Series: Dangan Ronpa

Photographer: xXSnowFrostXx

if you want the high res photos just pm me and if you know who any of these people are, please tell me their character and names so I can credit them!

Characters / List of cosers:

Naegi /  ?

Ishimaru / ?

Fukawa / seerofsarcasm, rapgamefukawa

Kuwata / ?

Kuwada / ?

Asahina / ?

Fujisaki / kyoukokirigir1

Kirigiri / ?

Enoshima / ?

Owada / ?

Ogami / ?

Togami / iamtheescapist

Monokuma / ?


woot:DD thank you guys for all your support!! i post this here since i know rbi helped to advertise on tumblr

but yay!! I’m so proud>.<

thank you fenyxdesign for this photo, thank you mandy ramone for finding it since I didn’t submit this photo for the contest since it was way before megacon, and of course thank you rbi for modeling my flame princessu and helping me get these costumes on:DD


God i love this cosplayer so much, she’s the source of so much inspiration and i look up to her so much thus I made a tribute to her in a form of chalk portraits. I drew this a while ago and sent to her and she liked it:) which just made my life <3

Artistic Rendition of the second picture:p so the picture doesnt belong to me, just drew it

Cosplayer: Zimiel

Photographer: かりんちゃんとJちゃん

Medium: chalk on black paper

DA link: http://xxsnowfrostxx.deviantart.com/art/Art-Zimiel-348522409