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Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.18

                                          Part E I G H T E E N 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: hi hi!! this chapter is fairly laid back but nonetheless important! im so happy that you guys love this series, but its about to come to an end :( its gonna be so sad, but i wanna let you guys know that ive had so much fun writing this for you guys. like really, thank you so much for the opportunity, you guys. lets get this to 100, yeah? :) xx

oh, also prepare for smut lmfaooo @ pt 19

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]  

                                                    I M A G I N E 

Hilton Rooftop, 9:55 P.M. 

“How fucking dare you touch my girlfriend like that?” Calum growled at the male on the ground before him. 

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BTS CHAT: Wrong Member (TaehyungxReader Fluff)
  • Taehyung is sitting outside BIGHIT ENT, on a break.
  • Taehyung: I just love nice, wonderful days where the days are nice and wonderful.
  • Y/N walks by. She back pedals, noticing Taehyung.
  • Y/N: Excuse me, do I know you?
  • Taehyung: Umm, maybe.
  • Y/N: Well are you famous?
  • Taehyung: Who do you consider to be famous?
  • Y/N: You have to actually do something other than make a sex tape and date basketball players.
  • Taehyung: I'm guessing you hate the Kardashians. Anyways, by those standards, I'm famous and I hope you are too.
  • Y/N: Oh now I know where I've seen you! You're Jungkook from BTS!!
  • Taehyung: ...That's exactly who I am, yes.
  • Y/N: Wow! This is so cool.
  • Taehyung: Am I your favorite member?
  • Y/N: Yeah you are.
  • Taehyung: Really? Cuz you know who is sooo much better than me? V.
  • Y/N: Really? That guy with the weird creepy deep voice in that one song?
  • Taehyung: It's not weirdly deep, it purposeful and an artistic choice for the song!
  • Y/N: Ok... But I heard that he has a rectangular smile. How can I like someone who would show me a box every time I made him laugh
  • Taehyung: That is so far from the truth?! Where are you getting your information from?!
  • Y/N: Tumblr.
  • Taehyung: I have got to make a Tumblr. Anyways, V is really cool. He has a sexy deep voice, an entrancing smile that in no way resembles a quadrilateral and he would very much like to take you out on a date to replace all this fake news with alternative facts.
  • Y/N: ... Wait, you want V to take me out on a date and convince me to like him?
  • Taehyung: No, I want to take you out on a date because I like you already and my name is Taehyung.
  • Y/N: ..... OH! Okay, but first, is it true you have 4D?
  • Taehyung: That's it! I need to see this blog RIGHT NOW!
  • ~Armygirl, dedicated to Girl in Luv
I Despise You - Edmund x Reader (Pt.2)

Warnings: none

Characters: Edmund, Lucy, Peter and Susan Pevensie and (Y/N)

Setting: The Golden Age, Narnia

Blurb (???i think???): (requested by @alwaysinnarnia) The reader is a Swordswoman/Knight of Doorn and visits Narnia, soon getting off on the wrong hand with King Edmund. She stays in Narnia and they train together, and they become friends and maybe something more…


“Lady (Y/N)?”

A reply sounded underneath (Y/N)’s breath, but every word sounded like a vicious grunt as she tried to tighten her corset. “I’m. Not. A. Lady.”

She released her numb arms which where twisted behind her back and approached the door. “Who is it?”

“Susan. Uh, are you alright? You sound like you’re in pain.”

“Just fine, your majesty.” The pained girl managed to say before trying to catch her breath.

“May I come in?”

(Y/N) released her tightened shoulders into a slouch and opened the chamber door. Sticking her head out, she saw the High Queen of Narnia looking absolutely beautiful.

Her tall figure was hugged by a dark red dress, and dark hair was out in waves with a golden crown sitting atop her head.

Her blue eyes matched her warm smile as she asked, “It’s the corset, isn’t it?”

“By the name of Aslan, I have never felt this much pain.”

A giggle erupted from her lips as (Y/N) opened the door wider to let her in. In the back of her mind, she was ridiculing herself for the fact that the High Queen of Narnia walked in on her unable to handle a corset.

There was a dinner in half an hour and to be frank, (Y/N) wasn’t too keen on sitting across a certain somebody who embarrassed her earlier today. She hadn’t seen him since she left the training area, and believe it or not, she wasn’t intending to find him either.

The centaur, Wulfric, had shown the new guest around Cair Paravel and escorted (Y/N) to her room after a few hours. The room she was given was decorated with drapes of maroon and gold, as well as silver. The four poster bed was twice the size of her’s back at home and they were fitted with the silkiest sheets she’d ever felt.

It all smelled refreshing and the fireplace had beautiful ornaments and objects on the mantelpiece. A bookshelf stacked with history books and fiction gave off a smell of pure happiness. The lavatory and bath were set up immaculately with soaps and fancy looking liquids in various places. (Y/N) was also provided with a desk and various envelopes along bottles of ink to write back to Doorn once they sent letters.

Wulfric was kind enough to bandage her shoulder which was injured soon after the sword-fight.

“How are you enjoying your stay so far, Lady (Y/N)?” Queen Susan asked politely.

“Please,” the swordswoman grunted, trying to scratch her back. “Call me (Y/N).”

“Here,” she gestured to the corset, “I’ll help with that.”

(Y/N) sighed in relief as Queen Susan led her to the mirror and began to fiddle with the stitching of the garment.

“Your kingdom is wonderful,” (Y/N) stated truthfully. “I haven’t seen anything like it.”

She really hadn’t seen such beautiful scenery before in her life; Doorn was never that connected to the outside world. Military forces was the heart of the country, and to hold a ball was rare and (Y/N) would hardly attend. She never learnt the manners princesses, ladies or Queens learnt; she was only taught how to fight.

Sometimes she’d even think that she was missing out on that ‘exciting’ life of a real princess; with the tiaras and the dresses. But at this moment, as Queen Susan adjusts the reason for (Y/N)’s suffocation, she wasn’t very interested.

She looked at the swordswoman through the mirror and gave a lovely smile. “The people are wonderful and strong, they really make this kingdom what it is.”

(Y/N)’s breathing slowed as she loosened the material. “You know,” she stated. “You don’t have to wear a corset to dinner.”

She mentally slapped myself as the material appeared in Queen Susan’s hands, leaving (Y/N) in a thin gown. She flushed bright red at her stupidity and rushed to the closet to find the simplest gown.

“I’m sorry, your Highness,” the visitor muttered. “We don’t wear gowns or corsets; that might seem ridiculous to you…”

“Absolutely not!” She exclaimed excitedly. “I hope one day all the corsets in this world will burn.”

A laugh escaped both their lips as (Y/N) found a simple long-sleeved, dark blue dress. “How about this, your Highness?”

Queen Susan’s eyes lit up as she walked up to her, admiring the dress with utmost confidence. “It’s made for you.”

(Y/N) grinned and unfolded a screen to change behind.

As she hung up the dress, (Y/N) heard the Queen call before closing the door, “Oh, and please call me Susan. I hate formalities just as much as you do.”


(Y/N) made her way down the hall hurriedly, holding the dark dress in bunches in her fists.

She couldn’t find the bloody dining hall.

Her feet were shuffling awkwardly from time to time to see who was coming around the corner, but the whole place was deserted.

Then she knew it was wrong of her to take too many right turns.

But then, (Y/N) heard an echo of a laugh and her ears perked towards the sound. She didn’t bother wearing fancy shoes, so she just stuck with the leather boots she arrived with.

(Y/N) found a marble staircase soon enough, and took a pause to breathe. The railing was pure gold and the stairs were shining a pristine white, making her wonder how long it took to polish.

She made her way down as fast as she could, feeling her hairdo that a maid had prepared for her fall out. (Y/N) groaned and removed the pins from her hair, rushing her fingers through her scalp which undid the fancy bun.

Sighing with relief, she found the door Wulfric had shown earlier. There were carvings of flowers and fauns dancing through the trees. (Y/N) opened one large door and entered with her head bowed respectfully.

“I’m so sorry I’m late, please accept my-”

Before finishing the sentence, (Y/N) looked at around at the large dining table, which was completely empty.

“Apology,” She huffed in annoyance as she leaned against the heavy doors, catching her breath.

(Y/N) took a moment to admire how unbelievably clean the room was and the red and gold decor that made it seem so pristine. She scratched the back of her neck and took a seat at the end of the long table.

‘Was there another dining room?’ She thought. ‘Was later than I thought?’

“You aren’t late,” a calm voice said. (Y/N) whipped her head around to see a tall, young man with blue eyes. He was wearing a golden crown on his golden haired head.

“You must be…” She stood up swiftly, and bowed. “King Peter. High King, sorry.”

He showed his glistening teeth as he smiled. “Peter. Susan’s told me about you, you seem very respectful.”

“I was taught to be,” (Y/N) answered pridefully.

He walked around the table gracefully and adjusted a crookedly placed fork as the newcomer said, “I heard a laugh. I didn’t know if it was just me-”

“Oh, that was Lucy. We’re seated in another dining hall.

(Y/N) blinked. “You have two dining halls?”

Peter laughed and offered her his arm. “You’re our guest, so we’ll be heading to the guest hall.”

She smiled up at him and took his arm happily as he led the way underneath the stairs and took off to another corridor she hadn’t noticed.

(Y/N) heard the laughter again and pushed the nervous butterflies in her stomach away. Why was she nervous? She tried to push up the sleeves of the dress which started at her shoulders. Self consciousness creeped in and she was beginning to acknowledge how much neck was showing.

The High King let go of (Y/N)’s arm and pushed open the door before him, revealing a intricate marble carved table with the Queens of Narnia sitting across each other on cushioned chairs.

Susan waved (Y/N) over, and after turning to Peter and thanking him, she took the empty spot beside her.

“The dress looks beautiful on you, but what happened to your hair?”


(Y/N) forced a smile. “Must’ve gone undone when I was trying to find this part of the castle.”

The youngest girl giggled. “You really aren’t from here.”

(Y/N) turned to who she guessed was Queen Lucy and recognised her brown-red hair glinting brightly.

“Hi!” She waved happily.

(Y/N) smiled and bowed politely, soon noticing that the dark-haired king was nowhere to be seen.

Queen Lucy giggled once more. “I’ve never seen a girl bow to us. It’s cool.”

(Y/N) frowned. “Am I not supposed to bow?”

The bubbly girl stood up and moved away from the dining table so the newcomer could see her. The queen curtsied, bowing her head and lifting her skirts delicately.

“We curtesy when we come across royalty.” Susan explains after the young girl takes her seat again.

(Y/N)’s ears seemed warm and she felt colour fill her cheeks. Well, this is embarrassing. Another thing her parents hadn’t taught her to do while she was here.

Peter chuckled, “There’s no need to be embarrassed, Lady (Y/N). We’ll teach you everything we know before the meeting takes place.”

She gave a small relieving smile and stated warmly, “Thank you, Peter. Also, call me (Y/N); it makes me feel better.”


Almost three hours had past in the dinning room and it was a night she surely couldn’t forget. Jokes were shared, stories were told, and they laughed until tears filled their eyes. (Y/N) felt at home.

Her stomach was still heavy from the enormous meals that were presented to her and the dessert was unbelievable. Peter, Susan and Lucy were still children, but they were so wise; each and every one of them.

Well, expect for the king Edmund who didn’t show up. That was no surprise.

(Y/N) held her bloated stomach that couldn’t handle the dress any longer. She stumbled through her chamber door and locked it after she entered.

As she moved her hand to press against head after her new headache, (Y/N) opened the lavatory door. Her eyes met with a comfortable looking night gown and a hot bath with soaps already prepared.

She sighed and removed her shoes, and not long after a small knock sounded at the door. Rolling her eyes, (Y/N) trudged towards the door, rubbing her sleep deprived eyes and twisted the doorknob.

In front of her stood King Edmund, and his hands were clutching a large wooden box.

(Y/N) looked furiously at him. “Leave me alone.”

“It’s for you,” he said unhesitatingly. “If you won’t take it, then I’ll give it to someone else.”

She rolled her eyes again and began to close the door before he stopped it with his foot. He looked at (Y/N) intently with his dark eyes, the freckles on his cheeks were illuminated in the moonlight. He appeared handsome, she noticed, but still nothing more.

“I apologise for what I did today,” he admitted. “I want you to take this as a gift from me and my siblings for being here.“

She looked at the polished box and exhaled tiredly. “Thank you. Now, hand it over.”

“I’ll put it down beside your bed.”

“No, I’ll take it.” She said sternly.

“Lady (Y/N), this is heavier than you think.”

She scoffed stubbornly. “I’m not a lady. I can handle it.”

He smiled sarcastically. “Fine.”

As soon as (Y/N) opened her arms, he shoved the box to her and soon she felt the heavyweight items in there.

(Y/N)’s hands gripped as hard as they could, not letting the box slip from her and her forearms as they were being marked by its corners.

“So,” he said in a tone of happiness. “I’ll see you tomorrow at breakfast.”

(Y/N) was about to yell in response before he disappeared around the corner.

She huffed a loose piece of hair from her face and banged the door shut with her foot.

“Arrogant. Stupid.” (Y/N) muttered under her breath as she stumbled to set the box down. Upon opening it, (Y/N) found set of polished chainmail, training gear and a brand new sword - the one the kind blacksmith had let her borrow. Was it now hers?

(Y/N)’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of voices outside of her door, arguing incessantly. It sounded like Peter…

The door suddenly burst open, basically scaring (Y/N) out of her skin, and there appeared Peter with an apologetic smile on his face. “I apologise wholeheartedly for my brother’s behaviour. You’re a guest and should be treated as such, and Edmund should make it up to you.”

(Y/N) looked at the High King’s brother lurking outside of her chamber door impatiently. His dark eyes looks directly into hers, and the hairs on the back of her neck stood up when he observed the dress she wore.

“Oh, I forgot to tell the both of you,” Peter reminded himself out loud. “You two will be training together for the next couple of weeks until (Y/N)’s departure.”

“What?” (Y/N) and Edmund exclaimed simultaneously, looking at the High King who tried to hide his smile.

“Starting tomorrow,” he pointed out. “Goodnight (Y/N), Edmund.”

Peter rushed out the door, leaving (Y/N) and Edmund alone, furious. He rubbed the bridge of his nose with his thumb. “I don’t have time for this…”

The visitor scoffed, rolling her eyes. “You’re so-”

“What?” He interrupted, stepping inside the room with raised eyebrows. “I’m so what?”

“It’s only been a day and you already hate my guts.“ (Y/N) stated angrily. “It’s not like I burnt your training area to the ground.”

“You really think I care that much about my training area?” He asked.

“It sure seems like it,” She retorted.

King Edmund smiled, not a happy or genuine smile; one that seemed sarcastic and lacked emotion.

He took one step towards (Y/N) with his arms crossed over his chest. His features were lit by the moon once more.

“Never mind me. You’re from Doorn, you might have trouble understanding the concept of territory. I forgive you for using my workspace.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” The girl growled defensively.

The king looked directly into her eyes. “You know exactly what I mean.”

“You’re crossing the line-”

“Line?” He inquired. “For a Doorn noble? The irony really is remarkable.”

Fuming, the girl reached for her sword on her dressing table and unsheathed it to direct it underneath the king’s chin. Although, he had a dagger already pointed threateningly against her waist.

(Y/N) felt her cheeks burn with fury and the heartbeat in her ears drowned all the sound. She was a couple of inches away from King Edmund’s face and she could see the wrath in his dark eyes.

He whispered so low, he gave the swords woman chills. “I would say you look better in your fighting gear, but wouldn’t that be offensive?”

Confusion struck (Y/N)’s face and thoughts. “What?”

His eyes flickered to the skirts of her dark blue gown and back to her eyes, his gaze unwavering. He leaned back and removed the dagger from (Y/N)’s side, leaving her in a position of leverage.

She removed the sword from his throat few moments later and sheathed it. The king walked towards the door with his hands folded behind his back with utmost humbleness; like the previous situation never occurred.

“Goodnight, Knight (Y/N).” He farewelled, leaving (Y/N) in surprise when he addressed her by her appropriate title. “We’ll be training hard tomorrow. And by we, I mean you.”

Bucky Barnes One Shot/Blurb

Prompt: “If you touch so much a single hair on her head i’ll fucking kill you!” 

Bucky had kept his distance from the team ever since he’d joined the Avengers. He was a fragile soul, knowing full well that he’d hurt the people he was now working with and a part of him wished they’d treat him badly because of it rather than pretending as if it’d never happened. Despite being an on-looker in most situations, he’d grown to care and adore for every member of the team and was very protective of all of them – even if they didn’t know that.

You were his favourite though.

You didn’t pretend that he was never the Winter Soldier and you actually used it to your advantage. If you were ever on missions together and Bucky didn’t go ‘too hard’ on the enemy because he didn’t want to scare any of his team members, you’d turn around and yell something along the lines of, “I’ve seen you as the Winter Soldier, dammit! You kicked my ass and I know full well that you can kick theirs!”

It was weirdly motivational.

Steve had asked Bucky on several occasions if he wanted him to go talk to you about it and ask you to lay off him but Bucky insisted it was fine. Although Steve was worried that it might trigger Bucky in some way and make him ‘worse’, he eventually began to notice just how much it was helping his friend. It was even beginning to bring out a side in Bucky that Steve hadn’t seen since the war, a more humorous and charming side so he decided to keep his mouth shut. If it helped then so be it.

You had no idea about the effect you were having on Bucky Barnes. You thought he was cute and a bloody good agent, that was for sure. From the stories you’d heard from Steve about how Bucky was growing up, you even had become to feel protective of the man. He’d been such a light in Steve’s life and helped him through so much and now Bucky had basically had his soul sucked out of him. You did notice that he was beginning to seem like the Bucky that Steve had described, him casually throwing a bit of banter your way and being rather like a gentleman towards you – but you had no idea that this brighter side that was showing was because of your motivation.

When the team was preparing to raid a Hydra base, as per usual, they tried their best to dodge the touchy subject of Bucky’s once involvement with the organisation. They knew that he was loyal to the Avengers but they were worried that despite the amount of therapy he was getting that the ‘trigger/activation’ words might get him to get under Hydra’s control again. They spoke about this in hushed tones as Bucky was preparing in another room and they all agreed that it’d be best if you were the one to stick with him.

“If they use those – uh – trigger words and they affect you… do I have your full permission to knock you out?” you asked him on the quinjet.

Bucky gave a weak smile, “yeah, of course. I might be a bit heavy to carry though so just leave me there if it’s the best option.”

He was surprised when you suddenly placed a napkin in his lap and then handed over a pen to him.

“Like I’d leave you there, James. Now sign that waver saying that it’s okay for me to knock you out because I don’t want you getting all snarky on me afterwards if I leave a mark.”

Bucky raised an eyebrow, looking down at the napkin in his lap.

“This is just a napkin that says ‘I, James Buchanan Barnes, am cool with (Y/N) (L/N) knocking me out when she sees it necessary.”

You shrugged, “I couldn’t exactly type up any serious legal documentation within the five minutes that I was told we’d be partners. I don’t know why I’m surprised though – we always seem to be partners now… probably because we’re the best team members.”

This earned a ‘hey! I heard that!’ from Sam but Bucky’s weak smile soon turned into a rather large and genuine one. He liked that even in dark times you still managed to have a sense of humour.

When you all began to file into the base, Bucky had a difficult time trying to keep up with you. You were agile, zipping in and out of rooms quickly whereas Bucky was much larger and bulkier than you so it was a challenge trying to cover for your quick self. Things seemed to be going well on your side as team A, who were on the west wing, were the ones that walked into the main part of the base. Bucky was beginning to think that the two of you had gotten lucky when he noticed you hadn’t reappeared out of one of the rooms.

“(Y/N)?” he whispered rather loudly, poking his gun into the room and his heart sped up when he saw you in a much larger man’s hold with a gun to your temple.

“Ah, the Winter Soldier – how good of you to join us,” the man said, a hint of a Russian accent in his tone.

“If you touch so much as a single hair on her head I’ll fucking kill you!” Bucky almost roared, his gun pointed straight at the man’s head but he didn’t even seem to flinch at his raised voice.

“Don’t worry, I know how much Ms (L/N) means to you. We’ve been watching you, Mr Barnes. We’ve been listening in on you talking about the feelings you have for this girl – she’s very pretty, isn’t she? I promise not to hurt her,” the man edged his gun towards Bucky, “but you will.”

Bucky and you were both utterly confused until the man started reciting the trigger words. You recognised the Russian words, ‘longing, rusted, seventeen, daybreak’, and you thought you were heart was about to break in two as you watched Bucky stiffen up. You’d been an agent for a long time but you knew there was no way for you to get out of this one.

After the man said the final words, you could hear Steve’s panicked voice coming through your comms as he desperately tried to locate you and Bucky. Bucky now seemed as if he was waking up and you struggled in the grasp that was on you.

“Kill her and get me out safe,” the man said, stepping aside. Your weapons had been disposed of already and you began to calculate how you could get to the corner of the room to grab them. You didn’t want to fight Bucky – before, when he was the Winter Soldier, it hadn’t mattered when you fought him. You didn’t know him. Now… things were different.

He aimed the gun at your head and almost seemed to have a lifeless expression. You wondered if Bucky was still in there until you saw an oh-so familiar glint his eye. Swiftly, he turned his gun and shot the gun out of the enemy’s hand and then shot him in the leg, causing him to fall to the ground. The gun shots had attracted the other agents who came running into the room, Steve mumbling “oh thank god” over and over again as he went to secure the prisoner.

You and Bucky seemed to be in some sort of trance. You weren’t usually affected by shock but this experience had really been something quite new. Bucky couldn’t believe that he’d overcome the activation words but as he looked at you, he knew why. He could never hurt you and he could never hurt his friends again.

“Fuck it,” you accidentally said aloud, basically sprinting into Bucky’s arms and kissing him so passionately that he stumbled backwards in surprise. He cupped your face, the kiss that you two were finally sharing having been a built up of emotions over several months and a few agents stepped out of the room as they felt as if they were ‘ruining the moment’.

“Guys!” Steve yelled, “is now really the time?”

You and Bucky were still close to one another, both of your faces flushed pink but thankfully it was hidden by the darkness. You could see the other team members, your friends, smirking to themselves as they pretended to be minding their own business but even the guy you just captured was smiling quite widely.

“I’d never hurt you, you know that, right?” Bucky mumbled, feeling embarrassed as you and him stepped back to let the others handle the situation. Both of you were still traumatised by the events that had just occurred but neither of you could stop smiling.

“I know, Bucky. Besides, you signed a waver saying that I could knock you out at any time that I felt necessary.”

He snorted, “it was a napkin.”

“It’s a sealed deal, soldier.”

Newest baby brother starts wailing in the middle of the night. Pls baby brother, tiny noises, small baby bird. pLS BABIEST OF THE BABY BROTHERS I AM NOT SUPPOSED TO BE AWAKE.

BTS reacting on you ignoring them

Namjoon: Y/N listen I need to tell you- 

You: *ignores* 

Namjoon: … Look at me 

You: *Ignores* 

Namjoon: why are you ignoring me.. 

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 You: yoongi boyyy~ 

Yoongi: what do you want 

You: help me 

Yoongi: no, im busy 

You: *ignores* 

Yoongi: i should be the one ignoring you 

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 Jin: where is the chicken? 

You: *ignores* 

Jin: … Did you eat it? 

You: … *ignores* 


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 Jimin: wow Y/N look how cool I am! 

You: *Ignores* 

Jimin: dont hurt my feelings! 

You: … *looks up and shakes head* *ignores* 

Jimin: you got no jams by ignoring THE JIBOOTY 

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 Taehyung: *throws pillow at you* 

You: Dont do that!!! 

Taehyung: *throws another pillow* 

You: *ignores*

 Taehyung: Y/N?? 

 You: *still ignoring* 

Taehyung: dont ignore me! Please im sorry, come throw a pillow back at me!

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 Hoseok: im bored.. 

You: *reads a book* 

Hoseok: talk to meeee~ 

You: *ignores* 



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 jungkook: Y/N! 

You: *signs* what 

Jungkook: *Dances* 

You: *turns on the tv* 

Jungkook: HEY! *Goes infront of tv* 

You: Goo awayy i wanna watch my serie! 


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this is my first reaction post, hope you guys liked it

Bloody Gorgeous That Girl - George Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request: In which the reader pranks Fred and George so hard that one of them falls in love with them.

Warnings: None, mainly just fluff, tiny bit of swearing

Words: 1850

Laughter laced the brick walls of Hogwarts as you raced along the half empty corridor. A collection of bright pink and dark blue paint dripped off the ends of your stained robes creating a mess in your trail. Filch would have your head if he found out you were the felon behind the latest muddle in The Long Gallery.

Your feet pounded against the stone floors, catching speed with every corner you turned. The quicker path back to The Quad would have been to take a sharp right when entering the castle from the Quidditch Grounds, but instead you went straight. The shorter route included passing by The Defense Against The Dark Arts Tower, then crossing the unsteady bridge. That left you two hot spots to be caught by Snape or seen by soon to be witnesses to your master prank.

Once the Slytherin Quidditch team saw their new uniforms for their match versus Ravenclaw, they would set out for answers and the last thing you needed was a team full of hot heads and cocky players with a bank account larger than their brains, on your tail. This all could have simply been avoided if you had just let it be. 

Lucian Bole, the vigorous Beater for the cunning Slytherin team, had made it his personal vendetta to make last week a living hell for you.

He ‘accidently’ bumped into you on your way out of class (resulting in you spilling your books and supplies all over the floor), then proceeded to sneer in your face about needing to learn your place among supremacy. Later in the day during lunch Lucian and his band of followers knocked into each other and dumped a bowl of porridge on top of your head. The hot liquid dripped down your back and seeped into your freshly cleaned robes creating wet patches along the material.  

The whole Great Hall erupted in gasped at the sight of flimsy noodles and chopped vegetables sliding off your skin. You glanced around the room boiling with anger. Oddly enough the embarrassment didn’t settle in until you captured the pitiful brown eyes that belonged to George Weasley.

You had an ever growing school girl crush on the pranking king of the school. How could you not? George Weasley was kind, overly friendly, handsome, and somehow managed to get good markings despite spending his free nights roaming the halls of Hogwarts with his partner in crime, rather so his brother Fred, by his side. 

You knew this because unlike the rest of the school you had discovered the secret tunnels that traveled under the grounds of the castle. They aided you in getting to class on time, skipping out from being humiliated, and pulling through on your amazing anonymous pranks. 

You enjoied ravishing in the mystery of you hoaxes. Half the school believed it was the work of the Weasley twins, they just chose not to admit it and bask in the glory. The other side pondered on the possibility of there being more than just the twins causing ruckus around Hogwarts.

Fred and George had uncovered your secret identity roughly a week prior to the prank you were playing out currently. 

The twins were conversing about their upcoming Holiday trip back home when a tide of water balloons struck them and bursted all over their clothes. You pelted them with the heavy balloons until your barrel was gone. Before they could catch you, you sprinted to your dorm room leaving the twins soaking wet and puzzled. 

Snapping back to the present you tossed a quick peek over your shoulder. Thankfully no one was on to you. The cold corridor was deserted and the striking wind coming from the winter air blew in through the open window making you feel completely free. You giggled excitedly and wheeled around another corner. This time instead of being greeted by more open space, a strong build became your crash landing.

The sudden force took a toll on your small frame. You stumbled into the wall and threw your hands out ready to meet the ground but instead collapsed into a broad chest. You clung to the body of your unknown intruder to keep balance and screeched startledly. 

“Woah there- sorry, darling. I didn’t mean to scare you-” Looking up like a deer caught in headlight you found none other than George Weasley. His coffee hazed eyes bored into your face. You avoided him intently and focused on the ground around your feet.

“No it’s fine it was my fault anyways. I should really start following that annoying rule of no running, I can understand why it was put in place now. I’ve really got to go now-” Your voice cracked slightly as the nerves bubbled over. George’s hands pressed softly into your sides holding you securely. A shade of red brushed over your s/c cheeks.

George smiled gently, “I guess every rule had a small purpose. You’re uh, you’re Y/n Y/l/n right? I um,- well when Lucian- I wanted to say something earlier but I didn’t know how. I’m really sorry he did that. I’ve know for years the bloke is a total arse but that was beyond the limit.” George sympathized. He really wanted to confront you on the water balloon fiasco but his racing heart declined the topic.

“Oh yeah, it was er, quite the show. Don’t think I’ll manage to live that one down.” You mumbled self consciously. That event was already unbearable enough and your crush reliving the incident did not help the matter.

George shrugged easily and smiles warmly at you,

“I wouldn’t lose sleep over it. Fred and I have got a whole week of destruction and hell planned out for him.” He laughed nudging your side. His fingers slipped off your waist and fell to his side. It was then that he saw the streak of color you left behind.“But maybe you beat us to it, what’s up with all the paint and glitter on your robes?” His eyebrow rose accusingly. 

“New arts and crafts class?” You tried but it worked to no avail. George sent you a doubtful shake of the head and you gave in.

“Fine I’ll tell you, but you’ve got to promise me it’ll stay between us.”

George stuck out his pinky which you copied. He locked his lanky finger around yours and squeezed.

A childish laugh sounded and you cringed at yourself. Oh god, you thought, we’ve been talking for hardly five minutes and I’m already puddey in his hands.

Looking back up to his towering stance you smiled mischievously,

“I sort of gave the Slytherin Quidditch teams’ uniforms a make over. I enchanted their robes blue and pink and it most positively won’t come out for at least two weeks. Two weeks means possibly three or four matches dressed looking like life sized cotton candy with glitter thrown up all over them.” You were far from ashamed about your prank. Actually, you felt overly proud.

They deserved all that you gave them and more. You should have thrown Lucian in the Black Lake and made him suffer but flying around looking like a carnival treat would have to do for now.

“Wow Y/l/n, I’m impressed. I can’t wait to see how they turn out. Where did you learn to prank so hard?” George question bashfully. You skills amazed him to no ends.

Students passed you two every once in awhile. You folded over you robes as they waved to you, wishing to cover up the paint they would most likely see flying around on the pitch tomorrow.

“Years of practice.” You replied shortly. George gave you an skeptical side eye. Sighing you spit out the truth,“You and your brother aren’t the only souls in this castle that know about the secret tunnels.”

You two walked in sync entering the North end of The Quad. At the end of the left side hall was the Gryffindor Common Room where you assumed George would abandon you and venture off to though he remained by your side. Your lip quirked upwards noticing this.

A chuckle vibrated through George’s chest at your words. He seemed immensely shocked at your confession, in a good way. 

“You’re quite the work of art, Y/n.” George commented flinging his arm around your shoulder. He played off the action like it was something he had been doing for years. Like the two of you had known each other for a lifetime rather than ten minutes.

Butterflies flew wild inside of you. George’s presence was comforting bringing you a sense of protection. A burning smile found its way to your lips as George’s orbs rested on you again.

He watched your eyes shine bright with giddiness as he had seen so many times before from his spot in Arithmancy. It was no lie George had deemed a budding crush on you from the very first moment of his third year at Hogwarts when you were seated two spots in front of him in History Of Magic.

George got three detentions that first semester for being unfocused and undetermined during class. He was focus, truly he was, just more so on you not the lesson.

Slipping his arm away, George tugged his free hand up to his neck scratching at it awkwardly. What came next shocked the both of you entirely,

“What do you say uh, me and you- you and I play a little prank together. Say next week sometime? Then after, if all goes well, we can hang out in the Clock Tower Courtyard. That is persay if you want to.” His usual confident demeanor crumbled like an ancient artifact. George searched your face for disapproval.

“Are you asking me out on a date, Weasley.” You wiggled your eyebrows at him teasingly. Mentally you were screaming for him to say yes, physically you mustered all your strength to keep a strong hold and play it cool.

“Maybe I am, Y/l/n. I guess you would just have to say yes and find out for yourself, love.”

“Alright. See you next week, handsome.” You declaimed spinning on your back foot heading to your Common Room. You desperately longed to clean your robes and rid of the evidence but talking to the tall red head made your insides explode with happiness.

George reached out and grasped your hand delicately. An uncertain smirk was visible but his new shyness was peaking out.

“I mean we don’t have to wait until next week, I’m free tomorrow and- oh god I sound obsessive and clingy don’t I? I’m sorry Y/n, forget it-” Reaching up on your tippy toes you placed your lips lightly against his rosy cheek and kissed his skin daintly. Pulling back you skipped off preventing George from getting in another word.

You threw your hand over your shoulder and waved at him, “I’ll see you tomorrow, George.” 

Watching your every move George sighed dreamily as your h/c bounced with your steps,

“She’s definitely something. Bloody gorgeous that girl…”

-Daizy xx

I Promise (Erik Lehnsherr x Reader)

Originally posted by itrhymeswithcannibal

“So, what exactly can you do?” Erik asked as (y/n) sat across from him with her hands intertwined.

       "I mean… it’s not that extraordinary as your power, but it’s something,“ (y/n) sighed as closed her eyes to concentrate. She set her hands on the tables with her palms up and the lights in the room started to flicker. She opened her once (e/c) that were now a bright yellow due to her powers being in use.

       "What do you mean that isn’t extraordinary? You can literally create and probably control electricity. That’s true power,”  Erik smiled making (y/n) stop herself.

       "It’s pretty cool, but I am afraid that I will hurt someone that I care about. I’ve burned my little brother once and we were just playing,“ (y/n)’s eyebrows furrowed in sadness as she sighed.

       "It will be alright my darling. I promise that I’ll help and protect you. Just remember that your mutation isn’t a disability, but a gift. Although our gifts get a lot of criticism, it makes us even more unique individuals,” Erik took a hold of the (h/c)’s hands and she smiled with a low giggle.

       "I’m glad that I met you. It’s been the greatest time with you because you have always given me confidence,“ (y/n) planted a soft kiss on both of his hands, leaving perfectly sculpted red lipstick marks.

       "I’m glad that I met you too, my beautiful rose,” Erik smiled again and (y/n) ran her thumbs across the top of his knuckles. If only she had known that he’d leave later on…

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|Google Translate|

[Summary] Y/N saying sweet things to Justin in Spanish and him google translating them and awe-ing at how cute Y/N is.

Since Justin found out that I am bilingual he has constantly made me speak my second language in front of him even if he doesn’t understand whatever i’m saying. His favourite time to hear me speak Spanish is when it goes down in the Master Bedroom or when we argue about the studio or when one of us messes up. Currently Justin was playing with Esther and Todd outside in the cali weather while I was on the kitchen counter taking with my mami giving her updates about my life so far, “me and Justin are fine mami, do you want to talk to him?” I patiently asked with my feet dangling off the counter as I looked directly to the Garden looking for Justin. Looking back at My IPhone it was time to say goodbye and end this conversation “vale madre, te amo demasiado”.

“Justin baby, ven aquí por favor” I called as soon as you ended your mum’s call, seconds later his footsteps could be heard. “You have the most charming accent when you talk in Spanish you know” added Justin, licking his lips and smiling by the way that my nose flared because of the act of me smiling and facing the ground. “Don’t play Justin”

“Your lips are distracting me” said Justin breathlessly leaning towards me “talk Spanish to me”.

“Justin not.. in.. the mood” I complained, putting your hands on your hips.

Knowing Justin you knew he doesn’t get the message, “tell you what I will tell you something in Spanish but you will only get some if you can translate it okay?”

“ready” he responded whipping out his new iphone 7+ moving his thumb towards the google translate app, “Tienes los ojos más bonitos del mundo pero usted es un Pendejo” I whispered before showing off a sly wink and sashaying upstairs.

It lasted a solid 4 minutes of silence especially in hopes of Justin that you will be surprised by his understanding however it is taking longer than anticipated. "found it yet” I shouted receiving no reply from him.

“you called me a jackass Y/N not cool”

Superrrrrrrr short i know but i am having major writers block. Any requests?

Lets also remake this Tag litt again


Pairing: (Barry Allen x Reader)

Warnings: Idk what a warning is anymore.

A/N: I got a request for Barry x Reader, where they switch bodies, and reader plays with super speed while the others try to figure out how to switch them back. This is going to be fun. Hopefully this isn’t bad, or confusing.

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Avengers Chatroom 11

Guys, I am alive, AND HERE IS PART 11

avengers chatroom 10

avengers chatroom 9

all the other links can be found in part 9 linked above.

Y/N has started a Chatroom

Bucky has logged on
Natasha has logged on

Y/N: sorry guys…

Natasha: no, hun. We should say sorry, I should say sorry more like.

Bucky: I thought we were alright after the magnet incident

Natasha: you will never understand women.

Bucky: seriously, do you forgive us?

Y/N: of course. I love both of you.

Bucky: I love you

Y/N: love you too, soldier

Natasha: ……….

Y/N: what?

Natasha: nothin

Steve has logged on
Pietro has logged on
Thor has logged on
Clint has logged on
Wanda has logged on
Loki has logged on
Sam has logged on
Bruce has logged on
Tony has logged on

Natasha: Y/N and Bucky just said I love you to each other!!!!!!!!! For the first time

Tony: no they didn’t.

Natasha: yes they did! And I was first to witness it.

Tony: no I was first, they said it last night *oooOoOOoh*


Thor: so everything has been dealt with?

Y/N: yes it has, gosh the drama went on for long!

T'challa has logged on

Clint: now we have the vibranium trio.

T'challa: don’t you meant the vibranium four?

Y/N: who dat?

Sam: oh, it’s King kitty.

T'challa: Sam, do not. I am the new avenger, black panther.

Y/N: ok, cool. So how did this happen? What’s your story?

T'challa: story?

Y/N: how did you come about? Is there anything special? Everyone has a story.

T'challa: you are very unique miss (Y/L/N)

Y/N: call me Y/N

T'challa: I am the king of Wakanda and the black panther is the warrior to help my people. When I thought Mr Barnes had killed my father, I was after him.

Y/N: why were you after my boyfriend?

T'challa: because I wrongly accused him of being the reason behind my father’s death.

Bucky: ok well that time has gone now we don’t need to go over that crap

Tony: oh no, inappropriate language… Captain, oh my Captain whatever shall we do?!

Steve: ok Tony, very funny

Wanda: how about we go do something? All of us go somewhere together

Loki: I know this beautiful meadow in jotunheim that we could go to. Of course we will have to be under cover

Thor: brother, for once do not think about diminishing us all… But we could go to Asgard

Bruce: let’s reconsider that, but a meadow sounds nice

Tony: NO! why go somewhere quiet when you can be loud and fun… Like… VEGAS

Clint: yes

Natasha: no and I will tell Laura

Clint: aww

Pietro: don’t you mean… Cac-aww

Tony: hahahahaha

Steve: where’s sam?

Sam: oh I’m here. I’m just not speaking because whenever I get involved, we always end up in trouble i can never get out of.

Bucky: so where are we going?

Sam: how about the beach? Can never go wrong with the beach

Natasha: no

Y/N: Nat, it’s not that bad. You won’t look bad

Natasha: but still, it’s noticeable

Steve: ohhhhh, c'mon romanoff. Are you still going on about that scar.

Natasha: you do not get to speak, you have lousy opinions, Mr. “I-find-my-ex-girlfriend’s-niece-hot”

Tony: shots fired

Steve: I don’t like her, it was the heat of the moment

Sam: good because you could do better







Y/N: ok, what about Barcelona?

Sam: ohh, exotic

Wanda: what about Hawaii? That was fun last time

Bucky: nah, too typical. We’ll go with Barcelona

Tony: *whipped*

Bucky: fuck off

Tony: oh no! Captain, he used a bad word

Steve: Tony get the fuck over that.

Clint: ok then Barcelona it is

Clint has logged off
Y/N has logged off
Bucky has logged off
Natasha has logged off
Thor has logged off
Loki has logged off
Bruce has logged off
Pietro has logged off
Sam has logged off
Tony has logged off
Wanda has logged off
Steve has logged off

Just tagging @jamesbonerbarnes and @me-shipper-trash as they wanted to be tagged in the next series part

Lola (Deadpool/Phil Coulson x reader)

Hi lovely Bonnie. Request for a funny Deadpoolxreader + Phil Couson (and Lola). It may be crazy but I want to see how Coulson will deal with Deadpool (who may succeed/try stealing Lola, I mean a flying RED car, at least Lola must catch Deadpool’s attention). That’s all, rest up up to you! Reader can be agent, inhuman etc. =D Sorry this is so vague but I really curious to see what you can do with that. Tons of LOVE!

“I want it.”

“No.  Stop looking at it right now,” you scolded.  “Wade, look away.”

“But, (Y/N),” he whined, stomping his feet petulantly, “it’s red!”

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Hey y’all (update + help pls)

Hey guys! 

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on here. (I’m sorry) I just came off an 18 hour semester (along with other obligations), so my life has been revolving around school. Cool thing though, I just finished my Phonetics course and OMFG it’s so cool and I would loovvve to share some of the things I have learned with y’all (if y’all are interested).

More cool updates, I am now a triple major~ I added Iberian Language and Culture (focus on Spanish) and an Asian Language and Culture (focus on Chinese) along to my Linguistics major, so that’s a lot of fun and interesting stuff. 

I also came to ask for some advice. As I have said before, I want to study linguistics and go into academia. The Iberian L&C and Asian L&C are just to help me have broader knowledge and provide a basis for future research (plus I just love Chinese and Spanish). A cool thing UT offers is a dual focus in Spanish and Portuguese within the Iberian Language and Cultures major. It would make me have 95 hours left instead of 80 class hours, but I think it would be cool. 

It would mean I would have another 18 hour semester as well as 15 hours every semester instead of 12. And it would mean I would have less depth in my knowledge of Spanish culture, but I would add fluent Portuguese and knowledge of this side of the Iberian Peninsula…

What do y’all think about adding that on as well?