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I find your love of Shouta/Sawyer to be endearing. I think I like him a bit too now. :0

My son! The purest character of the entire anime. He’s not like any other rivals: hard worker, smart, innocent, studious, shows no arrogance. And more important: he has emotions. And the character development: started from the bottom; from the non-confident trainer to the Kalos League!

His admiration for Ash is what makes him the best rival the anime got. Shouta is presented as the ‘’weak’’ trainer, unlike past rivals. His goal: to beat and surpass Ash. Always seeking for improvement. we seen his struggles, his despair, his joy.

And what about his notebook: it contains everything he learned through his adventure; all the experience, whether losing or winning, or anything Ash said to him.

He deserves more love. Everyone should realize how great he is

Shouta’s message: Don’t give up 


(it wasn’t my intention to write a long text, but im passionated about Shouta. never in my life i got attached so much to a character)

Thank you


So it’s less than 2 days for the Lumiose Gym and I think it’s the perfect time for me (and everyone) to rewatch the first episode of XY. This battle against Clemont is Ash’s first battle in the Kalos region. Both Ash and Clemont were battling with Pikachu and Bunnelby and they were being evenly matched but unfortunately the battle was interrupted midway by Team Rocket.

Ash and Clemont will use Pikachu and Bunnelby as their first pokemon in the Lumiose Gym battle to finish their ‘unfinished battle’ from the very first XY episode. Not to mention, Bonnie is going to reference this battle in the Lumiose gym battle. So better get watching this battle if you can’t remember it properly.

And might as well rewatch XY09 where Clemont takes back the gym from Clembot and ‘the promise’ between Ash and Clemont is made.

After rewatching these two episodes, I feel like I am absolutely ready for the epic gym battle. 

“The Lumiose Gym match is finally here, and it is time for two men to fulfill their promise to each other! Ash and Clemont have traveled together up until this point. This battle between two who know each other’s characteristic traits, such as the Pokémon they use and the moves they prefer, extremely well is bound to be more intense than any other! The two clash against each other with all they’ve got…”

Yes it’s finally upon us, it’s time for the ‘promised gym battle’


Platane: Hey, Satoshi-kun! Having a strategy meeting?
Satoshi: Professor Platane!
Platane: Eh? Manon-kun!
Manon: Professor!
Platane: When did you get here? Did you come to cheer for Alan?
Manon: Eh?! Y… yes…
Satoshi: Alan?!
Manon: Eheheh…

Platane: Have you met with Alan already?
Manon: No. It’s fine until the end of the final. He must be focusing hard right now, I don’t want to be a bother to him. I’m thinking of meeting with him after the final!

(“disturb/bother” is [jamasuru]; same verb that Alan uses to tell off Pachira… and Manon at the Devon Corporation at the beginning of Act III. So she… possibly internalized that ;;)

Manon: I’ll be okay from here!
Eureka: I’d have liked for us to stay together a bit more… I want to talk more!
Manon: But Fleurdelys-san is waiting. And running into Alan would be bad.

OKAY, so not 100% accurate/beautiful, but the gist of it is:


“Yeah. She said that, because she’d just be in your way before the final, to keep it secret [that she was here ].”

“That girl… such an unnecessary thing to do…”

“But at a time like now, I thought I should tell you! After all, she’s an important person [to you], right?


I just found out that there are ONLY 10 episodes of XY&Z left… that really makes me sad! This series has been such an enjoyable ride and I’ve fallen in love with all of the characters (they just balance each other out so well). I’ll save the emotional things for the finale but let’s keep hope alive until the very end!

“This is PERFECTION. This light. These colours. This texture. What a PRETTY-”

*second attempt*

“As I was saying: what a PRE-”

………………. I’m okay. I’m fine. I’m o k a y.

“….. NOW THERE IS NOTHING IN MY WAY. NOTHING WILL SEPARATE ME FROM YOU EVER AGAIN even if you’re a bit too red today, you look sick, what happened, please tell me.”



All The Commotion

A/N: Request about having a panic attack while attending Vidcon. I tried my best with this one but I don’t really know much about the event, sorry if there’s any errors x

Y/F/F = Your Favourite Food

The sun was shining and we were in California. I knew I should be buzzing with excitement - I’d never been to California or Vidcon - Dan and I had decided it would be a good experience for me and the fans to meet each other, as previously they’d only seen me in his videos. Part of me was excited to be there, but I couldn’t deny how tight my throat felt or how I felt like running in the other direction before we’d even entered the venue. 

Dan draped his arm across my shoulders, “Are you okay with all of this?” He asked me just as we were about to enter the doors to the venue. 

I nodded weakly. The last thing I wanted to do was ruin Dan’s enjoyment, this was a big day for him and many of his friends, like Phil, Louise and Tyler.

“Okay, tell me if you feel overwhelmed and we’ll take a break,” He said, smiling and kissing me on the forehead.

“Ah, I love you,”  I replied, not used to having people show much thought for my anxiety.

“I love you too,” He replied and we stood there for a moment, smiling at each other like goofs.

We entered the venue hand in hand and were instantly bombarded.  A group of four teenage girls came up to Dan screeching about how much they loved him, requesting photos and autographs. I smiled at them and they didn’t return the gesture. Dan wrapped his arm around my waist, “This is my girlfriend Y/N.” I smiled again and told them it was nice to meet them, and their responses were unenthusiastic to say the least. Dan gave me a reassuring look and we carried on our journey.

“Don’t take any of their actions personally, you’re lovely. A lot of them just can’t get over Phan,” Dan said, in a slightly mock tone.  

“I’m sure they’ll get used to me eventually. It’s not like I come between you and Phil right? I don’t see the problem.” I said, fiddling with my hair.
“No, you’re right, they will.” Dan replied, sounding certain.

We carried on walking and bumped into Louise, “Y/N!” She shouted, pulling me into a hug which I gladly returned. “You look gorgeous. Love the dress.” She said, chirpily.

“Thanks,” I replied, feeling happy to see a familiar face.

“Would either of you like a drink?” Dan asked, having to shout slightly so we could hear him over all the people.
We both asked for our usual drinks and Dan nodded, going to get them.

Louise sat down and I joined her. “So how’s it been so far?” She asked.

“Well I mean I’ve never been to Vidcon before but it seems-’’

’‘I mean with Dan,” She said softly.

'Oh,“ I replied and we laughed in unison.
’'It’s been really great so far, it was our one year anniversary on the 20th,” I replied and stared at the beautiful promise ring Dan had given me.

“Aww, you two are perfect for each other, don’t let any of his fans tell you otherwise.” She said and nodded, gesturing that Dan was returning.

“Here you go,” He said handing us our drinks and sitting beside me.

“We were just talking about you Dan,” Louise said smirking and sipping her drink.

“Ooh I know what you’ve been talking about,” Dan winked at me and I went bright red.

We all laughed, “It was pretty innocent conversation actually,” I smiled.

“Hmm, sure it was,” He grinned and I tried to hide my blush.


“I have to go on stage now, is everythig okay?” Dan asked, looking concerned.

“Yeah, I’ll see you soon,” I replied, kissing him. I knew the reality: I wasn’t fine, there were thousands of people and I couldn’t hear myself think over all the commotion. My throat felt tight and constricted, making me scared to even drink my water.

He returned my kiss and smiled at me. “I’ll text you as soon as I’m off stage,”

I sat down and tried to be a part of the crowd, but all I could hear was the girls behind me gossiping about Dan and I’s relationship. Of course they’ll break up soon. She’s only with him because he has money, I could feel a lump forming in my throat and felt the need to be invisible.
Knowing I’d reached my limit, I quietly left my seat and exited the room. A pang of guilt hit me as I realised I wouldn’t be seeing Dan on stage, but I couldn’t take it anymore; I needed a reprieve away from the madness.

 Failing miserably to keep my breathing solid I went in to the toilets and let myself have the meltdown I needed. Feeling flustered and stressed I splashed cold water on my face, blew my nose and grasped onto the sink as I tried to steady my breathing. What I really felt like doing was going back to the hotel room and laying face down on the pillow, not talking, not moving, just coming to terms with everything. A few deep breaths, I told myself before sipping my water.

I brushed my hair through and started to re-apply some makeup when I felt my phone buzz.

  “Can’t see you anywhere love?” Dan’s message read.

‘’Meet me outside the venue please x’’I replied

I set off outside and found Dan waiting for me by one of the trees. He saw me and instantly pulled me into his embrace.

“I know that was hard with all those people in there, sorry.” Dan said, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

“It’s okay, I’m glad I came today, even though it was hard.”

“Me too. It wouldn’t have felt right without you,” He replied, holding my face in his hands. 

“The evenings ours now, what would you like to do?” He asked, biting his lip.

“Hmm. Go back to the hotel and eat loads of Y/F/F,” I sighed happily.

“Sounds like a plan,” Dan smiled at me and called for a taxi back to the hotel.