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I know how you feel first off and Um First advice: Decide whether or not it’s worth it to keep. Because it either means suffer 5ever too different Or break it off. But that hurts way too much so

it’s worrtthhh it

i think suffering 5ever sounds horrible but then again so does keeping this person

omfg theres no middle ground 

Axis Powers Hetalia Tumblr RP Masterlist

Hey, guys. As you can guess from the title, I want to create a master list of people who are willing to give away their RP identity in a chance to meet new people out there and roleplay with a variety of new people, maybe even find some permanent keepers out there. If you’re still interested, here’s the template.

I. Complete the template and post that on your blog.
II. Send me the following information via submission/ask/email:
a. Your Username (to be shown)
b. What Characters to add it to.
c. the URL with your template in it.
III. Reblog the masterlist and spread the love!


Preferred Characters:
Things you won’t RP:
Things you prefer to RP:
Usual Online Time Frame:
Contact Information:
Extra Notes:

Masterlist Below

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