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Rubbing his eyes, Lavi stared at the newcomers. Where did they all come from? Were they really all here to see him? When did he get to be so popular?

“Uh, hey guys. What’s up?” He grinned, tentatively.

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Kurumu walked happily through the school, making sure to draw as much attention as possible to her hips and chest as she did so. She smirked as, just like usual, all the guys turned to stare at her and every girl glared with jealousy… not that Kurumu blamed them. Her body was perfect, after all. Add her ocean blue hair and deep violet eyes with their long full lashes and you’ve got a perfect beauty… but thats what you’d expect from a succubus.

She pushed open the doors of the school, inhaling deeply as the fresh outside air rushed over her face, relaxing her. “Ah~” she breathed out happily before walking towards the drink machine. She inserted her coins and pressed the button, but before the drink actually fell something caught her attention.

A boy.

“Hmm?” She raised a brow and rested her hands on her hips. She’d never seen him before, and she knew every boy… or, they at least knew her. But this boy wasn’t even looking her way. She could’t have that.

Making sure he wasn’t looking, Kurumu ran her nail from her shoulder, all the way down her arm, cutting deeply. She winced only slightly before collapsing and crying out, making sure to attract only that boys attention. “Owwy… Somebody help!” she cried out. Her plan was to lure him over and use her charm on him, to make him notice her. Easy. As. That.

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Kaito hummed to himself happily as he walked along, carrying two ice creams in his hands. He was normally a happy person but everytime he visited the ice cream shop his mood automatically became even better. Not even the sensation of the sticky, melting ice cream dripping down his fingers as he walked could bother him.
Unfortunately, with him being clumsy, walking with his eyes closed was never a very good idea. Even if it was as late as it was and there was nobody else around.
As he turned the corner Kaito began singing softly to himself; although, this only lasted a moment because as he took a few more steps he felt himself colide with something.
His eyes snapped open and he automatically reached out a hand to grab the males shoulder, causing one of the ice creams to fall to the boys shirt.
Blushing a bit, Kaito began to panic on the inside. Should he wipe the icecream off? No, the man was probably angry enough without being touched. Should he run? Probably not, this kid looked pretty quick and Kaito had never been the athletic type anyway.
Not knowing what else to do he decided to simply bow his head quickly in apology.
“My deepest apologies, sir~ Are you alright?”

xxtweakdeathxx has entered Amaterasu's shrine...

The shrine was about to close for the evening. The stragglers of her worshipers were gathering their belongings and shuffling out the door, and Amaterasu herself was tired from all the hours spent on her throne. The day had been particularly trying, but she would never let her irritability bubble to the surface while she had guests.

She stood as she heard the door close at last, eager to get out of the traditional clothing she wore, when a young man in dark clothing approached her throne. Never one to turn away a potential friend, Amaterasu turned to him with a gentle smile.

“Hello, traveler. Welcome to the shrine of Amaterasu, Goddess of the Sun and Mother of all Good.” She gave him a small bow before straightening again. “How may I assist you, my child? Although it is late, I will be happy to stay and speak with you.” She sensed a sort of dark aura about the young man, a dangerous aura that made her wary. She would never leave someone just because of first impressions, however, and so allowed herself to keep an open mind.

Bryan stared in fascination at the talking suit of armour for a few seconds. He had never seen anything like it before, and it interested him. For once, he didn’t even feel annoyed with someone right off the bat, just severly interested. “O-Oh. Hello.” He replied as he realized he had merely been standing there gawking for the last few minutes.

“H-hello there…” Alphonse mumbled nervously at him. Even though people stared at him all the time, he still wasn’t used to it.

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Hidan mumbled to himself as he wandered through the forbidden forest. His greedy partner, Kakuzu, had once again found an opportunity to make himself some money; therefore, Hidan was left on his own once more.

This wasn’t the only reason he was upset though. He was also behind on sacrifices and needed to do a ritual soon.

Just as he thought this he felt himself collide with another, stumbled back only slightly, and, out of defensive habit, automatically reached for his scythe. He swung it forward and missed the young mans neck by a few inches before quickly looking him over.

“Excuse you, fuckface!” Hidan yelled, “Watch where you’re fuckin’ goin, maybe?!”


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1. Favorite band?

∞Oh, that’s kinda hard. I’ve gotta go with Evanescence. Sure, a lot of their songs are dark and not what you’d listen to on a daily basis, but I think that’s their charm. They have this mystery and loneliness to them that I feel like I can relate to sometimes.∞

2. Favorite actor?

∞Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He is a GOD. I mean, I knew him from Inception, then I watched a couple of other movies he was in like Looper and Premium Rush (the latter you HAVE to watch by the way) and I just fell in love with him and his characters. :)

3. If you listen to Hollywood Undead, do you prefer Deuce or Danny? If you don’t, are you willing to try their music?

∞I’ve never heard of them, so I’d be willing to see what they’re like. I’m just gonna jump on to Youtube now…

4. What’s your opinion on alternate rock/rap music?

∞LOVE. I have so many on my iPod, all the other genres are pretty much eclipsed.

5. Favorite videogame?

∞Er, either Kingdom Hearts or Left for Dead. I don’t know how they manage to tie for first since they’re so drastically different, but hey, there they are!

6. If you were trapped on a deserted island, and only had 3 things with you, what would you want those 3 things to be?

∞That depends on whether or not you’d want my answer to be logical or extremely confused. But I’ll enlighten you and go with some of the more ridiculous things. Books are a yes, my iPod is a definite yes, and chocolate. Don’t look at me like that. Don’t lie because I know you’re making a face. xD

7. What would you wish for if you found a genie that only granted one wish?

∞To be stronger, physically and mentally. I get sick more often than most people do, and I’ve never fought with anyone because I always avoid conflicts. I’m continually branding myself as a coward. 8/

8. Favorite book character?

∞I’ve gotta say Four/Tobias Eaton from Divergent and Insurgent. He’s a well thought out character that people can understand and he seems so real. Like, he could jump out of the book suddenly and people wouldn’t even know he was fictional.

9. Favorite movie character?

∞Charlie from Perks of Being a Wallflower. He’s this beautiful character that sees things from the outside and for what they really are, which is pretty much what the definition of a wallflower is. It’s amazing how he could just come in and win so many people’s hearts.

10. Favorite manga?

∞D.Gray-man. ^^

11. What is your favorite pokemon?

∞Eevee. :D I love the little furball! I’m a fan of the older series (y'know, 90s kid and whatnot) so Pikachu has always been a close second.

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