y i no have cuddles

Twice Reaction: Their s/o being shy with skinship


Understands that you may need some time to get comfortable around her. Has no problem with it.

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*sneak attacks you with kisses*

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“Jagi? Why are you affectionate with your friends but not with me?”

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She wouldn’t be affectionate right away into a relationship either so she understands why you’re more affectionate with people you’ve known longer.

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*pouts* “I want a cuddle”

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*Chaeyoung does not approve*

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“Y/N, can I have a cuddle too?”

Ignore subtitles

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NCT U react when you want to cuddle but they have practice. // Quando você quer ficar aconchegado com ele mas ele tem que ensaiar.

Taeyong: Y/N…. I’d love to cuddle but I have to practice…. We can do that later, ok? // S/N…. Eu adoraria ficar junto contigo mas eu tenho que ensaiar… Nós podemos fazer isso depois, ok?

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Ten: It’ll be quick, I promise!! Once I come back from practice, we can cuddle all you want! // Vai ser rápido, eu prometo!! Quando eu voltar do ensaio, nós podemos ficar juntos o quanto você quiser!

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Mark: Aaah…. Just some minutes won’t hurt…. // Aaaaah…. Só alguns minutos não vão doer….

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Doyoung: Y/N, don’t make that face…. That way I’m going to have to skip practice… // S/N, não faz essa carinha…. Desse jeito eu vou ter que faltar ao ensaio…

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Jaehyun: Ah, skipping practice just once won’t hurt, i guess….. // Ah, faltar só uma vez não vai fazer mal, eu acho…

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Taeil: Y/N~~~You know that if I don’t go Taeyong is gonna kill me~~ // S/N~~~ Você sabe que se eu não for, o Taeyong me mata~~

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BTS - Flirting [GIF]

Namjoon: “Just from looking at you, I know we’re gonna hit more than just a few things off..”

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Jungkook: “My Hyungs need to approve of you but I’m sure that’s not going to be a problem.”

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Taehyung: “Stop being so annoyingly pretty…Please?!”

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Seokjin: “I, well. Hold on, can you give me a sec? You’re kinda making me flustered, aha..” 

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Yoongi: “You look cold, Y/N. I don’t have a jacket to spare but if we cuddle together… you know..”

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Hoseok: “You look like you need a bit of ‘hope’ in your life.”

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Jimin: “No, no! There’s nothing on your face, you just look really cute..”

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Imagine cuddly Calum with curly hair on cozy autumn day wanting to curl up under a blanket with you. “Y/N, please let’s cuddle” “Cal I have things to do” “But I missed you” You’d sight and place yourself next to him. He’d pull you really close and tell you how much he loves you. “I love you too Calum”, you’d say placing a kiss on his cheek. And he would start smiling like an idiot.