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How To Wear Basics Without Looking Basic

You Could Start By Ripping Off The Runway…

For fashun people, being #firsworldproblems “poor” means not being able to afford the it piece from this season’s designer collections or sleeping on that sample sale because you were too busy shopping the Zara clearance. But just because you only have an H&M budget, doesn’t mean you have to be relegated to looking like a basic bitch. By drawing ~*~inspo~*~ from current runway trends that are more on the simplistic, minimal side, you can recreate a designer aesthetic with money you actually have. Take for example, the elevated athletic/streetwear trend that we’ve been seeing a lot of for Spring/Summer 14.

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Alexander Wang above and Damir Doma below both showcased black on black looks with the similar bomber jacket/shorts silhouette.

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For SS13 Y-3 rounded out the athletic vibe with the striped tube socks and sneakers and again more of the black/white color combo (shown below).

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And there’s of course the street wear brands like Hood By Air and Pyrex doing similar things with screen printed numbers and logos on jersey and mesh shorts and tees. I mean if you can afford to shell out a few stacks to cop these looks - good for you. For those of us who can’t, it’s pretty simple to work around it. A pair of black basketball or sweat shorts and a black or white tee mixed with some high/low accessorizing can get you pretty close to achieving that high-end summer streetwear aesthetic. Peep my links below to see how I used some summer basics to create this not-so-basic look. 


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