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Do you think Millefeui with actually be a "love rival", or do you think this will be similar to XY13 where it'll be a brief scene of teasing, or a misunderstanding?

Given that the official titles to both XY013 (Nymphia VS Keromatsu! A Commotion in the Kintergarten!) and XY026 (Peropafu and Peroream! The Sweet Battle is anything but Sweet?!) have nothing to do with love, I’m inclined to believe that Millefeui won’t try to attract Ash in any serious manner.

Now Milliefeui deducing Serena’s crush and flirting with Ash just to get under her skin…? That may be more likely.

I love how the first thing Ash says when he see a Sylveon for the first time is “it looks like Espeon” - it really does look similar (and way to completely neglect explaining how Eevee evolves into Sylveon)

Also, I expected them to make a bigger deal of the fairy type… they just randomly mentioned it for a second and that’s it… “Sylveon is a fairy type, just like Dedenne” and that’s all… idk what I expected really but more than that

Oh, and the whole “date me” was just Serena misunderstanding and meant to “come along with me”/“spend time with me” so the kindergarten’s kids will be able to play with Pokémon… lmao… I wonder what Ash thought when he agreed to battle with this condition… wait, is Ash even aware of what “dating” is? probably not, so I guess he just immediately realized it meant random “spend some time with me” with no special intentions lmao

XY Anime Recap: Episode 13-Kindergarten Chaos!

This week, we start off with Ash engaging in battle with a trainer named Penelope, but this battle has a wager on it. If Ash loses, he has to go with her, but Ash is confident he won’t lose. Ash sends out Frokie, and Penelope chooses Sylveon. The battle is short, ending with Frokie being no match Sylveon’s attractive attract, and sealed with a Draining Kiss. Since Ash is decalred the loser, he must go with Penelope. Clement, Bonnie and Serena are worried at first, but are more relieved when they too are invited along. Penelope ends up taking them to a preschool, where she happens to work. She explains that she likes bringing Pokemon to the children to play with, whether they be wild Pokemon, or with other trainers’. Meanwhile, Team Rocket are spying on the ‘twerps’, making plans to take some Pokemon. Back at the preschool, Ash, Clement and Serena bring out all their pokemon for the kids to play with, and Bonnie introduces them to Dedenne. All of the kids love the pokemon and are thrilled to be playing with them, all but one that is. Randall is off by himself, scared to interact with any of the Pokemon, because of a bad experience he once had with a Hopip.

As everyone is playing and having fun, a truck pulls up to the kindergarten, opening up the back to reveal a stage and out comes Team Rocket dressed up as clowns, there to entertain the children. Penelope is skeptic at first, but still allows the children to go onstage. The clowns hand out balls to everyone, even Ash and friends, and instructs everyone throw their ball up into the air. Seems harmless enough, except the balls all explode into a giant cloud of smoke! Ash, Clement and Serena get all the kids off the truck stage and in all the commotion Pikachu and Sylveon get captured. Team rocket reveals themselves and close up the truck, making off with Pikachu and Sylveon, but also Frokie and Randall! Ash is furious and grabs onto the back of the truck. Inside the truck, Frokie works desperately to free Pikachu and Sylveon, but with no luck. Finally Ash makes it into the truck and helps Frokie try to release them. Watching how hard Ash is working with his Pokemon, Randall decides to help Ash and Frokie, and all together they free Sylveon. Sylveon thanks Randall by wrapping her feelers around him and he’s finally comfortable with Pokemon. Next they free Pikachu as Team Rocket pulls into an abandoned warehouse.

To their surprise, when they open up the truck they find Ash, Randall, and Frokie inside and quickly enter a battle. Jessie and James send out Pumpkaboo and Inkay, but they are no match for Frokie and Pikachu who quickly send them flying through the air, and blasting off again. Randall is returned to the kindergarten and everyone is happy to be back where they belong. Before Ash and friends leave, Randall tells Ash that he wants to be a strong trainer like him when he grows up and have just as close a friendship with his own Pokemon

Mod Thoughts:

This episode was cute. It seems to be a Pokemon tradition to have As and friends end up at a day care of some sort eventually, and i guess they got that episode out of the way early this time. The episode seemed pretty predictable however- kids sacred of pokemon, works with pokemon, no longer scared, wants to be like Ash. It would have been nice to see at least some creative twist somewhere along the lines. -Raikou

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XY013 was boring filler as well. Premier turned out to be a COTD :/  I think the same thing will happen with Frogadier too. Looking forward to the next episode but I am pretty sure it’s just a rehash of the Litwick episode. Oh well…..

Pokemon XY 013 - Who will go to kindergarten today?

Al igual que la semana pasada tampoco vi el episodio, no se cuanto tiempo las cosas seran asi, por el momento estan relativamente tranquilas, pero es impredecible el asunto :( ( Igual, Voy darme el tiempo de verla esta semana, no hubo RCP, ni cosas raras, pero no se que pasara la proxima semana)

Titulo Oficial : Episodio 13 - Froakie Vs Sylveon !! Caos en el Kindergarden!!

Resumen del Episodio : Camino a Su proximo destino, Ash y cia se encuentra con una chica llamada Premier, la cual desafia a Ash a duelo pokemon en cual si Ash pierde debe acomparla a un lugar, Ella Saca a su Pokemon que es un Sylveon mientras que por lado de Ash Saca a Froakie, Para desgracia de Ash el pierde a puros ataques de atraccion y besos dreanje propocionados por la COTD a Frokie, El y Sus amigos, acompañan a la chica, que resulta ser una profesora de una guarderia de niños, que cada dia le lleva pokemon´s para enseñarselos a los niños, pero hay un niño llamado Randy que les tiene miedo a los Pokemon, todo esto cambia cuando aparece el TRio a hacerlo mismo de siempre que es robarse a los Pokemon´s

Mi Opinion:Ir por lana y salir trasquilado, es simplemente lo que ocurre en este episodio, se piensa una cosa y termina siendo una cosa distinta, que bueno por lo menos para mi que episodio fue el recuperar la fé de un niño en los Pokemon´s y no otra cosa, despues solo hay silencio.

Para el Recuerdo  : Nada.