Greetings from New York!!

We went to the Kishimoto event at the Apple store in Soho!! We got to see him (from a distance) and hear him answer questions and got lots of photos taken of us ahhh hopefully we can get closer next time!

Our cosplays are not really on point that much today cos we all had to get ready at the airport LOL but we will be in tip top shape for NYCC!

Come say hi at the Bandai Namco booth tomorrow where we’ll be in The Last! ❤

With (L->R) Onion Naito, key0fdestiny, Soushike Cosplay, and xxSnowfrostxx -//u//- squad

Made with Instagram

Series: Dangan Ronpa

Photographer: xXSnowFrostXx

if you want the high res photos just pm me and if you know who any of these people are, please tell me their character and names so I can credit them!

Characters / List of cosers:

Naegi /  ?

Ishimaru / ?

Fukawa / seerofsarcasm, rapgamefukawa

Kuwata / ?

Kuwada / ?

Asahina / ?

Fujisaki / kyoukokirigir1

Kirigiri / ?

Enoshima / ?

Owada / ?

Ogami / ?

Togami / iamtheescapist

Monokuma / ?


woot:DD thank you guys for all your support!! i post this here since i know rbi helped to advertise on tumblr

but yay!! I’m so proud>.<

thank you fenyxdesign for this photo, thank you mandy ramone for finding it since I didn’t submit this photo for the contest since it was way before megacon, and of course thank you rbi for modeling my flame princessu and helping me get these costumes on:DD


God i love this cosplayer so much, she’s the source of so much inspiration and i look up to her so much thus I made a tribute to her in a form of chalk portraits. I drew this a while ago and sent to her and she liked it:) which just made my life <3

Artistic Rendition of the second picture:p so the picture doesnt belong to me, just drew it

Cosplayer: Zimiel

Photographer: かりんちゃんとJちゃん

Medium: chalk on black paper

DA link: http://xxsnowfrostxx.deviantart.com/art/Art-Zimiel-348522409