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For the ship thing: Diodeshipping!

when i started shipping or if i ship it

XY001 was sweet already, what with Citron being interested and the two boys ALREADY HAVING HAND CONTACT THAT WAS QUICK WHAT THE HELL. XY002 with Citron moving forward when Satoshi was taking the lead was a real piece of candy. XY003 and Citron telling Satoshi how he ~INSPIRED~ him tasted like candy, too. And it never stopped. XY009 was the sugary frosting with fluffy vanilla cream and cherry on top.
So, “pretty quickly” and thanks to canon interactions (thank you animu).

my thoughts

It’s pretty rare to have Satoshi be seen as a reference by another boy his age (or more or less)? And it’s super cool in that case, because it’s not a mentor-student relationship either: Citron is already experienced, is a really good trainer from the start (Horubee was newly caught!), has his responsabilities, his occupations, etc. Actually, I’m surprised to see a relationship involving Satoshi that balanced and peaceful, more about inspiration than tutoring in a way or the other?! And it’s super-refreshing?!

what makes me happy about them

It’s dynamic! They both shower each other with compliments! Citron obviously was impressed (moved: emotionnally, and in the sense that it makes him go forward) by Satoshi, but Satoshi is also so glad and proud and excited about so many things about Citron! And in their dynamism: Satoshi has no problem being a little pushy to Citron to make him push back (XY009, when their discussion about Citron’s gym was becoming a little angrier), Citron doesn’t live in Satoshi’s shadow either. They’re both supportive of the other, they just like being around the other, Satoshi is (proportionally) awfully touchy with him and I can’t help but feel happy for Citron. Also:

what makes me sad about them

The fact that when talking about them, most of people feel the need to say they’re “brotp” or “just friends” and, yeah, like what you want, but the formulation still sounds really really heteronormative to me given the circumstances surrounding Serena. But that’s maybe because I only see Satoshi being able to have demi-romantic/demi-sexual attractions in general -> the fact they are close actually interests and reinforces the ship for me.

things done in art/fic that annoy me

Where are theeeeeeeeey

things i look for in art/fic

Their existeeeeence (and probably Satoshi being totally smitten AND IT’S SUCH A NEW THING, WHAT IS THIS ALIEN CONCEPT, SATOSHI, YOU REALLY LEARNED FROM DENT DAMN)

my kinks

Complicity, natural closeness, fluuuuuffff, geekery, support, healthiness in general?! (I would be interested in seeing Citron’s mechanical arms in use, tho.)

who i’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other

Nearly anyone?! Satoshi is already my bicycle, and I think nobody would be able to hate or despise Citron, he is just too perfect (-> though a part of me is thinking that nobody deserves him.)

my happily ever after for them

Citron still being a Gym Leader and Satoshi discovering a new Pikachu robot every time he visits (their) home.


“A dream…?”

“Come on, Serena, be a bit more into it, too!”
“Ah, it’s my first time having an official battle…”
“Ehh? Even though you’re a Trainer?”
“Yes, that’s how it is…”

“Pokémon Master, huh… It’s not just Satoshi, Citron and Sana too, and Tierno and Trova, they’re all travelling for their dream…
I feel a bit bad…”

In retrospect, nothing really big happened but this was still a lot more than what we usually get in XY: dayum, main characters are not entitled anymore.

Satoshi is not the best amongst regular trainers – Tierno and Zenigame beat him and Keromatsu with groove, smiles, happy feelings and teamwork, which was maybe a bit more significant for Satoshi than losing to Corni, who was in training to become a Gym Leader (someone higher, someone whom Satoshi would face as a challenger). First-stage starters, water against water, Tierno’s Zenigame and Satoshi’s Keromatsu both received from Platane, both relying on speed, Tierno having bonded with his Pokémon through dance so sharing a strong bond with him, Tierno having a dream (to create a Dance Unit, like in the games): so the loss was neat and clear even though Zenigame didn’t even have to touch Keromatsu… and Satoshi went back, for me, to having positive reactions while losing (being genuinely impressed at Zenigame’s moves, excited, not angry-face-look-how-serious-I-am; meanwhile, Keromatsu seemed a little more bitter about it). So, in that regard, if a rivalry is formed, it has a good basis to be a friendly rivalry à la Best Wishes!

Serena not battling is finally acknowledged as an oddity: she indeed explained it was her first actual regular battle, and Sana immediately highlighted that it was strange for a Trainer to not have battle experience. And, obviously, while the episode was not explicitly centered on her, the person who was the most unnatural and isolated from the others’ easy enthusiasm was Serena – so, even though Serena didn’t do much, her passivity was a little more meaningful and interesting in this episode, because there were signals everywhere, in her behaviour, that something is on the verge of happening. (Well, we still don’t know if something will happen, but there is a bit more hope?)

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Amourshipping: Is it a "Childhood Friendship Romance"?

I have seen this question appear in the Amourshipping Tag, and I’ve seen a friend of mine being asked about it. “Can you consider Amourshipping to be a Childhood Friendship Romance?”

I am tired of seeing this question, so I am going to put it to bed. I’m leaving personal shipping preference at the door, and I’m going to deal in the facts of the situation. My conclusion might surprise you.

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