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We need to have a convo about sex

- there are a LOT of misconceptions about what sex is, how it works and what it means for humans. I’m going to use some vaguely gendered language here for the sake of simplicity but my overall point is that sex is NOT a binary and has nothing to do with gender identity

- Let’s start with the basics

1) contrary to popular belief, your chromosomes DO NOT determine your sex. 

2) Sex is decided at random by the SRY gene, it’s very complicated by the gene is carried by sperm and either activates and stops the gonads from forming into ovaries and begin forming into testes or it doesn’t activate and ovaries are allowed to continue as normal, creating ovaries

3) USUALLY this aligns with the XX/XY patterns present in MOST people, but not always. It is possible to be “male” and have XX chromosomes (look up de la Chapelle syndrome). Or even to exist outside an XX/XY binary (see: Kleinfelter syndrome, triple x syndrome) 

4) Some of this takes into account intersex people, but honestly I’m not very well educated about the biology of being intersex.

5) This doesn’t take into account appearance at all. You can’t tell what most people’s primary sex characteristics (like having a penis, vagina, testes, ovaries, etc) is just by looking. 

6) Secondary sex characteristics typically develop at the onset of puberty or during puberty. They aren’t inherently connected to one’s primary sex and are what people tend to look for when they try to figure out someone’s sex. They may include: breasts, facial hair, wider hips, underarm and leg hair, an adam’s apple, a deeper voice, etc. Once again, someone can have “male” coded secondary sex characteristics and have ovaries and a vagina. There’s no binary to any of this

tl;dr: when people say sex=/= gender we’re talking about a WHOLE other binary that we need to subvert


I combined two of my favorite things for the 3DS: Animal Crossing and Pokémon! (´▽`ʃƪ)

Wearing the Sundae Dress always made me feel like a magical girl, so I wanted to feel that feeling in New Leaf, too~~ It’s super cute! ☆

Hope you enjoy~!(*´▽`*)♡

….pls enjoy i spent entirely too much time on this asdlfkj ;;; 

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Do you think 125.was the childs conception and also kinda revealed the childs sex

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I think there was a meta about it written by someone about how toukas shirt had xy patterns which means boy? But I subscribe to the poetic foil between touken baby and Eto.