I do like this little thing they put at the end of the Gym battle with Clemont’s statement and how it contrasts with what he says in XY003, and both times it preceded a group hand touch.

Waaay back in XY’s beginning Clemont sought to travel with Ash as way of learning to become a better, stronger person, someone more assertive, more confident and jusst all around a more capable guy. He figured he needed Ash’s bravery to learn that.

And now, when all’s said is done, Clemont asserts himself back into the group as a vital member who has to watch Ash and be the brains to his brawn, basically he now believes that he needs HIM instead of the other way around. It’s a great way to show how far he’s come and represents a new chapter of Clemont’s growth if that was their intention.

Pokémon the Series: XY Amourshipping Drabbles - "A Battle of Aerial Mobility!"

So here’s how it’s going to be like from here on. It’s not going to be immediately after the episode airs, but I’ll get it ASAP. Sorry if it rambles a bit, but there’s not a lot to go off of this episode.

Also! I’m gonna start tagging each of these with “ptsxyasd” (for “Pokemon the Series: XY AmourShipping Drabbles) so you can search for that tag and should be able to find them. Hopefully, anyway, if I understand how tags work.

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The episode starts with Serena decided to go into a journey and chosing the hat that she is going to wear during her journey.

After the OP plays, Satoshi has to register to the Pokemon league and decides to go into a Pokemon Center. Satoshi succesfully register to the Pokemon Center and decides to go to the Kalos region.

After has to decide to register for the Kalos League, he teels to Ookido that he is going to a journey and that he has catched Keromatsu.

In the meantime, Team Rocket are telling to Sakaki his evil plans. Sakaki tells them that they have high expectations, and TR are happy with the result. But the croissant who are eating has been stolen by Maaiika.

After the TR scene, Citron and Eureka confirms to Satoshi that they want to travel with him to become a better trainer.

While the rest of the gang is heading to Hadukan City, Serena has decided to go onto a journey to chose her starter Pokemon. Saki tells her to practice Rhyhorn Racing (this is a plot point that appears in XY53).

In the forest, Dedenne is eating food but the food has fallen to the ground and hit Satoshi. Dedenne tries to regain the food but Saotshi think is for Piakchu. Eureka thinks that Dedenne is too cute and wants to keep it for her. Pikachu and Dedenne communicate with electrity and in the end the group decides that the food should go to Dedenne. Dedenne tries to eat it… until a Yayakoma appears and steals the food.

The group is angry that yayakoma is stealing the food and Keromatsu uses frublbles to Yayakoma. ut, after a little thinkng, Ash thinks it’s a great idea to get a Yayakoma for herself.

Keromatsu is trying to defeat Yayakoma without obeying any of Satoshi’s orders. Citron find out that this si the reason why other trainers released Keromatsu.

There’s another TR scene where they seen eating sandwich. Or trying to it because kojiro’s sandwich dissappears. And they see a white thing, probably pertaining to a Pokemon.

Satoshi has decided to catch a Yayakoma and because that, Citron tries to help Satoshi by attraxtng Yayakoma with his invention. When Citron actives his invention, Yayakoma is not attracted at al. But a group fo Spear are… and they run off.

Team Rocket strikes again and finally see the Pokemon, Kojiro finds out it’s actually Maaiika the pokemon who has stolen his croissant, and in recompense, they give to it the sandwiches of Musashi and Nyarth. Ad after, Kojiro catches Maaiika.

Saotshi think that keromatsu jumping abaility is good to try to catch Yayakoma. Keromatsu and yayakoma are firing a good battle that ends with Satoshi catching yayakoma at the second try.

At the end, yayakoma agrees to be part of Satoshi’s team and Eureka’s promises not to steal food anymore.

At the very end of the episode, Serena is about to recieve the starter Pokemon. It’s interesting that when Platane is saying that the trainer he saw is Satoshi, Serena is overjoyed that he is actually the trainer that he knew in the childhood.