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Block B Reaction To You Calling Them While Being Drunk (Broken Up Version)

Alright, so thanks to the lovely @yao-verming​ for the ideas, I thought of two versions to write for this reaction, and since I’m in an angsty mood, I decided to start off with the broken up version first. Hope you all enjoy~

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Taeil:  Eyes fluttering open at the sound of the phone buzzing against the nightstand, he  inhales deeply as he lazily rubbed his eyes and stretched. Sitting up, he would tiredly glance around the room, gaze soon settled upon the rectangular clock on the nightstand that currently read 1:06 AM. Who on earth is calling me at this hour? He thinks, clutching the vibrating device in his hand.  Blinking a couple of times to cast away the drowsiness he was currently experiencing, his eyes narrow as he tries to read the caller I.D.; it was you. Sliding his thumb across the screen to answer, he extends a hand out to turn on the lamp. “Y/N?” He yawns. A giggle is heard on the other line; he sighs. “Y/N, are you drunk?” You gasp out in surprise, shushing him as you giggle once more—"Maybe~“—and Taeil can only shake his head from side to side as he rubs his temples. Dealing with your drunken stupor was honestly the last thing he wanted to handle at this hour of night: You weren’t exactly very cooperative when you got like this. "Are you at your house?” He asks, running a hand through his hair. “I don’t know,” You say,“Why don’t you come over and find out?” He has half a mind to drive over to your house just to make sure you didn’t do anything stupid after the phone call, and get you to bed safely, but the other part of him tells him it isn’t a good idea. “Y/N, why don’t you go wash up and go to sleep? It’s late.” He suggests, to which you only groan in response. “Yah, I don’t want to.” There’s a pause. “Taeil?” “Yeah?” “I love you.” His heart stops, eyes widening and frozen to the spot. What was he supposed to say? He still loved you, but he wasn’t really the type to go back on a decision he made; the breakup was for the best. But still, hearing you quietly cry on the other line, whispering faint i love you or where did we go wrong? left him heartbroken and unable to find the right words to say to you. So instead, he merely changes the subject—"How much did you have to drink? Is someone with you? Are you home?“—and successfully persuades you to lay down on the couch and go to sleep. 

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B Bomb:  Although the wounds were still fresh and there were times he thought his heart would give out from how weak and broken it felt, he was starting to feel remotely okay; he was hopeful. The air he breathed no longer felt noxious to his lungs, the ache in his chest at the mention of your name was now dull, and smiling didn’t feel like a chore anymore; he could finally leave his mask at home.  He watches his members laugh and play; he feels at ease with himself for once. His phone vibrates in his pocket, garnering his attention momentarily as he digs a hand inside and takes it out. His smile falters and he feels his stomach painfully churn when seeing your name light up his screen, causing the joyous atmosphere to shift, and the members to share worried glances. "Is everything alright?” Jaehyo asks, brow raised. Minhyuk glances up from the screen to look at the taller male and smiles—"Yeah, everything is fine.“—before excusing himself and sauntering over to his room. Against his better judgment, he answers your call—"Y/N?"—and gulps nervously. "Hey, hot stuff~” He has to pull his phone away from his ear to check the caller’s name again just to make sure it wasn’t some sort of prank call or you meant to call someone else. “Y/N, it’s me, Minhyuk?” Your laugh makes his heart flutter and his lips to be pulled upwards into a smile. “I know, silly~” His brows furrow at the way you struggled to enunciate your words and your sentences became incoherent. “Y/N, you’re drunk.” He states with a nervous chuckle, to which you scoff and deny. “No, I’m not!” And he can already picture you jutting out your lower lip slightly into a pout, making his heart wrench painfully at the image. “You are, though,” He insists,“Take some pain killers and get some rest, okay?” This continues on for a couple of minutes longer until, suddenly, you begin crying. He doesn’t think much of it at first, assuming the alcohol was simply making you go through a rollercoaster of emotions (you never did handle liquor well). However, that all changes when he hears with more clarity what you were trying to tell him. “I miss you so much.” He knows he should’ve hung up then and there, knows he should’ve tried changing the subject—or just done something—than spilling out his feelings for you as well. “I miss you, too. So, so much.” His words come out quiet, but the pained tone in his voice impossible to miss. “I love you so much, Minhyuk.” He’s glad you’re drunk—"I love you, too, Y/N’‘—because at least then, he knows, you won’t remember this conversation, and you’ll wake up the next day with a hangover while he’s stuck with the memory of tonight, and the scars you continue to leave behind on his heart. 

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Jaehyo:  He could tell you were drunk right from the start. It took everything within him to refrain himself from scolding you for being so reckless with your actions. Instead, he bombards you with questions to make sure you were safe and didn’t drink to the point you were absolutely wasted.  "Are you home?“ You merely chuckle in response. His brows knit together in slight annoyance and confusion as he asks,’'What’s so funny?” You sigh forlornly at his question, licking your lips as you struggled to formulate your thoughts. “Nothing.” A pause. “I just forgot how sweet you are and how much I miss you.” “Don’t do this.” His voice comes out low, almost pleadingly, as he softly exhales. There’s another moment of silence before he hears you vomiting and heaving on the other line; he’s torn. The two of you weren’t together anymore, so it wasn’t his job to look after you anymore. And yet, despite this, he found himself putting on the first casual attire he could find to head over to your place to make sure you took some pain killers, washed up and went to bed. “Jaehyo,” you whimper,“I don’t feel so good.” “I know.” He says, putting on his seat belt after getting in the car. “Just stay put till I get there, okay? I’ll be there in ten minutes.” Just when he was about to hang up, he could faintly hear you mumbled out an I love you to him before the call drops. “And I still love you, too.” And this is how the cycle begins. 

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Ukwon:  “Hey~” He can’t help but roll his eyes the moment he hears your voice. “You really should stop getting drunk, Y/N.” He chides, and despite your state of intoxication, you could faintly hear the smile in his voice as he scolds you. “I know, I know,” He chuckles at your childish whining, a part of him partially growing used to you calling him almost every night when you’ve had a little too much to drink. The gnawing voice in the back of his head telling him to end things here and now becomes louder as the days pass by, but he always manages to push it back and shrug it off. “You’re home, right? You didn’t do anything stupid?” You groan. “How come you always ask that whenever I call?” Ukwon laughs. “Because you don’t exactly make the best decisions when you’re drunk.” He reminds,“Remember that time we went out for drink and—” “Shut up!” You drag out the syllables in the midst of your squealing, cheeks flaring up when remembering the embarrassing stunts you pulled in the past when you passed your limit of drinking. Ukwon laughs once more, the corners of his lips tugging upwards at the image of you covering your face in embarrassment with your brows furrowed together.  Eventually the line goes quiet save for your soft breathing. “You still there?” He asks. “Yeah,” Silence,“It’s just..” You trail off, inhaling deeply. Hang up. Just hang up and put an end to this already. The voice in his head resurfaces momentarily to try and knock some sense into him, but again he shoves it down in the little box he stowed it away in, and made sure to lock it with a key this time. “Just what?” You let out a shaky exhale—"Where did we go wrong?“—and whimper. "What?” Is all he manages to say, jaw clenching. You sobs and whimpers start to become audible now—"We used to be so happy together. Do you still miss me? Do you still love me like I love you?“—and he feels  tears starting to gather in his eyes, but—God Dammit—he promised himself he wouldn’t let himself feel this way again; he wouldn’t allow himself to break down like he did all those nights ago when the realization of never being able to wake up to the person he thought he would spend the rest of his life with hit him. And he wants to ask—"Do you mean it?"—Oh, God, did he want to, but he stops himself; he’s too afraid to know. "You’re drunk,” He states,“You don’t even know what you’re saying anymore.” He tries to reason, but just who exactly is he trying to convince here? You or Him? He doesn’t know. All he knows is that it’s getting hard to breathe again and it’s late. “Ukwon, please. Please.” You’re pleading—practically begging—now,“Just tell me I don’t mean anything to you anymore, so I can move on; make it easier for me, please.” And he wants to say Of course I still love you. There hasn’t been one day I haven’t thought about you and where it went wrong but he stops himself. “Good night, Y/N.” And in your intoxicated state you think this is the last time you’ll ever hear of him, and you’re thankful you won’t remember anything the following day. But when morning comes and there’s a knock on your door, you eyes widen when you see him on the other side. “Did you mean it?” You stare at him dumbfounded. “Mean what?” “Everything you said last night. Did you mean it? Were you being serious when you said you still love me?” And he hates himself for asking this because he is a coward; he is afraid to know. But he can’t bring himself to shrug this feeling away any longer; he wants to do things right this time.

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Kyung:  The moment he heard your slow, slurred speech, he erupted in laughter. “Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to call or text someone when you’re drunk?” He asks in the midst of his giggles. “You sound just as bad as a poorly scripted sci-fi movie!” His comparison makes you laugh along with him. “You did not just compare me to a fucking sci-fi movie.” You laugh and he shrugs. “So what if I did?” The two of you continue to talk of nonsense until you eventually fall asleep in the middle of the conversation. He wouldn’t really think much of the phone call, since—luckily—the two of you ended things in friendly terms, and he was more than content to still have you be a part of his life, even if it wasn’t romantically anymore.

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Zico: “Let’s have sex.” His brows would instantly raise when hearing your proposal, a smile appearing on his features in a mixture of surprise and amusement. “Are you drunk?” “No, I’m Y/N, now let’s have sex.” Zico laughs at your response—Yep, they’re definitely drunk—and shakes his head from side to side. “Are you at home?” He grows a bit nervous at your drawn out uh because he is afraid you are so drunk that you don’t even know where you are anymore. “Y/N, stay with me here. Are you home?” There’s a moment of silence,“Yeah, I’m home. Are you coming over~” He chuckles—"Yeah, I’ll be there in a few minutes.“—and hangs up. When arriving to your place, he picks you up bridal-style to the bathroom to wash you up (the two of you had seen each other naked countless times when you were dating, so it’s not like he felt shy about seeing you naked). Once he got you into your pajamas, he made you take some painkillers and made sure to stay by your side in case you vomited or didn’t feel well. Just because the two of you had broken up doesn’t mean he still didn’t care about you. Your eyes flutter close at the feel of his hand softly playing with your hair, and just when he thinks you’ve finally fallen asleep, he carefully stands up to leave. He doesn’t make it out of the bed, though, because you instinctively grab hold of his wrist to keep him in place. "Stay,” Your voice is laced with sleep, eyes still closed as you quietly plead him to stay awhile longer. How could he refuse when you were asking him so cutely? So he stays, gently brushing away the hair on your face as you slept soundly.   You’re lucky I still love you He thinks, kissing your forehead goodnight. On the following morning you wake up, your headache reduced to a dull ache thanks to Zico practically forcing you to swallow down the painkillers, but this, of course, you don’t remember. You do, however, faintly recall a voice singing you a lullaby as you drifted off to sleep, and you felt your heart race when finding a note on your desk. “Dear Y/N, you were drunk last night and called me. I made sure you didn’t do anything stupid and went to bed safely. You owe me one! P.S. You can repay me by buying me tacos in that favorite restaurant of mine… Just a suggestion, though! :D” You rolled your eyes at the text scribbled down in the paper, but can’t help but smile at how thoughtful that goofball could be (even when you didn’t deserve it).

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P.O.:  He would be laughing nonstop at all the nonsense you would be sputtering. “Jesus, how much did you have to drink, Y/N?” He wouldn’t really think much about the phone call, really. The two of you had grown apart and, thankfully, terminated things in good terms. The last time he had spoken with you, he knew you were going through a tough time because of work, so he thought it was best to simply humor you until you grew tired and fell asleep. That being said, though, expect a lot of teasing from his part not only during the phone call, but also whenever he gets the chance to speak or see you again; he won’t let you live that drunken call down till the end of your days.