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MG: Noona, do you want us to sing for you?

You: No, that’s okay-

VN: Noona, Noona, listen to how good we are.

(all start singing loudly and “badly”)

HS: (Y/N) is so pretty, she looks so beautiful today, she is the prettiest Noona in the world!

You: (cringing but smiling)


everyone’s like: KYAHHH THEY’RE ALL SO HOT while meanwhile i just got the game because i was pretty curious about it since it showed up a lot on my dash. needless to say, i’d probably get a bad end for all of them.


can always tell when summer vacation has started because it smells like sunscreen and aloe vera in the house

Imagine Monsta X: Introducing you to the members

-he would lay his arm around you and stand in front of the other members
~ “Hey… So this is my girl (Y/N).”
-he looks at you with his eye smile and comforts you to talk to the others but he wouldn’t let go of the grip at your arm
-while you’re talking he smiles and stares at you but when you look at him he stares at the ground bc he’s a shy bear

-stands proudly next to you and would look at you the whole time he speaks
~ “Look how pretty she is… Her name is (Y/N)! So be nice to her ok?”
-would wrap you in cotton wool like when someone says something against you he would be upset and protects you

-jumps in front of the members and screaming
~ “TADAA this is (Y/N)!!! SHES MY CUTIEPIE YES!”
-hugs you from behind and places his head on your shoulder to listen to convos between you and the members
-adds always cute words like “lets siti sit on the couch” because he’s so happy he can’t hide it

-hand around your waist and kisses on your cheek the whole time
~ “Look at MY jagiya.” -> he let go of you to stand next to the members and to look at you too
-winks at you (yeah all the time)
~ “So this bomb is called (Y/N).”
-he would be shy that he called you bomb in front of everyone and hugs you so that nobody can see his blushing face

-puts his hand really carefully on your head and strokes your hair
~ “This is my sleeping beauty, my signifikant other (Y/N)!”
-when he sees that you’re nervous he would pull a meme face but is totally serious after it (makes you laugh and feel comfortable)
-would be so proud of you

-takes your hand and draws circels with his thumb (yes y'all know what i mean right DAMN)
~ “(Y/N)? This are my members and I really hope that you like them. They mean so much to me… Wait! I mean you’re of course the most important person right?”
-at the beginning he would talk really much do much aegyo and be nervous
-later he calms down and will just listen to your voice and looks at you

-would stroke your back and kiss your forehead
~ “Ayo bros! My little princess (Y/N) is here.”
-the sweetest aegyo and the baddest rapper at the same time just to impress you
-jumping around you all the time when others are talking but when you talk he just listen to you and looks in your eyes and smiles so you can see his dimples and attention

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Puppy Love - C.H.

Request: cal request: you get him a dog

Summary: Y/N runs out of ideas for potential birthday presents for her boyfriend.

Pairing: Calum Hood x Female Reader

Y/N scrambled out of the bedroom as soon as she heard the front door open, quick to close the door behind her before sprinting down the stairs. Today was Calum’s birthday, and he already had everything he could ask for. He wasn’t much help giving Y/N advice on what to get, giving her the generic “I’m fine with anything, baby” and dropping the subject, so Y/N took a pretty big risk: she got her boyfriend a puppy. 

“Hey, Y/N,” Calum greeted, his tone suspicious as he noticed his breathless girlfriend. He slowly closed the front door, locking it without taking his eyes off her. “Why are you out of breath?” 

“Oh, you know, just excited to see you,” Y/N grinned, her voice raising an octave. Calum cocked an eyebrow at her, knowing something was up. Before he could even open his mouth to ask, he heard a bark from upstairs. We don’t have a dog. “Y/N?” He asked, voice low. He knew what this meant.

Y/N was defeated. “Follow me.” She lead her boyfriend up the stairs, her hand resting on the doorknob of their bedroom. Calum could her yipping and whining on the other end. Y/N twisted the doorknob, quickly pushing open the door to reveal a small black french bulldog puppy, instantly taking off into a sprint towards Calum. Calum squealed, dropping to his knees to pick up the small creature.

“Y/N!” Calum screamed, the widest grin stretching on his face. He was at a loss for words, only able to smile as he cuddled the yipping puppy close. 

“Happy birthday, Calum,” Y/N giggled, sitting down beside him. “What are you gonna name him?” 


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Jealousy/// Remus Lupin x Reader

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A/N: Hello! This takes place in your 6th year. Also, I do requests so request something you’d like for me to write and I’ll write it. Enjoy!


   Remus fell onto his bed with a groan. Sirius looked over at him with one eyebrow raised. 

   “What’s with you,” Sirius asked. 

   “It’s just (Y/N). I mean she’s so nice and funny and ridiculously pretty. I reckon I might love her…but she’d never like me back,” Remus groaned.

   “Why’d you even ask? It’s the same thing everyday,” James complained. This was true. Everyday, after classes Remus would walk you to your dorm then he’d walk back to his thinking of you the entire time. When he finally got back to his dorm he’d crash onto the bed, groan, and start complaining. He had done this everyday since he realized he liked you. Every single day.

   This routine had begun to annoy the rest of the Marauders. The all let out a collective sigh as Remus went into another session of complaining. Sirius sat on the edge of his bed to get a batter look at Remus.

   “Moony, here’s an idea: if you like her so much why don’t you just ask her out,” Sirius said.

   “Don’t be stupid, Padfoot! Have you not been listening! My whole problem is that she might not like me back!”

   “She probably does like you. Whenever you’re talking to her she’s always smiling and she always wants to be around you. Bloody hell, just ask her out!” Remus ignored him and went back to complaining. Sirius pressed his pillow to his ears so that he could ignore Remus. 

   The next day after Potions, Remus and Sirius were trailing behind you. They were far enough away that you couldn’t hear Remus talking about you. 

   “Did you see how wonderful here hair looked today? I mean it looks good everyday but today it was just…wow,” Remus mused. 

   “Ask her out,” Sirius said. 


   “Ask her out!”

   “NO!” Sirius took a deep breath and look at Remus. 

   “Okay. I tried it the easy way. But like always you need a little motivation.” Sirius picked up his pace and caught up to you. He grabbed your arm and spun you around to face him. 

   “Hello-” Before you could finish your sentence you were interrupted by Sirius pressing his lips to yours. He put a few strands of your hair behind your ear and held his hand there. After a few seconds he pulled away but instead of looking at you he was looking in another direction. He had one eyebrow raised. 

   “Sirius, I’m sorry but I don’t really-” Again you were interrupted by another hand with a much stronger grip pulling you towards them. This time you spun around to see a red faced Remus Lupin. His face was more red from anger than embarrassment unlike yours that had gone bright red from pure embarrassment.

   “Remus, I-” He pulled you farther into him before pressing his lips to yours. This kiss lasts much longer than the one between you and Sirius. When you parted Remus seemed to have calmed down. 

   “(Y/N), I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me,” Remus asked. You took a second to contemplate what was going on. Two boys had just kissed you and now you were being asked out. What on Earth was going on? 

   “Oh, yes, of course,” you said after a moment. 

   “Lovely. How about we talk about that over a walk?”


   “Good, so you go ahead I’ll be right there.” He pushed you into the opposite direction and you kept going. 

   Remus spun around to face Sirius. Remus was mad yet again. He approached Sirius snarling with his fist and teeth clenched. Sirius didn’t look scared. 

   He straightened his hair coolly before saying,”You’re welcome.” Remus’ snarl turned into a large smile.

   “Thanks, mate.” He turned back around to catch up to you before stopping and running back towards Sirius. “Oh, yeah and if you ever do that again I will snap every bone in your body as if they were twigs.” Sirius nodded in response. 

   Remus caught up to you, slipping his arm around your waist and pulling you into his side. He looked over his shoulder at Sirius and gave one last angry snarl. Sirius gave him a smile and a thumbs up. He returned the smile before looking back at you and engaging in conversation.


As promised, lady Brick! His design is very strongly gendered (huge emphasis on big shoulders/narrow waist&hips, receding hairline) so it was fun to see how far I could push that in a female version.

For dude Lilith, click here: http://zizifothsi.tumblr.com/post/109349729189/borderlands-2-rule-63-soooooo-i-was-going