MCM London (Oct 2013) Swag

Pic 1: Sissel hat, and EPIC EVASHREW AND MAMA JOWD BADGE (yup, this is the most epic swag EVAR)

Pic 2: Mew and Speed Deoxys Chou-Gets, Nurse Chansey clip and Japanese Coca-Cola Steiner (FF9) figure

Pic 3: xxSuperJazzxx’s W101 game sleeve signed by Roger Craig Smith (Wonder Blue), RL friend’s pre-release (or is it pre-sale or promo?) W101 sleeve signed by Yuri Lowenthal (Wonder White), my own Pre-Release W101 sleeve signed by both.

Pic 4: Clearer snap of own Pre-Release W101 sleeve (as awesome as that is it doesn’t beat an Evashrew and a Mama Jowd Badge).