Last week following into the weekend was crazy. We blew the motor 3 ½ days before the race and scrunched together all the parts we could locally and rebuilt a new motor in 2 days.. then with barely and sleep etc drove there and did my best. Wasn’t the best but I constantly improved and got very comfortable with the setup and feel of sliding a welded diff MR2. Now the last piece is more power. Time to finish up my 4AGZE for 220whp since 105 is way too little xD

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Awww yisssss. Additionally are children in the colonies?


Yes, there are children in the Colonies sometimes - Actually, one of our characters Cameron Lietz actually has a daughter with him (currently NPC). We used to have a couple actual bios for them, but they were out dated or the FCs had sort of matured passed the age range so they were closed - not many people take children, but we’re always open to OCs etc!