shelgon  asked:

your thoughts about people comparing max and bonnie?

I’m not sure why they would be compared, the only thing they share in roles is the fact that they’re both young children, siblings of an older character and love Pokemon. There are too many differences in their characters to count for me. Despite them being in similar vein in roles, they’re pretty different.  

  • Max and May argued, Bonnie and Clemont never really argue. Bonnie seems to respect Clemont a lot as an older siblings(Probably because he’s so accomplished, meanwhile May was just starting out and Max obviously knew more than her.) Naturally, when Bonnie acts a bit out-of-line like choke-hugging Pikachu or bringing up Jessica’s, the Breeder from XY008, current strife with Furfrou he quickly corrects her and she realizes and apologizes. Though she doesn’t mind criticizing his running and getting a tad tired of his inventions, abut in a comedic fashion. 
  • Bonnie seems way more energetic, has her own Pokemon in a way, is more dynamic and female and seems way way quicker to take action. Max seemed more laid-back at times, pretty snarky and the closest thing he had to a Pokemon regularly were his small moments with Munchlax or other peoples’ Pokemon or wild Pokemon and he’s a male. 
  • Bonnie is a game character, Max is an OC. 
  • Bonnie does seem to cry a bit more at times.  
  • Max, iirc, wanted to be the Petalburg Gym Leader when he grew up meanwhile Bonnie doesn’t seem to have an specific future aspirations. I peg her as wanting to do Gym Badges when she grows up though, just seems like she’s more into action and intense battles and all. 
  • Max seems to have his moments with Ash, meanwhile Bonnie has hers with Serena.