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SHERLOCK EYED THE OTHER CLOSELY,  unsure of their intended business. They’d come early by the first train, so whatever it was, it must’ve been of some importance. The detective instructed them to take a comfortable seat before slipping into the kitchen to put on the kettle.  Too early.  The tea was more for himself than for the other in the room,  a necessary consolation given the absurd hour of morning.   “Why don’t you just start from the beginning. Give me all of the details. Every one, down to what you believe to be of the least importance.” 

                      “Y’know– I feel like I’ve met you before, do you come around here often?” Borislav asked, the slightest hint of his Russian accent touching his voice, the alcohol he’d consumed at this summer party (it was more of a street block party but a party none the less) was just barely getting to him. Often enough he hid his accent, unless it was around someone he trusted or alcohol got a hold of his tongue. The question, of course, was an attempt at simply striking up conversation so Boris could flirt

                                      I’VE GOT MAD SKILLS.

                                                         Comic & CW verse. Est. June 2015

I'm Sorry. || Open Starter

             "I do hope—

               no one has forgotten about me.

                 "I cannot help but feel, 

                  that everyone has suddenly moved on.

                  “If only I could tell them, 

                    I never meant to leave, and that I’m–

                            { S o r r y. }

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SO… If you are an active fantroll rp-blog who blog a bunch of fantroll-related stuff and roleplays and shit, and are 18+ (not bc I do nsfw stuff, I don’t, but I’m almost 25 y/o and I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable! I’ll rp with younger ppl, and do character-friendships, but I won’t do ships, a’ight?) you should reblog/like/reply to this post, and I’ll check your blog out and maybe give a follow?

A trip to the dojo(open rp)

Anju hummed as she walked down the sidewalk, she was glad to be able to walk without people whispering., Since she didn’t have a ublisher anymore, and she hadn’t been on the news for a while, it was like people had forgotten about her, and she was happy about that, sure she would probably get back in the writing business under a false name in a while, but for now, she would just enjoy her break.

She closed her eyes as she walked, humming a small song.

and then the most obvious thing happened, she tripped and fell face first on the ground.

“my nose..!"She sat up, holding her now bleeding nose.

Will you approach the softly swearing girl?