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Trans cr; June @ bts-trans

3 weeks 1 day post-operation. Still swollen but it’s going down a lot. My nipples are changing colors a lot. Not sure if that’s normal but it doesn’t hurt so I’m not that worried. Any other guys have this happen to them? Also I have a stitch that is stuck in my skin under the incision under my right armpit. It seems to be metal so it doesn’t seem like it’s going to disolve. I guess I will be going to a doctor if it doesn’t push itself out soon. My skin is still extremely irritated from where the tapes on my nipples were. Hoping that goes away soon so they swelling could go down. I’m really happy with my results. Before you ask, I went to Dr. Brownstein in San Francisco California on Jan. 5th. I got the double incision procedure with nipple and areola grafts. 

Transgender activist Agnes Torres found dead in Puebla, Mexico

Mexican transgender rights advocate Anges Torres was found dead last Saturday in a ravine in Atlixco, just outside of her home town of Puebla, Mexico. The writer and activist for LGBT human rights had been missing since Friday night. Friends and sympathizers are calling for a swift investigation into the crime.

The coroner reported that Agnes Torres Sulca, 28, had had her neck slashed, and her body showed burn marks, indicating that she had been tortured, according to Mexico news site Proceso.com.mx. “It is presumed to have been a hate crime,” the website reported.

“We condemn this crime against a woman, an academic, a psychologist, educator, role model and activist for human rights for women in general and for sexual diversity as a whole,” the Puebla-based organizationVida Plena Puebla. “We are distraught, pained, enraged and saddened by this crime, and feel powerless over how, yet again, a brave person has succumbed to the most brutal of gender-based violence… in this case, violence against a transgender woman.” The organization demanded in their statement that Torres’s murder case be treated the same way as that of “the daughter of any governor, politician, or attorney” and that it be solved swiftly.

The organization had presented before the State Congress on the importance of legislation for sexual diversity and recognition of hate as an exacerbating factor in these cases, particularly of “feminicide” – a word coined in Mexico to refer to specifically to violence targeted at women that ends in murder, which has reached endemic proportions in the country. There have been 6 similar unsolved homicides in the state since the beginning of 2012.

Click the headline to read on. March 12, 2012. 

Reasons why I haven't shown my chest yet...

I wanted my girlfriend and mother to be the first to see. 

I have to wait 5 more days until the bandages on my incisions come off…they come off on their own and once they are off they won’t stick back on, alas I can’t just take them off for a couple seconds to take a picture and then put them back on. 

My nipples are covered up with bandage also! 

So, basically, you cannot see anything yet besides that I am flat! So I will just wait another week until I snap a picture and show the whole world. =] Be patient!! 



Updates on my top surgery that is coming up, testosterone views, and I have a girlfriend. 


I’ve collected answers from transgender/transsexual people of all ages. I have been posting a couple of answers from time to time. I have many responses to share. None of these are my responses. To add your response please message it anonymously in my ask box. It will not be answered but it will be put in the next go round of answers! Thanks! 


ANSWERS:“I personally prefer going stealth…I’m not ashamed to admit I’m an FTM, but it just feels so much better to have people know nothing about it and think that I’m a natural born male…”

“I’m pretty much stealth to the general/"straight” public, but trans within the GLBT, etc. community.“

"It is like being in the CIA. You wait for Scooter Libby to blow your cover”

“I understand why some people prefer to be stealth. And I don’t think anyone should judge them for it. But I definitely don’t think being a trans man or trans woman is somehow less than. It’s like saying I’m not a gay man, I’m just a man. Yes and no. You’re a man that happens to be gay. A trans man is a man that happens to be trans. That’s all. He’s still a man. It really shouldn’t be the big deal that society makes it out to be. Everyone should have the right to be who they are and to be treated with respect and dignity.”