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Phone call with my parents just now:

Mom: So Dad’s been looking at real estate in Pittsburgh, he wants to help you buy and fix up a house! What do you think about that?

[insert discussion about Responsible Adult Things like owning real estate]

Mom: So what’s going on with you?

Me: I…just spent a large amount of money on plane tickets to visit Finland and Germany this summer. *sweats*

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people are forgetting that Ain is still an adult and well over 500 years old????

[ I don’t really think they forget, I think it’s just that some people see him more cute than handsome! Also, since the Lofties are the 1st job classes, a lot of people headcanon them to look and act younger than the 2nd jobs. (Y’know, like Add.)

I’m sure they’re just headcanoning things though, I do it all the time myself~ ]



Jack frowned at the crowded bookstore. He usually tried to go on week days, but the next three weekends would be spent on roadies and then, he wouldn’t have time to shop for his parent’s presents. It was getting closer and closer to Christmas, if one was to judge by the amount of shoppers on a Tuesday evening.

He waited in line for the information desk, watching the new releases displayed around him. The History display was further away, he was stuck reading the titles of romances and science-fictions, neither were very much his style.

‘Hi!’ said a cheery voice. ‘How may I help you, today?’

He was faced with a young blonde man wearing the company nametag, a manic smile and styrofoam pellets clinging to is clothes.

‘Huh… I- Is Shit- I mean, Mister Knight, here?’

‘I’m sorry, he’s unavailable today, caught a nasty bug, left us a little bit short-staffed!’ said the young man with a nervous laugh.

‘Huh- It’s okay, I can come back- ’

‘Oh, are you Mister Zimmermann? He said you came on Tuesdays, left this note for you…’ he grabbed a handwritten note taped to the computer screen. ‘Tell this - huh, I can’t say this word while I’m working - that I managed to find that out of print book he was asking about, I had to call the editor’s personal number, oh geez, he knows we’re not allowed to do that, and the book should be here in eight to fifteen weeks.’

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OMG It's not rape culture to need sex! Y'all nut jobs might not need sex, but there's a reason why it's on the bottom levels on that hierarchy of needs chart. NORMAL ppl need a complete physical connection to their intimate partner to be fully actualized. You don't want it, that's fine. No one should force you. Tell ppl up front so they can avoid you. Date your own kind and leave normal ppl alone! I don't even want to socialize with things like you bc you're not human. You're sad stunted freaks.

Let’s get one thing clear;

No one ‘needs’ to have sex. Ever.

You don’t need it to actualize a relationship. You don’t need it to actualize yourself. You don’t need it to enjoy your life, or your relationship with other people. Never in anyone’s life is sexual activity an obligation. If you really do need sexual contact to that level, that’d be a symptom of hypersexuality, which is a method of destructive self-harm.

What you’re really saying is that you need to have sex with someone in order for you to stay motivated to maintain the relationship. And that’s completely different. 

Relationships have limited or no sexual contact for multiple reasons, even barring asexuality altogether. If your requirement for a relationship equates to an obligation to sleep with you, and you equate that with ‘no aces ever’, then by all accounts, people like you are the actual problem.

We’re always the one expected to make the compromises, and it’s not fair to us? Like hell the rest of the world would be suppressed in their dating lives if they for once centered their sex lives around our boundaries instead of their desires. I guarantee that plenty of people who might think they ‘need’ sex actually definitely don’t. They just grew up in a world that taught them a single way to define a relationship.

But thanks for dehumanizing the ace. It’s not like we’re gonna clamber over for someone like you.

- Fae

[this beautiful pic cr. goes fully to bonnie aka @cafewoozi thank yoU SO MUCH HONEsLTY GUYS I ONLY LIVE FOR BONNIE ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;]

hello everybody~ it’s aqsa back again with another follow forever!! since ive finally reached my goal of 1.7k (th ank you so much special s/o to vivi (@vitaminniedk like you are too kind for promoting me you didn’t have to ;A; ily! also to the last five followers that got me to this point: @simplewoozis @pur-est @munchiesthaoo @monsterkactus @cafedino !! tysm !!! u made my night!! ;u;)

so, in all, i wanted to make a ff to commemorate this wonderful moment!! this was meant to be done ages ago, but seeing as i had no time (or skill hah rip me) to actually create a decent ff i’ll just be sticking to the good old original style!! so, without further ado, let us begin~

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EXO Reaction to their Pregnant Girlfriend's  German Shepherd Being Protective of Her.


“Why are you even barking?… She’s mine”.

Originally posted by secrethideoutme


“Good job Y/D/N, Keep protecting our girl”.

Originally posted by meiren-menglu


*Starts to get a little annoyed*

“This was cute, now I can’t even touch you without getting barked at”.  

Originally posted by yourejustmystylee



Originally posted by yehet-a-kookie


*Finds it the cutest thing*

“Good girl.”

Originally posted by fvck-kai


“That’s right doggy, I have your girl now.”

*Watches the dog as he leans in to kiss you with a smirk*

Originally posted by glorious-soobooty


*Cuddles for both you and the dog*

Originally posted by dayafterdae


*No matter how many times, he would still jump every time your dog barked*

“OMG! again!!??”

Originally posted by jongintaesoo


“This was once so cute, now it’s starting to get on my last nerve.”

Originally posted by dailyexo


“She’s mine, nice try”


Originally posted by yourbiaslikesitrough


*Still finds it cute*

“Did you want some love too?”

Originally posted by dazzlingkai


“Y/N he’s doing it again!”

*Another upset puppy*

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Your First.

Hi could u pls do a Daryl x reader smut imagine where it’s her first time and she’s really shy and nervous but Daryl comforts her and is really gentle. Take ur time and thanks!!

Originally posted by lilzv

Was going to set this in Alexandria, but I miss the prison days. Hope you like it! GIF is from when Norm was in Charmed but it fit nicely :) (I really miss Charmed! Was anyone a fan?) Normally I’d write Daryl very awkward but I gave him a little confidence. Let me know what you guys think!! ALL MINE IS THE NEXT STORY AFTER THIS :D


You were walking around the prison fence, clearing as many walkers as you could with your knife. Rick came up behind you and took you out of your thoughts.
“Hey, Y/N. Good job, I’ll take over for you if you like. Maggie was asking where you were earlier so I’d head in her general direction before you do anything else.”

“Thanks Rick, she in the cell block?” You said putting your knife back in its holder.
“Yeah I saw her on my my way here.” He said before looking in the direction of the road. The loud growl of a motorbike was coming towards the gate. You nodded at rick and ran to let Daryl in.

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Anon: “First of all you accept mixing DC and Marvel ? If so … Imagine being a member of the Avengers and the youngest of all so all are extremely protective of you , therefore, all fall into despair and enter in ’ ’ guard ’ ’ when the Joker (Jared Leto) is in love with you and flirts every time you guys are on a mission to stop him from blowing up the world , you do please ? Thaks AND i love your imagines <3″


and also, dirty and hilarious pick-up lines.

Words: 1081 (Pretty Short)

Pairing: Jared Leto!Joker X Avenger!Reader

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Enchantress (Beast/Adam Imagines)

Request : May I request that the reader is the enchantress that lays the curse on the Beast but instead of Belle breaking he spell, its the Enchantress that stays with him? - @lewaotic

Originally posted by braedens

You were the enchantress, also known as (y/n). Your job was to fix people for the better. Which is how you got in this situation.

 "Please, may I come in I’m really cold and sick.“ You coughed into your hand as the rain hit your back. "I can give you this.” You raised your hand to show Prince Adam a single rose.

 He laughed in your face. “Only beautiful people are aloud in here so I’m afraid you are going to have to leave.” Adam looked you up and down and looked away in disgust.

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