xy starter

[You are challenged by Pokémon Trainer Yixing!] - 3/?

Floette [Fairy] || Gogoat ♂ [Grass] || Chespin [Grass] || Mawile [Steel/Fairy]

Fiche:Yixing specializes in Grass/Fairy types and is one of the first 3 beginner trainers that Prof. Sycamore sent off with a Kalos starter this year. Yixing sets off at the same time as Chanyeol and Kyungsoo, but travels alone, until meeting Luhan. After which, he and Luhan start travelling together intermittently. Yixing has a defective holo-caster, which functions on occasions, but breaks 75% of the time. Thus, it is often the case that Yixing will get separated from his travelling companion for an extended amount of time (up to weeks sometimes) without being able to get in touch with him. In these circumstances, Floette is the one to always help Yixing back to the other teen.  Yixing is not especially concerned about gym badges and the Kalos league. He travels a bit more randomly, and collects badges only when he happens to pass by a city with a gym in it. Yixing is, on the other hand, an avid maker of berry juice for his team. He is also one of the oldest beginner trainers that Prof. Sycamore has ever sent off, starting only at the age of 17.

Hometown: Aquacorde.

Starter Pokémon: Chespin, given by Prof. Sycamore.      


Today In history - Pokémon The Series XY was announced on July 21, 2013 exactly 3 years ago during Pokémon Smash!

Do y’all remember the reveal of the XY starters, and almost everyone disliked Froakie? At that time, no one would’ve guessed that its final evolution:

Would appear in SSB4 as a playable fighter,

receive a ‘special form’ in the anime,

AND win a Japanese Pokémon election. Greninja is more popular than Arceus, Mew, Rayquaza, PIKACHU, MEWTWO and CHARIZARD. In Japan, anyway. BUT THIS IS AMAZING TO ME. I did not expect this to happen! Congratulations, Greninja!!

(gif by shinycaterpie)