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Hello, how are you? I just found your blog and i liked it very much <3 Can you please do gif set about exos reaction, when they have just found out that they have liked you for a long time ^_^ Thank you.

Thank you for requesting!

Baekhyun: I-I think I’ve fallen for ____…

…Now time to make her fall in love with me!

Chanyeol: Why is my heart beating so much near ____?…. W-wait, do I like her?!

…Omo, I think I do!

Chen: *staring at your face* Woh, she looks amazing today… Why can’t I stop staring?…

Huh… so this is what it feels like to love someone.

D.O.: *sees you coming towards him* Oh! Here comes my girlfriend.

W-wait…. ____’s not my girlfriend?! Why did I think that?!… Why is my heart beating so fast?

…Do I like her?… I think I do! *Can’t stop smiling at the thought of you being his girlfriend*

Kai: ____ is so pretty. Maybe I should ask her out? What if she doesn’t like me?

Pfftt, of course she would! *turns to you* Yah, ____! Come over here for a second!

Kris: *rambling to someone about you* The other day, me and ___ were hanging out and she was so pretty. I mean, she always is, but she took my breath away. And her smile is so cute I never realized. Probably the best day I’ve ever had.

Person: Dude…. do you like ____ or something?

Kris: What, no! Well…. maybe. Actually, I think I do! Omg, why did I never realize it?!

Lay: *sees you and becomes nervous*  Ok Yixing, don’t worry. It’s just ____, she’s your friend. Nothing to be nervous about.

…wouldn’t it be great if she was more then a friend? Ya, that would make me super happy! Oh! She’s looking this way, act cool!

Luhan: *stares at you lovingly*

You:…. why are you staring at me like that?

Luhan: Huh? O-oh, no reason!. Only because I’m in love with you. *drinks his coffee, still staring at you*

Sehun: ___ is so perfect. *giggles thinking about you* She’d make a great girlfriend!

We can even go on bubble tea dates! *gets excited* I should ask her out.

Suho: *sees another guy talking to you* Why is he talking to ___? I hope he’s not trying to flirt with her!

Am I jealous?…. Who am I kidding, of course I am! Now to get her away from this boy. *walks over to you* ____~ Let’s go get some food together!

Tao: *You send him a text* Aigoo, she’s so adorable. Wait, why did I think that?! *chokes on air in shock*

Tao: Suho hyung! What does it mean when I think a girl is adorable?

Suho: Maybe because you like her?

Tao: Like?….. Oh! That means I like ____!


Tao: Hey Xiumin hyung, you know what I heard from Sehun?

Xiumin: What?

Tao: ___ likes you back!

Xiumin: Really?!

Xiumin: This is great! Now I an ask her out without being nervous of being rejected! This is the best news ever!

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