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I was tagged by the-emirates :)

-What’s the last book you have read? 

a Clash of Kings by G.R.R. Martin

-What’s your favourite tv show? 

PLL, TVD, GOT & Desperate Housewives

-Your goals in life? 

idk yet, but I would like to make all my dreams come true and meet all my fav footballers.

-Favourite bromance? 

Götzeus! they are amazing! and Fabrique!

-Who was the last person you talked to? 

my brother.

-Do you watch any sports except football? 

sometimes tennis or volleyball, but I’m not interested in it very much.

-What is your favourite clothing store? 

i like zara and h&m, but tbh it doesn’t matter what kind of clothes I wear, because I always look awful :c

-Kfc or mcdonald?

nothing, I don’t like fastfood.

my questions:

1. have you got any plans for the next summer holidays?

2. which footballer would you like to meet the most?

3. what time is it in your country?

4. what is your favourite book?

5. premier league or bundesliga?

6. who is your favourite football player of all the time?

7. have you got a friend who is a football fan? which team does he/she support?

8. paris or barcelona?

9. what was the last film you’ve seen?

10. what is your favourite national team of football?

11. twitter or tumblr?