So the lovely xxsymph0nyxx on deviantart (I don’t know if they have a tumblr, but it they do, tell me so I can source them =]) Drew this and I got a song for it stuck in my head. So here it goes.    


I can show you the Universe,

Timey, Wimey, Wibbly, Wobbly!

Tell me Amy,

Now when did you last see such a sight!

I can open your eyes,

Traveling in my police box,

Here, There, and yonder,

In a magic Tardis ride!

A whole new Universe!

All the stars they shine so true!

No one to tell us no,

Tardis takes us where we need to go,

Don’t ever think you’re dreaming!


A whole new Universe!

A childhood dream that’s come true,

But floating out in space,

It’s crystal clear,

That now I’m in a whole new universe with you! (pause) And Rory!

Unbelievable Creatures,

Daleks, Cybermen, Ood!

EXTERMINATING and singing,

Under the endless inky plane.


A whole new universe!


Amy come home, We’re gonna die


So many things that we can see!


I’m a Roman, what is this?!


I’m like a shooting star,

Look at where we are!

Do I have to go back,

To where I used to be?

A whole new Universe!


Where’d this mullet come from?!


So many sunrises we can see!


Why’d we get this blue letter?


We can go anywhere!

All the time to spare!

So let me share this whole new Universe with you!

(Amy & Doctor)

A whole new Universe!

That’s where we’ll be!

A crazy run,

A place under the suns,

For you and me! (pause) And Rory!

So yeah. This is what goes through my head. Ta da! =D