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How to Know if you’re in the Right Relationship

1. You feel secure with the person and are happy to commit to a relationship with them.

2. You don’t feel you need to hide anything from them.

3. You respect them, and they respect you. Neither feels superior to the other.

4. You are happy for their successes. You don’t feel as if you’re in competition with them, or that their successes make you feel inferior.

5. You don’t challenge, criticise or attack each other in front of others.

6. Neither of you is looking to the other to have unmet needs met, or to make up for personal feelings of lack or inadequacy.

7. You are happy for your partner to spend time with their family and other friends.

8. You don’t have a secret back up plan (“If he cheats, or leaves, me then I’ll … “If he does X then I’ll do Y”)

9. You inspire each other to be better people.

10. You know that they’ll always be there for you.

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Sexy Bet (M)

Words: 1602

Warning: Smut, fluff.

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Reader X Jungkook

Originally posted by grape-joon

“What about a bet?” Jungkook proposed. “If you lose it, you’ll do my homework for one week” Ah, these guys… You were a really close friend of Jungkook and Jimin, and they were always making stupid bets. You didn’t care about it anymore. You usually spend time together and that afternoon they were in your place, just killing time.

 “Really? You’re so creative, Kookie” you said. They were sat on the carpet, playing videogames and you were sat on the couch behind them, watching. Jungkook turned around to look at you.

“Do you have any better idea, idiot?” he asked “and stop fucking calling me Kookie”.

 He hated when you called him because despite the fact you were the same age, you always saw him as a kid, and he didn’t like it.

 “Ok. But what if you lose?” Jimin asked. Jungkook stopped for a sec, wondering what he could do. You had to admit you had a crush on him, and the face he was doing, so soft…Ok stop it, Y/N.  

  Jimin looked at you in time to see your stare at Jungkook.

 “Y/N is kinda pretty, doesn’t she?” Jimin pointed. Jimin what are you doing? Jungkook didn’t, but Jimin knew about your crushing. He chuckled at you and you gave him a warning look.

 “What?” Jungkook asked, confused about his hyung question.

 “She is pretty, don’t you think?” Jimin asked, raising his eyebrows at the younger boy.

 “Jimin, what are you doing” You asked, knowing what he was doing.

Jungkook didn’t say anything, just looked at Jimin, waiting for him to say something.

 “I have an idea” Jimin said, “If you lose, you and Y/N have to fuck”.

 What? Your world stopped. Jimin was crazy? Why was he doing that to you? You were still a virgin and he knew that! Oh my god what would Jungkook think about that?

 “Not a problem”, Jungkook said, pulling you from your thoughts as your cheeks got pink, “If she wants…”

Wait, he wants to?  The two boys stared at you, expecting your answer. You looked down in embarrassment. Oh God, what a situation. But you trusted him, damn it. Even though you had a crush on him, he was still one of your best friends. He would never hurt you.

  “So?” Jimin asked. Fuck it.

“I-I think that is ok”, you said shyly. Oh my god, oh my fucking god.

 “Great” Jungkook said and stood up, smiling at you.

“Fucking hell no” Jungkook yelled as Jimin throw the game control away and started jumping and scream in happiness.

 “Suck it! I told you I was a best player than you, Kookie. Deal with that” Jimin said.

“Shut the fuck up. You were just lucky” Jungkook groaned. He didn’t like to lose. Jimin teased Jungkook, in normal conditions you’d have thought it was funny, but…

Oh my God, Jungkook lost. It means

 “So…Y/N” Jimin said, you looked up at the two boys who were now standing in front of you. You avoided Jungkook’s face.

 “He has to pay his bet” Jimin whispered. You started feeling nervous. What if he does not liked your body?

 “Y/N, you do not have to do that if you don’t want” Jungkook said, noticing your reaction.

 “I’m fine… I just…” you said but cut yourself as your realized what you were about to say. Ok you could not say you were virgin. He would make fun of you for sure. “Just take me to the bedroom” you said quickly.

 “She’s amused” He played and you rolled your eyes, but couldn’t hide the blush on your cheeks.

 “Well, I’m gonna…do something. I don’t wanna hear you fucking” Jimin said, grabbing his jacket and leaving the house quickly. You were now alone with Jungkook, who was staring at you with lustful eyes. God

 “So…don’t you wanna do it on the couch? I’ve never fucked on a couch” he said as he got closer to you. I haven’t either. No way. You didn’t want your first time to be on a couch. No. You knew you weren’t his first but he was yours so, it had to be special anyway.

 “I’m not getting fucked on a couch. Take me to my bedroom” you said. He just smiled and took your hand, pulling you upstairs. The sec you got into the room, he closed the door and pushed you against it, attacking your lips.

 That was your first kiss with him, and it was already so rough. For sure he thought you weren’t virgin anymore. You kissed him back, your hands pulling him closer by his neck as his made their way to your waist. He pressed his body against yours and you gasped.

 “You know” he said between kissed, “I kind of was wishing I lost the bet. I always wanted to know how it would be to fuck you”. Oh god. Was he serious? Those words got your knees weak. You closed your eyes as he licked your earlobe, then your jaw and reached your neck. He sucked at your skin, one of his hands finding your ass. He squeezed there harshly, it felt so good. But you couldn’t focus on that. You had to tell him…

  “Jungkook, wait” you said. He stopped and looked at you, confused. Ok, here ya go.

 “I-I’m virgin, so…” your voice was almost a whisper. His eyes widened, obviously surprised.

 “What? Are you serious?” He asked, “Oh…well…That’s not a problem. Don’t worry, Y/N, I’m gonna take care of you”.

 He started placing warm kisses on your neck, licking every exposed skin. His grip on your ass were now less rough, massaging it as his other hand went under your shirt to grab our clothed boobs. You moaned slightly, earning a chuckle from him.

 “Let’s take this off” he said, taking off your shirt slowly, letting his fingertips brush against your skin teasingly. Ah, his touch felt so good. He took it off, he stared at your semi clothed boobs and you covered yourself. He stopped you.

 “Fuck, your boobs are gorgeous” he said.

 “Y-your turn” you said shyly. He smiled at you and took off his own shirt. You had seen him shirtless a lot of times but that was different. You stared at his gorgeous abs, feeling the necessity to touch it, and before you could even think about it your hands did it.

 “Like what you see?” he said cocky. Ah, this boy. He kissed you again, grabbing your legs and lifting you up, you wrapped your legs around his hips. He carried you to the bed, letting you fall onto the fluffy mattress. He was still on his feet, and started unzipping his pants. He let it fall, wearing now just his underwear. Ah, God… He crawled over you, placing him between your legs. He kissed you, his lips moving softly against yours. His hands trailed down to your waist, his fingers playing with the waistband of your shorts. He started unzipping it, slowly, as his tongue massaged yours. You started scratching his back, lost in the sensation. He pulled away from you to take off your shorts completely, and you closed your eyes. You were so nervous. He probably noticed that, because he leaned in and placed a peck on your kiss.

 “Relax, Y/N” he whispered. He placed wet kisses along your jawline, taking off your bra and then sucking your breasts.

 “This feels so good” you said. Did I just say that? He licked your nipples as his other hand played with the other one. He traveled down your stomach, till his head was finally between your legs. He took off your underwear and kissed your inner thigh, avoiding the place you wanted to feel him the most.

 “You’re already wet” his warm breath hit your pussy before he licked it. Fuck. He gave you a long, deep lick at first, and then started sucking your clit. You couldn’t help but moan, feeling his smirk against his skin.

 “Relax” he repeated and you felt his fingers teasing your entrance. Ok, here we go. He pushed one finger in, and you groaned in pain. He let his finger still.

 “You ok?” he said and you just groaned. He started pumping it in and out slowly, his tongue working at your clit. You arched your back, pleasure hitting you so hard.

 “Jungkook…I need more” you whimpered, because it was true. You wanted to actually feel him already. He stood up, only to take off his underwear, revealing his hardened dick. Fuck…. You licked your lips.

 He smirked and crawled back over you, placing his tip in your entrance.

 “Ready?” he asked. You nodded and closed your eyes as he pushed into you. He started moving slowly, letting you adjust. His pace was so slow you were becoming impatient.

 “Faster, please” you whimpered. He started to increase his pace, pounding into you faster. Oh my God that was so fucking good.

You were a moaning mess, not even caring about your shyness anymore. You dug your fingers on his back as he started to kiss you while thrusting, your walls tightening around his dick.

 “Jungkook, I think I’m close” you moaned. He started rubbing your clit, adding pleasure and you couldn’t control yourself anymore. You came hard, he followed you. He leaned his face against the gap between your neck and shoulder, panting.

 He pulled out of you, laying beside you. You had never felt so much pleasure before. He was amazing. Shit.

 “Are you Ok?” he asked.

 “Yes. Not bad, Kookie” you said, teasing him as he pulled you against him.

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Dating Yugyeom would include

Originally posted by wangmins

Kim Yugyeom
- this could go two ways
- cute lil baby who gets all shy
- also gigantic meme
- or uh
- uhHhHHhHH
- maknae grinds a lot so I’ll leave that to ur imagination
- I mean u saw him on hit the stage
- going to costume stores around halloween and trying to scare each other w/ the masks
- and then he bumps into one of the racks and everything falls
- clumsy boy
- he likes to act like he’s bad
- and inwardly screams when you get all shy
- and sometimes you’ll play along and he panics like nonono what r u dOING WHAT
- complimenting you could go like:
- scenario 1: “Ahhh Y/N you look so cute look @ u!!!”
- scenario 2: “Yugyeom, how does this look?”
- “Huh? Oh uh- yeye u look good- I mean nice?? Great! Yes u look great!”
- walks away
- scenario 3: “Jagi that dress looks really nice ;) it fits u ;)”
- “Ahh do u really think so?? Because I think it’d look better on the floor”
- “w-what uh,, i uh,, y es no i wHAT”
- random singing at any given time
- random dancing
- legit he’ll start singing something and you kinda start singing along and then it’s just the two of you sitting lazily on the couch, off-key and everything
- shopping kart races in the grocery store parking lot
- Suddenly a wild Jinyoung appears
- you’ll get videos of him torturing ur boy
- “what are you gonna do about it Y/N??? hm?? nOTHING”
- little does he know that you’ve already put vaseline on his door knobs
- tbh you’ll get videos from all the boys of him being a meme
- speaking of the boys, you’re at war w/ them
-they legit have lil meetings to try to prank/scare you but you’re always a step ahead
- back hugs
- hand holding
- tall baby
- rests his chin on your head/shoulder
- pecks on the cheek in public
- soft kisses when you’re alone
- probably holds your hand when you kiss
- flowers just because ur so cute
- piggyback rides
- teasing each other nonstop
- playing Mario Kart together
- wrestling and messing around all the time
- making him get things from high shelves for you
- the face he makes when he’s like embarrassed where he closes his eyes and just kinda silently laughs and cUTE
- you probably have to say I love you first
- the first time you tell him you love him he’s really shocked and is like “???? what???”
- “are you sure????”
- he’s in such disbelief but he’s so happy
- vv blushy
- his fluffy hair
- playing with said fLUFFY HAIR
- He’s ur boy u gotta love and protect him
- sitting in on his dacne practices
- but when you do he’s lowkey nervous and just wants to impress you
- but you’re supportive no matter what and it makes his large body all warm and fuzzy inside

Pregnant [S.B.]

Character: Sirius Black
Word Count: 1405
Requested?: Yes/No
Summary: When Y/n has a one night stand with Sirius Black, she finds the consequences are far worse than she ever thought.
WARNINGS: Mentions of pregnancy
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it

+ + + + +

This wasn’t supposed to happen. It was supposed to be one night, no strings attached, no feelings, just sex. You knew going to that party in the Gryffindor common room was a bad idea, but you never thought it would have consequences this extreme.

You stared down at the test in despair, choking back a sob as you leant back against the wall of the toilet cubicle, and tried to gather your thoughts into something somewhat comprehensible.

You were pregnant. With Sirius Black’s baby, of all people. What were the chances he’d want to be around after you told him - if you told him? He was the type of guy to sleep with a girl and move on - no relationships, no responsibilities.

A baby was a huge responsibility.

You were scared, amongst other things, how he would take the news. You weren’t romantically involved - not at all - which made you so sure he would just ignore you for the rest of your lives, avoiding what was half of his fault too.

You placed the test back inside the small cardboard box it came in, and placed it inside your cloak pocket. You couldn’t risk exposing of it here; someone could find it.

As you emerged from the bathroom, you felt dazed, and looking where you were going was the last thing on your mind, which is why you managed to bump into someone, nearly knocking you down.

“Woah, Y/n! Are you okay?” Lily’s soft voice floated through the air and you looked into her green eyes. Without a word, you starting shaking your head, tears that you had previously been trying to hold in falling rapidly down your cheeks.

“Oh my dear…” Lily looked at you sympathetically and led you quickly to the library down the hallway, so that less people would be around to see and hear you.

When she sat you down on a chair in the far corner, she let you cry for a moment, rubbing your back gently and whispering a couple of “it’s okay"s and “let it out"s.

As soon as your crying subsided, Lily asked, “What happened? What’s wrong?”

You bit your lip, “I did something stupid, Lils.”

“Oh Y/n, it can’t be that bad, I’m sure! You’ll be fine,” she tried to comfort you.

“Lily I’m pregnant.”

Her mouth dropped open, “Y-You’re what?” “I’m having a baby,” you closed your eyes as your lip trembled once again.

“Okay… okay… this is okay. This will be fine! Everything will be okay! You just need to talk things out with the father. Who is the father?” Lily asked, reaching out to place a hand on yours.

You hesitated, before sighing a little. “Sirius,” you muttered.

“As in Black?!” “Yes, Lily. Sirius Black. Sirius Black is the father of my baby, and I don’t know what to do because Merlin knows he won’t want to stick around with me, knowing he has a child! What am I supposed to do?”

“You tell him. And if he, like usual, tries to hide from his responsibilities, then you come to me and we’ll raise this baby together instead. But he won’t leave you Y/n. He won’t. And even if he does, you’re not doing this alone, I promise you,” Lily told you.

“Are you sure? I don’t want him to reject me or anything.”

“Y/n… I’ve known Sirius a long time, okay? And yes, he’s immature; he doesn’t like to stick to rules or act his age, and he’s a complete tosser. But he’d never reject you. Look, I didn’t want to tell you. I wanted him to tell you himself. But clearly you need some kind of a boost, okay? So here it is. Sirius Black has been in love with you since first year.”

“Lily, I love you, but please don’t joke around with me like this. I will hit you,” you muttered, a sigh following your words.

“I’m not joking with you! Seriously, you are the most oblivious person I’ve ever met. Whenever you’re around Sirius can’t take his eyes off you! You should hear the way he talks about you when you’re not around! In fact, I’m actually surprised you weren’t pregnant with his baby before now!” Lily said, her green eyes wide.

“If this is all true, then why hasn’t he told me before?” You said pointedly, crossing your arms over your chest.

“I don’t know, scared of rejection maybe? Scared of commitment? It’s Sirius Black for Merlin’s sake. He’s so melodramatic it could be because of literally anything.”

You couldn’t help but smile at the red headed girl in front of you, “Okay. Thank you Lily.”

“No problem. Now come on, we have a baby daddy to tell!”


“I can’t do this,” you said as you paced up and down outside the Gryffindor common room. “Yes you can! You have me here for moral support, and you are stronger than this! You can do it! Now go,” Lily said as she held open the common room door for you.

You entered the room and instantly were met by the faint smell of burning logs, and a nice reddish glow of the fire bouncing around the room.

On the other side of the room, you caught sight of Sirius. There was a small smile gracing your face as you took in his appearance. He was mid-laugh, his black hair falling around his well-defined jawline. He was sat with the other Marauders, who were laughing along with him.

Now… how to get Sirius alone…

“I need to get to the library, I’ll see you guys later,” you heard Remus say as he stood up. “I’ll come with you,” Peter said as he followed the werewolf out, past where you were stood in the shadows.

Now to get rid of James…

“Potter,” you said as you walked towards the boys, “Lily is outside the door.”

“See you later Padfoot!” James said as he stood up, hand ruffling his already messy hair as he nearly fell over himself to get to Lily as fast as he could.

“You know babe, if you wanted to be alone with me again, you could have just said so,” Sirius spoke, smirking up at you from his seat on the couch.

“I’m not here to talk about that, Sirius. Well, sort of. But not in the way you think. I mean… I need to talk to you about something important,” you said, your voice wavering.

Sirius patted the spot next to him on the couch, and you sat down hesitantly. He reached over to grab your shaking hands in his larger ones, “So, what do you wanna talk about?”

“This is going to be a shock. And… and holy shit I don’t even know how to say this because I don’t know how you’re going to take it or anything but um… Sirius, I’m pregnant.”

Sirius froze, the hand resting on yours tensing up and slowly pulling away.


“I’m pregnant with your child, Sirius. And it’s fine if you don’t want to be there for us, I understand. It’s not really in your character to commit to a relationship anyway. But I just thought you should know,” you said, avoiding looking into his eyes.

You didn’t receive a response and assumed the worst. You stood up, pulling your cloak around yourself as you went to leave, “You know, I was so stupid to think you’d actually stick around. Lily said… she said you wouldn’t leave. She said you’re in love with me. Guess that was all lies right?”

You had almost reached the door when Sirius yelled out, “Y/n, wait!”

You looked back at him as he finally caught up with you. He grabbed your hips and pulled you against him, pressing his lips against yours as he kissed you roughly.

Your hands found their place around his neck, as one of his rested on your stomach. He pulled away and rested his forehead against yours, “Lily wasn’t lying. I’m not going to leave, and I do love you baby girl. I want to have this baby, and I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather be the mother than you.”

“Are you sure, Sirius? Because… this means you’re going to have to give up your endless one night stands,” you told him.

Sirius gave you a cute smile, “I don’t care. Just as long as I’m with you.”

Roomies - PCY

{ A/N: sorry if this is bad i re-read it like 500 times but there still might be typos lololol oops !! }

Genre: Fluffish 
W/C: 1.4k
Summary: Chanyeol and his roommate were the best of friends; But Chanyeol has been getting too drunk and having sex with strange women from the club. His roommate loves him, does he love his roommate? 

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Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Summary: He has been out late at night, and you didn’t know why…until someone had texted him

Word Count: 2002

Warning: eh, the usual cursing 

Originally posted by nochus

Once again the spot on the bed next to you was empty. You sighed and placed your hand on the cold mattress where he was supposed to be. BTS was given a well-deserved break, so you knew he wasn’t at the dance studio or the company. He wasn’t at the dorms either because you had texted the boys asking for Jimin and they said that they hadn’t seen him since their break started a week ago. You didn’t know where he was and you were worried. And this wasn’t the first time either. He’d been out late for three consecutive times this past week and this night was the fourth.

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4 Page Letter | Theo Raeken

prompt: Rather than typing out a long message to Theo explaining your feelings for him, a family member suggests being old fashioned and writing a letter. Based on Aaliyah’s 4 Page Letter.

disclaimers: Some cussing to anyone who is against that. Kinda long for anybody with a short attention span like I have.

A/N: My first Teen Wolf imagine, I usually write only Justin Bieber ones but I decided to write some about my other mans Cody Christian/Theo Raeken a.k.a zaddy. And fair warning, I’m mediocre on writing so…there’s that. Hope ya’ll enjoy. xo

She set her phone down on her bed for the third time that hour; she knew what she wanted to tell him but couldn’t put it into words. She rolled over on her bed to where she was lying face up. She reread what he wrote her over and over in her head; she couldn’t believe someone as vigilant as Theo Raeken would confess his feelings.

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Out Of Nothing At All - Four

You raced home, making it back in record time and almost running three red lights on the way.

Shit shit shit.

This wasn’t good.

You estimated you had maybe fifteen minutes before HE turned up, you knew it would likely take him longer to get to you.

You couldn’t deal with this right now. You’d only just come to terms with the fact that you were going to be a mother, you didn’t want to have to consider someone else’s feelings either. And he’d want to be involved, you knew he would. Which is why you didn’t want to tell him in the first place.

Pacing your living room, your hand rubbing your stomach through your thick sweater, you started to run through your options.

Lie to him and out rightly deny it? No, he’d know from the dates and would demand a test.

Run? You could probably manage to get a head start and leave now if you didn’t pack anything and just abandoned everything.

Or tell him the truth and accept the judgement and hurt that he was going to direct at you?


Shit….. He must have literally jumped in a car just after you.



Deep breath. Okay, time to face the music.

Or….. Go out the back door. You could double back around to your car after he broke the door down, which he would no doubt attempt to do.


Okay. Calm. Collected.

Tell him it was someone else’s? Everyone knew you’d slept around a bit anyway. Just not that recently….. But it was a viable option.

But then how would that explain you bolting and not letting him in?

It wouldn’t.



Time to grow up, be an adult. Come on Y/N.

You moved to the door and pulled it open.

“Hey, what’s up!” you smiled brightly.

“Really Y/N? Move please.”

You shifted to one side, allowing him into your house and following him through to your living room.

“You’re pregnant,“ he stated, matter of factly, looking you up and down and searching for the signs of your bump.

“Would you like a drink?” you offered, not meeting his gaze.

“You’re 18 weeks pregnant according to the dates on that scan photo.”

“Coffee? Tea? Water?” you tried again.

“It’s mine isn’t it?”

You finally met his gaze, your mouth set in a line.

“Were you planning on telling me at all Y/N?” His voice was surprising calm at the moment.

You didn’t respond.

“You weren’t, were you.” Not a question this time, but a statement.

“I wasn’t planning on telling anyone,” you admitted.

“So what? You were just going to disappear for six months and return with a child.”

“No, I just wasn’t going to return.”

“Christ, I knew you were a selfish bitch sometimes but seriously. So you weren’t going to tell me that I have a child?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. Probably. I would have told you eventually I’m sure.”

“What, when it was 18 years old? Or were you just going to leave it in a basket on my doorstep with a note?”

Why the hell hadn’t you thought of that?

“You should have told me the moment you found out. I have a right to know.”

“Look, I’ve barely come to terms with this myself let alone had the chance to think about other people. Yes I’m pregnant, yes it’s yours.”

“So what do we do now?”

“WE don’t do anything. I’m doing this by myself. I don’t want you to be involved.”

“Erm, I don’t think so. That’s my child inside you. I’m being a part of its life.” He stood with his arms crossed, resolve across his face.

You heard another car door slam then another knock at your door ten seconds later.

“I need to get that.” You stalked past him to your hallway, hauling open your front door.


“Are you okay? Dave told me everyone knows and how they found out. I know you didn’t want to tell them like that.”

“It would’ve come out eventually,” you sighed, knowing that however much you didn’t want it, it would have.

“Has he tried to contact you?”


“Morgan. It’s his isn’t it? I know you’ve not out rightly told me but it’s common knowledge that you two had a thing.”

A voice from behind you. “Morgan? Why does he think it’s Derek’s.”

Shit. You hasn’t realised he’d followed you out.

Hotch looked confused. “Reid?… What are you doing h…….Oh.”

He looked at Spencer and then at you and you nodded in confirmation.


“So Hotch already knew. And why does he think it’s Derek’s Y/N? Or do you not know? Is that it? Is that why you’ve not told anyone, cos you don’t know who the father is?” Reid was getting angry.

“Spencer, just calm down. It’s not Morgan’s.”

“Really? Cos there must be a reason Hotch thinks that. And we all know you’ve not been exactly tight with your morals or keeping your legs shut this past year. Is Rossi in the running too?”


You felt the sting of his cheek against your palm and the feel of Aaron’s hand around your wrist, pulling it to your side.

“Shut the fuck up Spencer. Fine I’ve not been little miss innocent this year, but I know whose child this is and whose it isn’t. Mine and Derek’s ‘thing’, which is none of your business by the way, didn’t extend that far. But believe what you want. It’s easier for me if you choose to believe it’s not yours, but there is no one else who it could be.”

“So you and Derek weren’t sleeping together?” Spencer clarified.

“No! We were hanging out and having the odd make out session whenever the choice of options was limited at the end of a night out. I never fucked him though, I knew what a mistake it would turn out to be screwing someone I work with. And look how I managed to prove myself right.”

“So I was a mistake? That’s not what you were whispering to me the third time we made a mistake that night….. ”

Your face flushed, wishing he’d shut up and stop.

“Fucking you was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made Spencer Reid. You were a mistake and this,” you pointed to your stomach, “… is a mistake.”

He followed your hand to where it was pointing, before pushing past you to the door.

“Well if you think of my child as that much of a mistake, then you won’t mind if I sue you for full parental custody.”

He slammed the door behind him.

You felt your boss’s eyes on you, and you slowly met his gaze.

“You and Spencer? What the…. How the….?”

It wasn’t often you seen him speechless, but you’d just managed it.

How the hell indeed? 

First Meeting

Originally posted by iamed04

Request - 15) Reader’s child from a previous relationship is a massive fan of the WWE Superstar and they meet for the first time. 32) Superstar brings the child to work for the first time. 

Pairing - Dean Ambrose X Female Reader + Readers son. 

WordCount - 2,045

Requested By - Anon

Written By - Tacha

Key - Y/S/N - Your Son’s Name.

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You and Dean had been dating a year and a half. Everything had been going great, Dean was perfect in every sense of the word. He was funny, outgoing, charismatic, loving, understanding. Before you met Dean, you dreaded going out on dates, why? Because every man you met as soon as you mentioned you had a son, they would run a mile.

So when you met Dean you took things extremely slowly. For the first few months, you didn’t tell Dean Y/S/N. But as your relationship with Dean, you had to tell him. You had very much expected Dean to run for the hills, instead, he smiled and began to ask you different questions to get to know the other man in your life. You were shocked by Dean’s behaviour yet you welcomed Dean’s attitude for two reasons, one, men like Dean didn’t come by very often and secondly, in the year and a half you had been with Dean you had fallen in love with Dean and fallen hard.

You and Dean had both discussed when he was going to meet Y/S/N. You tried to work out the perfect opportunity but Y/S/N’s schooling was getting in the way so you and Dean both agreed that you would both wait until the Summer holiday’s and the Summer holiday’s were finally here.

Dean and Y/S/N were going to meet at some time in the next few weeks and while you wanted your two worlds to meet, yet that did not prevent the turmoil of negative emotions that threatened to suffocate you.

You sat in the living room waiting for Dean to call. Y/S/N was already in bed, he had such an exhausting last day at school. After you picked him up from up from School he had been so enthusiastic as he told you about everything he got up too. As the evening progressed, Y/S/N spoke about all the work he had done in school. He also spoke of all the things he wanted to do over the holidays. You didn’t want to promise Y/S/N everything while you did have intentions do a lot of fun activities with Y/S/N, you didn’t know when Dean and Y/S/N for the first time.

Your phone rang, you didn’t have to look at the caller ID because Dean had his own specific ringtone as you pressed your answer button, you stretched out on the couch getting comfortable.

“Hey baby, how are you?” Dean’s rough and ragged voice spoke through the phone.

“I’m good, hows work going?” You replied as Dean slouched onto his bed on the other end of the phone. He had been missing you like crazy today, he wanted nothing more than to see your face. There was nothing more that Dean wanted than to be able to go to bed later knowing that he was one step closer to be able to hold you in his arms and not go to bed alone.

“You know same old, I’ve been causing mischief, breaking skulls everywhere I go. How’s the little man?”

“He’s good, he was exhausted after his last day at school, he made a piece of artwork that he’s insistent on putting in a frame.He’s also mentioned about all the things he wants to do throughout the Summer holiday.” You scooted yourself up into a more comfortable position.

“Was coming to meet his favourite WWE Superstar mentioned? Because I might have an idea about how you can spend your Summer holidays.” You son was definitely the biggest Dean Ambrose fan in the entire world. Every year without fail your son asked for Dean Ambrose merchandise and boy you didn’t even want to go through what happened when Smackdown didn’t record. It was complete and utter mayhem.

“I’m intrigued.” On the other end of the phone, Dean smirked a little bit, while he knew you were going to be hesitant about the plan he knew that you would go for it eventually. Dean was up for convincing and no matter how much it took he needed to see you because he was going stir crazy…more than usual

“Why don’t you come and spend the Summer with me? Do some travelling together, I get to meet Y/S/N, you can meet the guys from work. We get to create some memories. Hopefully, if you agree we can spend some quality time together since I’m going stir crazy. So what ya say, do you wanna come on a crazy adventure with me?” After you listened to Dean’s offer the phone you were tempted, not only would this be the perfect opportunity for Dean and Y/S/N, but you could also spend time with Dean and get out of your area for a while. What if this would be too much for Y/S/N to take in so soon? You didn’t want to overwhelm him.  

“It sounds great Dean, but what if this is too much for Y/S/N to take in?”

“He’ll be fine, what kid wouldn’t want to travel, get to spend time in hotel rooms and get to meet the people he sees on TV. Baby, I know I’ve never met him before but I promise you I’ll protect him with my life. Besides you don’t exactly have a choice because I just booked a ticket to come and meet you before we fly out to our first location. Baby, you better get packing because I’m coming for you and Y/S/N. I love you, baby, I’ll definitely be seeing you very soon.” The phone went dead before you could even reply. You just hoped Dean was right and you wondered what Y/S/N reaction would be in the morning…

That morning, you were up early doing laundry. You were in your room trying to work out what on earth you were going to take. What do you even pack for? Hearing the door creak open, you looked down to see your son walking into the room.

“Momma, what are ya doing?” Y/S/N asked as he walked into the room.

“Hey baby, can I talk to you for a second?” You asked as you stopped doing what you had been previously.

“Sure, I’m not in trouble am I?” You shook your head as you scooped up Y/S/N into your arms before settling on your bed.

“No baby, your not in trouble. So you know how Mummy has been seeing a man for a really long time.” Y/S/N nodded so you took it as the signal to continue. “Well, Mummy things that it’s time for you both to meet each other for the first time. If you don’t want too then that’s perfectly fine.”

“Does he make you happy?” Y/S/N asked.

“He does baby. Do you want to meet him?” You asked as he stroked his hair softly.

“Okay. When can I meet him?” Y/S/N asked you smiled. You hadn’t expected Y/S/N to agree so willingly.

“Soon baby, that’s why I’m packing because we’re going to travel with him for the Summer because he moves around a lot for work.” You noticed the twinkle in his eyes appear signally that he was indeed curious.

“What goes he do?” He questioned.

“He’s a wrestler.”

“What his name?”

“Dean.” It was almost as if a lightbulb had gone off inside of his face.

“Dean Ambrose is your boyfriend! Momma, why didn’t you tell me this?” Y/S/N began to jump and down on the bed.

“So I take it you want to spend the Summer with Dean.”

“Yes!” So it was settled you, Y/S/N and Dean were going to spend the Summer together…

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A/N: A smutty request for a Spencer x Reader where they make it a goal to have sex in every room of their house. The requester also asked for a Shape of You by Ed Sheeran fic, but I did one of those, so I decided to use the second request. @coveofmemories @sweetg


“Holy fuck! It’s ours!” you screamed, jumping up into Spencer’s arms as you waved the keys around. “We’re adults now. We have a house!”

“We are not adults,” he laughed. You’d been searching for a home for months after you’d gotten married. His apartment was great and all, but you wanted a family, and the apartment wouldn’t work forever. “I can’t believe we have a house though.”

Your house had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, and a basement. A perfect two-story home located just outside the city limits, so there wasn’t a ton of travel time when it came to work. “I can’t wait until we have everything set up,” you said, turning to your husband of less than a year and unbuttoning the top buttons on his shirt. “Maybe once we have everything set up, we can make it a point to christen every room of the house?” You raised your eyebrow, hopeful that he’d be up for the challenge.

“Why should we wait?” he laughed. “We do have a couch in the living room already.” He glanced to the side, cocking his head ever so slightly in the direction of the couch. Still in his arms, you reached down and grabbed the hem of your shirt, lifting it over your head and throwing it on the pyramid of boxes that awaited unpacking. As he lowered you to the couch, you were pretty sure that you were going to knock at least one more room off of your list tonight.


Living room. Check. Dining room, on top of the table. Check. After nearly breaking the dining room table you’d just bought, Spencer took you to bed, which you christened the following morning. That left both bathrooms, two bedrooms, the kitchen and the basement. “We still have a lot of work to do,” you laughed, turning over and lying flush on top of him. “Should we go check off another room?”

Reading your mind, he got out of the bed, completely naked and already ready for you as he led you toward the bathroom. You’d never had sex in the shower before. Always thought it was too slippery, but right now you were up for the challenge. After Spencer turned on the water, waiting for it to get to the perfect temperature. He reached into a bag he left in there the week before, which held a floor mat for the shower. Slippery issue bypassed. “My genius husband,” you cooed. “You always think of everything.” 

You walked into the shower, allowing the water to sluice over you both before he gently backed you into the wall and lifted your leg up to wrap around his waist. His finger came around your leg to flick gently at your sensitive bundle of nerves, causing you to gasp. “Always so good with your fingers.” Bringing your hands up his back, muscles soaked with warm water, they came to rest in his hair as he lifted you up completely, your back resting against the wall and both legs now wrapped around his waist. “Make love to me,” you breathed, the water flowing over you and mixing with the saltiness of your skin. As he sheathed himself inside you, you tightened your limbs around him, hanging on for dear life as he took your breath away.

Careful not to hurt your back against the wall or slip himself, Spencer pulled back slightly to re-enter you, your walls clenching around him as his right hand traveled down between you to continue massaging your clit. The sharp sensation he caused made you groan and burying your head in his neck. You slid your tongue over the muscle in his neck that always made him shiver. “My god, Y/N,” he grunted. “How does so little do so much?”

“Because we’re perfect together,” you said, biting down on his lower lip. Reaching down, you grabbed his ass and coaxed him forward, wanting to feel him deeper inside you, as deep as he could go. “Fuck, baby.” He began to pick up the pace, both with his length and his fingers, bringing you over the brink within seconds and following closely behind.

“That was amazing,” he said, looking down at the floor mat. “And we bypassed the whole slipping problem.” You placed your legs back on the floor and helped each other wash - it was actually really romantic and vulnerable, even without the sex, and you made a note to do it more often. 

As you dried off from the shower, you insisted that you make a dent in unpacking some of these boxes. The rest of the rooms on your checklist - two bedrooms, one bathroom, the kitchen, and the basement - would have to wait for now.


Once you’d started unpacking, you and Spencer got on a roll, calling some of his friends from the BAU over to help. It had been a week, but with their help, everything had been unpacked, with the exception of some knick knacks and clothes, and all of the furniture had been moved in. 

After everyone left, you ran into the kitchen, lying back on the table as you pulled your pants and panties down your legs. “Kitchen. Check,” he laughed. Only four more rooms to go.

Throughout the week, while both of you weren’t at work, you checked off the other two bedrooms and the other bathroom, leaving only the basement, which was the only room not completely furnished. “We have one more room,” you said as Spencer walked in the door after a long day at work. “Want to take out some of your frustrations in the basement?”

“God, I love you,” he sighed, grabbing your hand and leading you down the stairs. There was a couch and a pool table, but so far that was it. You’d already done it on a couch and a table, so you decided to take the floor. 

You turned around to face him and pulled your shirt and bra off, before doing the same with your jeans and panties. “All for you,” you said, reaching for his belt and pulling it from its loops. “And all for me.” He leaned over and whispered in your ear that he wanted you on all fours and on the floor for him and you happily obliged. “Take me.”

Within seconds, he came to kneel behind you, placing himself at your entrance before thrusting inside you with one movement. “Oh my god,” you groaned, your head falling forward at the rush of sensation. “Take me. I’m yours.” He reeled back, once again thrusting forward hard and smooth. As he fucked you, you rested your head on the floor, using one hand to massage your breasts while the other played with your clit. Your nipples turned to hardened peaks under your touch and between his thrusts and your fingers, you approached orgasm within minutes. 

Whenever he got a bit rough, he was always afraid of hurting you, but you weren’t as fragile as he might have thought, insisting that he take you as hard and as fast as he needed. He placed one hand on the small of your back while the other pulled you back onto his length over and over again until he released himself inside you as you screamed his name. “Oh fuck,” he breathed, falling backward onto the carpet.

You turned around, taking him in your mouth a few times to clean off the remnants of your lust. “We have completed our checklist.” You smiled. “And it only took us a couple of weeks.”

“How about we try and make the rounds again? A week’s time limit this time?” he asked as he bit his lip. That was definitely a challenge you were willing to take on.

50/50 Chance


Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: Mac and you discuss about expanding the family

Side Note: I have no idea what this is, but the idea just came to me so I went with it. And I did say the goal for today was to write up an imagine, so I stayed up late to get this done. Enjoy reading! Also Y/S/N = Your son’s name

“5 more minutes, please mum!”. Your son begged from the living room

You were busy cleaning up in the kitchen and you had the perfect view towards the living room area. Mac was preached on a chair working on fixing some device for work. Your son took after his dad in every way. Y/S/N had Mac’s intellect, charming good looks and thirst for knowledge, which drew him to the love of physics and chemistry. He was experimenting with a handy science tool kit that you and Mac had gotten for his birthday, and every since then he hadn’t been able to put it away.

Folding up some tea towels, your eyes adverted to where you son was. “You said that 5 minutes ago too Y/S/N. It’s time to pack up and get ready for bed”.

He groaned, but didn’t budge packing anything up. Instead he pointed to Mac, “Why do I have to pack up and dad doesn’t?”.

A small smiled played on your lips as Mac looked up, he pointed to Y/S/N and then glanced back at you. “He does make a valid point Y/N”. Giving Mac the do not encourage him look, he just chuckled and went to focus back to his task. But you lightly hit him on the shoulder and he knew the drill.

Mac left his seat and walked over to his son clapping his hands and bending down to pack up the mess that was created in the living room. “Come on buddy you can finish this tomorrow, let’s get ready for bed, yeah?”.

Y/S/N groaned even louder, “But dad I want to keep on playing”.

Mac bent down to whisper in his ear. “The last thing we want to do is make mummy mad. So let’s pack all this up for tonight, and I promise first thing tomorrow morning you can play with all of this again, deal?”.

You heard your son sigh but eventually he agreed to whatever Mac told him. Within a few minutes all of the science kit had been put away. Y/S/N headed off with Mac to get ready for bed.

Once Mac came back he made his way over to the kitchen. “Is he asleep?”, you asked clearing up the other toys scattered around the kitchen floor. Mac nodded and joined in to help, the task was finished in no time.

Wrapping your arms around his waist, you silently uttered. “I feel outnumbered. He takes after you in every way. Like father, like son”. Mac twirled you around so he could proper look at you.

“There are ways we could change you feeling outnumbered”, he suggestively wigged his eyebrow.

“Those odds are 50/50, there’s a chance I could be dealing with 3 mini Mac’s”. You replied, while Mac leaned down to place soft kisses on the corner of your mouth.

As Mac placed two strong hands on your waist, he carefully lead the two of you to the master bedroom. “I like those odds. Besides I’m fairly confident this time around it’ll be a girl”. He mumbled as your hands roamed through his hair.

The back of your legs hit the foot of the bed causing you to fall onto the mattress and Mac to hover on top of you. “What do you say? Should we expand our little family?”. He asked

You weren’t going to lie, the idea had crossed your mind. But it was hard enough now maintaining a balance between work and a private life, and you feared how everything would work out if there was one more addition added to the family.

Suddenly the door opened and there stood Y/S/N, Mac quickly climbed off you.

“Everything okay, buddy?”. Mac asked concerned.

Y/S/N clutched his favourite toy in the shape of a dinosaur and shook his head, “I don’t want to sleep by myself”.

This happened most nights, Y/S/N hated waking up to find Mac gone whenever work called him in and for that reason he preferred to sleep in the same bed as you and Mac. The two of you glanced at one another and even though you were trying to get Y/S/N used to sleeping on his own, you just couldn’t resist your son’s pleading facial expression.

Patting the spot in between you and Mac, Y/S/N raced over and crawled in. “You can sleep here but only for tonight. You have to get used to sleeping on your own, baby”. Informing your 6 year old.

“Thanks mummy”, he responded and settled in, drifting off in seconds.

Mac pulled the covers over the 3 of you and stared. “You never did answer my question earlier”, he whispered.

Stretching out your legs to get comfortable, you turned to face Mac. “I don’t think now’s the time to discuss that”. You whispered back

“Now’s the perfect time Y/N. It’s a simple yes or no question, do you want to have another baby with me?”. He firmly asked once more.

Looking back down at Y/S/N, you gazed as he slept soundly. Nothing would mean the world to you to be able to give Y/S/N a sibling, but there was just one question that wouldn’t leave your mind. Was this the best time to have another baby?

“Can we please just talk about this tomorrow?”. You responded, which made Mac huff and turn off the lamp light, without saying goodnight or kissing you on the lips like he usually does.

The next morning was no doubt tense, and the big reason why was already known. You walked out into the living room to find Mac at the table eating breakfast and Y/S/N once again laying with his science kit.

Joining Mac at the table, you poured a cup of coffee. Holding the steaming mug in your hands, all you could do was focus on Mac.

“Are you really not going to look or speak to me?”, quizzing him.

Mac got up and cleared his plate from the table, taking it into the kitchen. Of course you followed suit and blocked his path so he couldn’t run away from this conversation, ironically one that he had no problem bringing up last night.

“Can we not have this argument in front of Y/S/N? We can talk about it once I get back from work. Jack just texted, there’s a new case”. Mac tried to walk out, but you stood firm in your spot.

Quickly glancing over, Y/S/N was happily focused on playing over by the coffee table.

“We’re not having an argument Mac, we’re having a discussion. Besides you don’t have to say anything, just let me talk”. You inched closer and placed a hand on his chest. “I didn’t say anything when you first asked, not because I don’t want to have another baby with you. But because I was surprised that was even on your mind”.

Mac rubbed both your arms, “I’ve only recently been thinking about it. But Y/N I’m 100% serious and committed to this idea. I want to grow our family. And I know things will be hard with the Phoenix calling in for missions all the time, just like it was with Y/S/N. But look at us now, we’re making it all work and I believe we can do that again with our next baby. All I’m asking for is if you at least think about it, can you do that?”.

You knew Mac was serious about this just by the look in his eyes.

Watching as Y/S/N played, you saw the joy as he successfully completed another science experiment and it made you beam with love. Facing Mac again, you pulled him down for a long, much needed kiss.

“Of course I’ll think about it”, you answered once the two of you pulled apart to get some air.

Mac lit up with excitement before grabbing his jacket and going over to Y/S/N to tell him that he was leaving for work.

Crossing your arms and leaning against the door frame, you were listening in on the conversion Mac was having with Y/S/N. The same one they always had when Mac had to go.

“Promise you’ll come back?”. Y/S/N sadly looked at Mac, who kissed his son’s cheek.

“I promise buddy, I’ll always come back to you and mummy”.

Y/S/N threw his tiny arms around Mac’s neck and gave him a hug, which Mac reciprocated. “Now, you be good for your mum and I’ll be home as quick as I can. I love you, little man”.

You could tell Mac hated having to say goodbye, but his job was one that couldn’t be ignored. He stood up and then made his way over to you.

“And I love you as well”, he smirked while pulling you in for another kiss.

Giggling as Mac nuzzled your neck. “I love you too. Now go before you get in trouble for being late”.

He obeyed and gave one last goodbye to Y/S/N before walking out the door.

For the whole afternoon and early evening you watched as Y/S/N became so involved with his science games, occasionally helping if he ever needed it. Once it was his bed time, you read him a story and quietly existed the room. Just as you did, that’s when Mac entered.

“His asleep already, isn’t he? I was hoping he’d still be up so I could say goodnight”. He laid down his jacket on the chair and took off his shoes.

“You can quietly go in and say goodnight, I’m sure he’d appreciate that. I’ll be in our room”.

It only took no more than 3 minutes for Mac to return back to the bedroom, he took off his clothes only leaving him in boxers, before climbing into bed. You cuddled into his side and relished in the peace and quiet.

“Was work as hectic as always?”, you curiously wondered.

Mac’s hands were under the covers and you felt his fingers trace up and down your leg, leaving goosebumps in his wake. “Yeah, but we managed to solve the mission”.

As his hands moved higher up, you rested your head on his chest and closed your eyes, then said. “Let’s have another baby”. When Mac heard those words, he immediately stopped and looked at you wide eyed.

“Are you serious? And by that, I mean are you 100% sure and saying we should because you want too and not just because I suggested it?”. You reached up and kissed him to get him to slow down and breathe.

“I’m sure, Mac”. You pushed him down and straddled him. “Now, let’s make another baby”. You teased, and Mac couldn’t help but grin.




You woke up and let out a small yelp.

“Don’t do that!” you yelled and smiled at the grinning boy standing in front of you.

“Where did you get those?” you asked and motioned toward the small bouquet of flowers in Newt’s hand.

“Well while you were napping, totally against the rules by the way, I went into the Deadheads and found them to pick for you,” he said and you smiled at his mention of your napping being against the rules.

“Well if me napping is against the rules, why didn’t you just wake me up, Mr. Second in Command?” you teased and Newt’s face grew serious.

“Because you’re beautiful when you sleep,” he said and you blushed at his words.

“Let’s go,” you said and gently took the flowers from his hands.

“I made sure that none of the shanks are going to bother us,” Newt said as he led you to an open area with a small table and two of the emergency candles lit.

“You lit the emergency candles for me?” you asked with a smile and you looked at Newt, who was already staring at you.

“I wanted this date to be the best it could be, under the circumstances,” he said and he just looked so eager and so happy that you couldn’t help but kiss him.


“This way, babe,” Minho said and you followed his voice and clutched onto his rough hand tighter.

“I love your hand,” you said and you heard him chuckle.

“I love your everything,” you heard him whisper and pretended you didn’t hear him.

“Here we are,” he said and you took the blindfold off to see that you were in the Map Room, the maps and paper and pencils all cleared away, leaving two plates of food and two chairs for you two. There stood Chuck, ready to take your order if you needed anything else.

“This is perfect,” you said and held Minho’s hand tighter.

“You’re perfect,” he mumbled and you smiled at him, his face turning red.

“Uh, let’s dig in,” he said and pulled a chair out for you.

The two of you ate and talked and laughed and Chuck constantly made sure you were comfortable and asked if you needed anything else.

When you two finished, you stood up and walked towards each other from opposite ends of the table.

“Y/N, I can’t help but fall in love with you. And I’m not the type of guy to say cheesy klunk like that but you are so wonderful I can’t help it,” he said and leaned in slowly, gauging your reaction.

“I like this side of you a lot,” you said, closing the gap between you, letting Minho’s arms grab you and pull you in close to him.

“Hey Y/N do you need any-” you heard Chuck begin before seeing Minho violently wave him away, never separating your lips. You heard Chuck giggle before shuffling away.


Gally collapsed next to you, the both of you panting heavily.

“That was great,” you said and he nodded and felt around the bed in the Med-Jack hut until his hand found yours.

“You know what I’ve been thinking?” you asked and Gally hummed in response.

“Maybe we should try going out on a date,” you said and Gally turned to face you, the sweat on his torso distracting you.

“A date? I guess so,” he said and you smiled at him.

“Just to make things more official, you know?” you asked and he nodded and kissed your neck before moving up to your lips hungrily.

You shook with nervousness for your date with Gally as you got ready. You brushed your hair to the best of your ability and cleaned everything you could.

When you saw Gally, your heart stopped. He was fiddling with his hair and you could see he wasn’t sure what exactly he was doing. He led you to a grassy area in the Deadheads and you saw a blanket laid out with some food.

“Wow, Gally,” you commented in awe and he sat down awkwardly. It was funny seeing Gally like this, since he was usually so dominant in bed.

“Did you set this all up?” you asked and he nervously looked around.

“I had Newt help me,” he admitted and you smiled at his innocence.

“Y/N, I have to be honest. I don’t know what the klunk I’m doing,” he said and next thing you know, he was on the ground and you were on top of him, letting your lips move slowly and passionately.

“You’re doing a great job,” you said and let him do what he does best.


“Hi Y/N,” you heard and turned to see the Greenie, Thomas, standing in front of you.

“Hey Greenie. Sorry, Thomas,” you said with a smile and noted the way his cheeks reddened. 

“It’s okay, you can call me whatever you want,” he said and you raised an eyebrow at him as he grew flustered.

“No I mean, well I guess, I don’t-” he started stammering but you laughed and interrupted him.

“It’s okay Thomas, I’m just teasing,” you said and crossed your arms and leaned against the wall of the Homestead.

“So what brings you to me?” you asked and Thomas put his hands in his pockets and looked at the ground, taking a deep breath.

“I wanted to ask you something,” he said and you uncrossed your arms and grew serious. Was something wrong?

“Sure, what’s up? Is everything okay?” you asked with genuine concern and he looked at your eyes and suddenly for some reason, your breath was taken away. There was something beautiful in his eyes that you had never seen before.

“So is that a no?” he asked and you snapped out of your trance.

“Wait, sorry. What did you say? I got distracted for a second by your eyes,” you blurted out and soon found yourself blushing along with the Greenie. 

“I asked if you might be interested in eating dinner with me, you know, like uh on a date sort of,” he repeated and you grinned widely.

“As long as I can stare at your eyes the whole time,” you said with a wink and grabbed his hand, taking him into the Homestead for your spontaneous date.

Vixen : Jughead Jones

“Yo Jug wait up!” I called jogging closer to the raven haired boy. He turned back startled but waited. “Your y/n right?” He asked. “Yup!” “What does a vixen what to do with me?” “I’m barely a vixen. I just made the cut last week.” “Either way you still mad with.” “But I wanted to know if you would go to the dinner with me tonight, I always see you there and I was wondering if you wanted to maybe have some company while you work on what ever you do?” “You started rambling and lost me half way but from what I heard I do not want any company while I write.” “Are you sure? We could sit there and talk. I promise I’m not this annoying it’s just when I get nervous or scared or when I talk to new people-” “Your nervous? To talk to me? Maybe I will take you up on your offer vixen.” “I’ll meet you at the dinner around 4?” “It’s a deal.’

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Dating Liam Dunbar

A/n: I’m so sorry for being really bad at posting and stuff but here’s this bc I love Liam a lot. (Also I’m caught up with TW now so yay) Enjoy! - Cat x

Masterlist | Request Something!


  • Being best friends for a while before he asks you out
  • Him being really nervous to ask you out and when he does he struggles to get his words out
  • “Y/n hey um … do you want … I mean would you like … will you …”
  • “Yes.”
  • “What?”
  • “Yes, I will go out with you. There’s a new pizza place I really wanna try out.”
  • Liam asking Scott for advice and Stiles just so happens to be in the room at the time
  • Stiles then insisting on singing ‘Can you feel the love tonight’ whenever he sees you together
  • Knowing about the pack and what they’re up to, way before Liam tells you
  • “But how?”
  • “Liam you hang around with a bunch of seniors and it’s not exactly like you try and hide your eyes.”
  • Falling deeply in love with his eyes, both his golden ones and his usual blue ones
  • Liam always being there when you get out of class, even if he is trying to hide the fact that he’s out of breath
  • Being the first one Scott calls when he senses something slightly off about Liam, especially as you are notoriously good at calming him down within thirty seconds
  • Being his phone lock screen
  • Him leaving his phone unlocked one day and although you felt really bad, snooping through it. All you found were hundreds of selfies of you two together and some that he had taken when you weren’t looking.
  • Your favourite thing was that his notes were full of little things he wanted to remember, like your favourite ice cream flavour or the name of the song you’d said you liked in passing three weeks ago.
  • Being each other’s first proper valentine’s
  • Catching him staring, all the time
  • “Liam, stop it.”
  • “Nope.”
  • “Then at least tell me what you’re thinking.”
  • “Well, I’m trying to figure out how on earth I got so lucky.”
  • Not only would Liam be protective of you, but the pack would take to you pretty quickly and if anything happened to you at school one of them would be behind you within seconds.
  •  Finding new things every single day that make you fall in love with him even more
  • Like the fact that he had a pad in his bag when your period came early and he told you he always kept it in there for emergencies.
  • Or that he has a photo of you in his wallet
  • When you mentioned it during a conversation with Scott he tells you that he uses it to calm himself down and takes it out often to look at
  • Liam being really into taking you on dates and would come up with the best ideas.
  • Being really in love and good for each other

anonymous asked:

Hello! First off, I freaking love your work, it always makes my day! May I get a reaction of Megatron, Fort Max, Swerve, Perceptor, Ultra Magnus, and Ambulon to their Bot s/o getting severely injured in battle, and when they were delivered to the medbay, their s/o had amnesia, and looses their memory, INCLUDING their memories about them being together. Hope that's OK.

I can feel the darkness flowing through me x3

(Dark content ahead, angst warning!)

-He is horrified when you you get hurt, then he is enraged
-A bit dented and banged up himself, he brings you to the medbay and holds your servo until the doctor asks him to leave
-When he comes back he is angered by the fact you loss your memory and blames himself
-He promises to fix you, but he doesn’t think he can

Fortress Maximus:
-He freaks out and destroys whoever or whatever did this to you
-He brings you to the medbay while assuring you the whole time you’ll be alright and he’s right. Almost…
-He goes into denial when you don’t remember him because of course you remember him and everything you two have done together
-When he finally accepts that you remember nothing, he decides to take a different approach and recreate everything for you

-He turns into a mess and runs straight medbay with you in his arms
-He stays next to you when he can and paces in the waiting room when he can’t praying you’ll be okay
-He’s so glad you’re okay but a bit bummed over the fact you don’t remember him
-He knows he can’t fix your memory, so he’s going to tell you everything and hope he can trigger something (he’s also glad that you can still listen to him and his constant chatter)

-He quickly gets you out of there and stabilizes you before taking you to the medbay
-Once there he patiently waits and prepares a speech to give you for being so reckless
-When you’re awake, he knows something is off just by the way you’re looking at him
-He’s devastated that you don’t remember him and takes you to the places you often spent time together: the science lab
-He’s going to find a cure with science!

Ultra Magnus:
-He finishes dealing with what hurt you, then he gets you to help
-Because he’s busy doing paperwork and other stuff, he tells the doctors to page him when you’re all set
-When he comes back and is told your memory is gone, he asks for an expert opinion and gets Chromedome
-If Chromedome can’t fix you, he’s going to be upset but he does the only he can do. Start over, “hi y/n, you may not remember me, but I’m Ultra Magnus.”

-He was so scared when you came into the medbay all banged up
-He did the best he can and gets you back on your feet… but he’s crushed when you don’t know who he is
-He holds you in his arms sobbing and begging you to remember him
-He’s going to help you. He knows he’s going to help you. You will remember how much you mean to him and he means to you. He is going to fix you if it’s the last thing he’ll do…