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USUM Grand 3DS Finale! Confirmed Switch Z-Move!

Here’s another reason to get USUM: They are the last Pokémon RPG Nintendo 3DS games from GameFreak following Sun and Moon.

“This is the reason USUM has so much content in store for fans! It’s the last one before the great Switch crossover.”

However, Virtual 3DS Games is still on! That explains the release of 2DS XL

What’s to come?

Virtual Console: Pokémon SoulSilver and Heartgold

Virtual Console: Pokémon Crystal

A data miner has noted that a patch in the ROM files for the two new releases points accdientally contains language referring to Pokémon Crystal, and this is only further cemented by their title IDs on the eShop leaving a suspicious third “gap” right after them. Indeed, it already seemed odd and rather unbelievable that Game Freak would just leave out Crystal, and these findings only bolster expectations.

“Sinnoh Remakes will be on the Switch.” Confirmed

So get yourself a Nintendo Switch and don’t miss out on the 720p 2018 Pokémon RPG Games.

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