts in public because he thinks everyone knows that you got it from him and to him that’s such an intimate thing like !! ohmygod!! But he tells you that you look amazing about a million times, his signature smile coming out involuntarily. Probably can’t resist running the fabric through his fingers when you’re close to him because he’s in such awe of how good it looks on you and is it even real?

“Ah, Y/N. I don’t know what to say.”


Honestly, what did you expect from the king of memes? BamBam would have way too much fun with the fact that you loved stealing his shirts, purposely leaving the ugliest things he owns at your house and pretending to be upset when you didn’t wear them on dates with him. He’d probably spray a shirt with Pam’s Cooking Spray or some shit and give it to you to wear, no joke. On the flip side, he thinks you look hot as hell in his shirts and loves, loves, loves to see you wear them as long as you return them afterwards because he spent real money on those, ok? Also- he’d definitely take you shopping with the sole purpose of buying shirts for himself that you would steal later. 

“You look so sexy in my shirts. Probably because they’re mine.” 


Yugyeom would love seeing you in shirts because wow they look amazing on you and how are you so cute? It’s honestly not fair. That said, if you wore one of his shirts around the other members and they realized, he would die inside, blushing and hiding his face and giving them even more to tease him about tbh but hey he’s cute. Might take your hand and dash out of the room and down the street with you. Also might never let you near his members again for another year and a half. If it were just the two of you, though, he’d be the most smiley green bean on the planet, hugging you and holding your hand super tightly and gazing at you because he honestly can’t believe how great you look. Expect lots of forehead kisses

“I don’t know how to deal with how cute you are right now.” 


“Hi 👋🏾 a reaction to BTS being best friends with you and you decided to lay in bed with them with only your T-Shirt and your panties on and they get a huge boner? make it nsfw 💕

J-HOPE: he’d kiss your lips sweetly before sliding his right hand down into your underwear then he’d begin to rub at your clit, while planting hickeys all across the left side of your neck. 

“How about we take our relationship to the next level?” 

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Taehyung: (someone control this boy) he would hover over you before planting a kiss on your lips, without you even noticing he’d whip out his dick and glide it along your folds.

“You make me crazy Y/N”

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Jungkook: he’d smirk at you from the side, then he’d gently grab your thigh and force you to scoot over closer to him, from there he’d nibble on your ear and kiss all the way from your ear to your neck leaving a trail of hickeys.

“Why do you do this to me babygirl?

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Yoongi: he would move your legs on either side of his legs while holding your waist, making you go back and foreward.

“You made me feel this way, so you need to take care of it”

Namjoon:  This smooth man would interlock your fingers with his and bring your leg up to wrap around his legs, from there he would grab your but with his other hand giving it a nice squeeze.

“You are so sexy Y/N”

Jimin:  he’d slide his hand up your shirt,  while massaging your breasts he would place a rough French kiss on your lips.

 "You taste so good babe"

Jin: He’d give you a peck on the lips before removing your panties, from there he would take his index finger and slowly finger you.

“I love you”