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Do you think Millefeui with actually be a "love rival", or do you think this will be similar to XY13 where it'll be a brief scene of teasing, or a misunderstanding?

Given that the official titles to both XY013 (Nymphia VS Keromatsu! A Commotion in the Kintergarten!) and XY026 (Peropafu and Peroream! The Sweet Battle is anything but Sweet?!) have nothing to do with love, I’m inclined to believe that Millefeui won’t try to attract Ash in any serious manner.

Now Milliefeui deducing Serena’s crush and flirting with Ash just to get under her skin…? That may be more likely.

Another average XY episode that is pretty unremarkable overall. Froakie is cool though, and the battle with Sylveon wasn’t to bad. Other then that eh.

Also, this is the third time we got a “friends are incapacitated and Ash is the solo big hero” moment and although that was cool in the Groomer episode and the Pangoro episode. Sidelining the other characters like that isn’t a great thing to do, especially when some (Serena) DESPERATELY need that. So I don’t think it would be to much trouble to have the others aid Ash in a Team Rocket battle more often eh?

Man, I really hope we get to the interesting future episodes shown in the New Years reel sooner rather then later.