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Do you think Jesse and Hanzo ride together?

anon im afraid i dont understand the question could you perhaps,,, explain

I Promise (Erik Lehnsherr x Reader)

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“So, what exactly can you do?” Erik asked as (y/n) sat across from him with her hands intertwined.

       "I mean… it’s not that extraordinary as your power, but it’s something,“ (y/n) sighed as closed her eyes to concentrate. She set her hands on the tables with her palms up and the lights in the room started to flicker. She opened her once (e/c) that were now a bright yellow due to her powers being in use.

       "What do you mean that isn’t extraordinary? You can literally create and probably control electricity. That’s true power,”  Erik smiled making (y/n) stop herself.

       "It’s pretty cool, but I am afraid that I will hurt someone that I care about. I’ve burned my little brother once and we were just playing,“ (y/n)’s eyebrows furrowed in sadness as she sighed.

       "It will be alright my darling. I promise that I’ll help and protect you. Just remember that your mutation isn’t a disability, but a gift. Although our gifts get a lot of criticism, it makes us even more unique individuals,” Erik took a hold of the (h/c)’s hands and she smiled with a low giggle.

       "I’m glad that I met you. It’s been the greatest time with you because you have always given me confidence,“ (y/n) planted a soft kiss on both of his hands, leaving perfectly sculpted red lipstick marks.

       "I’m glad that I met you too, my beautiful rose,” Erik smiled again and (y/n) ran her thumbs across the top of his knuckles. If only she had known that he’d leave later on…

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Newest baby brother starts wailing in the middle of the night. Pls baby brother, tiny noises, small baby bird. pLS BABIEST OF THE BABY BROTHERS I AM NOT SUPPOSED TO BE AWAKE.

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sorry dude, forgot u had a life for a minute there, then give us when u have time

I am working on some cool things for y'all 😉


Hey y’all I am back from Disneyland what have I missed?

The trip was pretty good this time (though I was really disappointed POTC was closed the whole time). It got extremely crowded yesterday because of spring break, but it wasn’t terrible. Monday was really fun though. While waiting in line for Space Mountain, we started talking to this pair of older ladies (in their 50′s I assume) when they asked how the ride was. They were from Arizona and had never been.

So we’re talking to them the entire time (it was about a 2 hour wait since it had just opened from being closed), and we had a lot of good conversations. When we got to the inside of the ride, they added us into their group number (so 4) which surprised me and my bf tbh. So we rode the coaster and usually this is when we separate from the people we talk to, but we mentioned going to DCA for dinner, and they agreed to come along. So we did that, still having nice conversations about our states and family’s etc.

Then I’m like, okay well they must want to go off on their own now, but nope. They stuck with us and we rode a couple of things in DCA, and then we went to Trader Sam’s and had a couple of drinks, they loved it there. The bill was like 80 fucking dollars and they INSISTED on paying it. Like we’re just total strangers and they do this.

So after that, we’re a little buzzed, we go back into Disneyland for the parade, and we just had a really good fun time with them being silly (one of them got us all cotton candy but she wouldn’t tell us if she actually paid for them and insisted that she just took them off the cart lmao) They felt like a distant family member tbh lol. It was really easy to talk with them. We literally spent the last half of the day hanging out (we met around 3pm, closing was 11pm).

It really made the trip.


I am deeply obsessed with this soup. It tastes like a smooth, mellow, umami green dream. It’s supremely clean, yet quite a few notches heartier than a broth. And it’s the perfect solution to your winter need for warmth and sustenance without the weightiness of butter and sugar. It’s almost a cleanse in a bowl.

Speaking of which, I need to rant a moment on the subject of cleanses. Because I’m over them. Here’s why:

The science has confirmed you can’t actually detox your body.

Starvation isn’t healthy.

Eating for real health and beauty should be an all the time thing. Don’t harm your body with food just so you can purge later. Kale & Caramel, y'all. Get that balance.

All of that said, I am infinitely cool with periodically hitting the reset button and treating yourself to what my genius friend Amanda Bacon of Moon Juice calls “feasting” rather than cleansing.

My body—and yours—naturally gravitates towards what it truly needs at any given moment. 

Read more and get the recipe here.


Imagine Waking Up In Vegas Married To Vision

For My People

“Miss (Y/N) wake up” a soft voice says and a hand lightly taps your back. You grumble and force yourself awake.

“Yeah who is it?” you mumble.

“Vision, and we appear to be in the same bed” Vision observes.

“Did we have sex? Nah we’re ace so why are we in the same bed?” you ask fully awake now.

“I believe by human customs we got married then cuddled” Vision answers, holds up his had then points to yours. Both of your ring fingers have a daisy wound around them.

“Huh well I’m cool with that. Can I go back to sleep now?”

“Sure (Y/N) and I believe I am cool with that as well.”

“Awesome g'night.”

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Imagine Barry asking you out

Barry: *gif*

(y/n): *smiles and blushes* Um… yeah I am.

Barry: Cool, so uh… do you maybe wanna go get some coffee or something…?

(y/n): Sure! I love you! Ahem… I mean sure. I’d love too.

Barry: Cool. Um… I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.

Iris: Those two couldn’t be more awkward.

(not my gif)

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Can I ask for 53 and the power and fear is flying? XD PleSe with Peter maximoff

53. I-I have a fear of ____ Prompt idea list here

“So you’re the new kid, huh?” a voice asked behind you. It was your first day at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, so naturally people were interested in you.

You turned around to see the infamous Quicksilver standing behind you. “Uh, yeah, I am. I’m (y/n),” you introduced.

“(Y/n),” he repeated. “Huh. Cool name. So, what’s your power?”

“My power?” You stared blankly at him. “Oh. Well… it’s, uh, flight. I can fly.”

His eyes bulged. “You can fly? That’s awesome! Fly around the room!”

You looked at the floor uncomfortably. “I, uh, I think I’m okay here on the ground.”

“Oh, come on,” he begged. “Do it. Do it. Do it.”

You had a feeling he wouldn’t stop unless you did, so you blurted out, “I can’t. I have a fear of flying.”

He blinked. “So you can fly, but you have a fear of heights,” he squinted.

You nodded awkwardly. “Yes.”

Quicksilver’s face broke into a wide grin. “Well (y/n), you’re lucky. You came to the right place! I’m going to help you get over your fear of flying!”

Imagine Filming Michael with a Camcorder 

“Still filming people with that thing, Y/N?”

“You bet I am. The videos come out cool on this.”

“You’re such a fucking hipster.”

“….. Shut up and say hi to future people who watch this.”

Luke / Calum / Ashton

Exo’s reaction to your personal poems

Orignal:  Could you please make an reaction of exo reading one of your (personal) poems? Sorry if its difficult. [Also, i really love your blog, keep up the good posts] <3

Kris: “They’re really good, jagi”

 *Pats your head*

 “Can you write one about how cool i am?”

Y/N: “But you’re not cool”

Luhan: “They’re really cute! Just like you, Y/N!”


Luhan: “Sorry?”

Suho: “I know that i shouldn’t read your personal stuff” *Shows you the poem on his hand* 

“But they’re really good” *embarrassed*

Baekhyun: “You’re really talented, jagiya! Now let’s write a song together”

Sehun: *When you find out he red your poems*

Y/N: “Oh Sehun! They’re personal!”

“They WERE personal” *Sassy*

Chanyeol: *When you run away after he talks about your poems*

“Don’t feel embarrassed, jagiya! Come back here and write more! I want to read more!”

Tao: “Why were you hiding them from me?”

Y/N: “They’re not that good”


Kyungsoo: *Sees a poem about world domination*

“Me like it”

Lay: “I’m sorry i red them, Y/N but i liked it! Do you have more poems?”


Y/N: “But they’re really bad! I don’t even know why i wrote them in the first place!”

Chen: “Girl, stop lying to yourself”

Kai“Your poems are so perfect, just like you!”

Xiumin: *After you hide your poems in a new place*

“Let me reeeeeaaaad, pleeeeaaaseee!”

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