me: it’s been a few years can i get out of this fandom now

fandom: but look at this new story, fanart, and some au’s and hc’s

me: holy shit

Dear J,

I don’t understand what’s gotten into you. I don’t understand why in the last three months, you’ve gone from the sweet boy who kissed me all over my face to this self-centered, sarcastic, self-righteous person. Give me back my boy.


Fragmentos de una alabanza inconclusa ( Fragments of an unfinished praise) / Eduardo Chirinos

There must be a poem that talks about you and me,

an intense poem, like the sea, blue and rested in the morning, dark and bristly by night, disrespectful in the order of things, like the sea that is home to fish and also home of the stars.

I wish for you the simple balance of the sea, its depth and its silence, its inmensity and beauty.

For you a transparent poem, without difficult words that can’t be understood, a silent poem that you remember without effort and is tender as the flower that I didn’t dare to tangle in your hair…

But how difficult is the flower if when is separated from it’s stem it last just a few hours, how difficult is the sea if when we touch it moves away slowly and returns with unexpected fury.

No, I don’t want that for you.

I want a poem that hits your pillow by night, a poem that finds you asleep, without memory, without possible past that disturbs you.

Since I’ve met you I go in search of such a poem.

The night has fall, the clocks have stopped tired in their march, the music is suspended on a thread where your memory hangs sadly

Now I think of you and I think that after all, getting to know you has not been as difficult as writting you this poem.


 Eduardo Chirinos (Peruvian poet)


Translated from Spanish, I really tried my best.

I HAVE USED ALL OF MY CREATIVITY FOR A MONTH.  this is the third fucking thing i’ve popped out in  a matter of like. 10 hours. now my hand hurts from this fucking tablet and my computer is overheating and hurting my lap but it’s WORTH IT because I LOVE ART.

here is @therealjacksepticeye as the @crystal-grumps Green Diamond. i didn’t mean to make him look so sinister but i really loved the lineart i did & the lighting idea was like “yeees. YEEEES.”

jackieboi ilu pls enjoy if you see this