I drew this a while ago and submitted it to ask-flaming-candy 

Although, I still really wanted to show you and to thank you for being such an inspiration with my drawing! 

*I did use the old header for that blog as a guideline with the hair because I just can’t draw hair. It’s horrible.*


PS, it’s flames on Firenze’s dress, not fur :) 

((Haha, I could totally see it was flames dude! weee, this is amazing! I’m sorry I didn’t see it earlier, I usually try to get through all her posts.. anyway, I LOVE THIS SO MUCH THANK YOU! ghjolknjhy))

xxwhattimeisitxx  asked:

Aahhhh! Thank you so much! It means a lot coming from you! -oh and congrats with the exams!

((hehe, you’re welcome! and thank you! For that and the drawing i really love it!

Actually, would you guys mind if I print out all the art you guys make and hang up here?

It’s were I spend most of the time when drawing for the blog, so it’d be nice to have some inspiration on the boring wall in front of me haha.

whaddya say?))