Series: Dangan Ronpa

Photographer: xXSnowFrostXx

if you want the high res photos just pm me and if you know who any of these people are, please tell me their character and names so I can credit them!

Characters / List of cosers:

Naegi /  ?

Ishimaru / ?

Fukawa / seerofsarcasm, rapgamefukawa

Kuwata / ?

Kuwada / ?

Asahina / ?

Fujisaki / kyoukokirigir1

Kirigiri / ?

Enoshima / ?

Owada / ?

Ogami / ?

Togami / iamtheescapist

Monokuma / ?


I have yet to introduce you to my amazing team, who I just walked through a thunderstorm with in cosplay… This was our last day to wear The Last and it was really The Last. We got wrecked in that storm walking to the hotel haha :’(

But I made this collage right before. Even when we face these challenges and rude people we still make it through!

Today, as seen in the top middle and middle photo, we worked our second shift at the Bandai booth and got to meet and get autographs from Junko Takeuchi!! We managed her signing and took pics with her. She called me Sakura-chan and told Soushike his eyes were kakkoii. 😭😂

The Bandai staff is so cool and funny too I’m happy to be on this team and to have been given this chance ahhhh

I met a lot of cool people again today!! If you took a selfie with me please send it!!

But I love my team a lot we have a lot of fun and our characters match our personalities so well so thank you so much guys for amazing days in The Last!!

Onward to more adventures in Boruto tomorrow! Come see us at the Bandai Namco booth again!!

Today was only the second day of NYCC and it’s been unbelievable ❤💙💚💛💜

Sasuke: Soushike Cosplay
Naruto: Split Image Cosplay
Kakashi: key0fdestiny13
Hinata: xxSnowfrostxx
Hanabi: Onion Naito

And Henry (in the pink), our director who has done so much for us thank you everyone I’m really emotional in so many ways.