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hii lovelies! Valentine’s Day is around the corner so Nafisa and I have decided to do a mini Valentine’s Day awards! we’re super excited for this and we hope you are too! here we go xx

r u l e s =

c a t e g o r i e s  =

  • love letter (best url) 2x
  • bed full of roses (best theme) 2x
  • valentine’s date (best posts) 2x
  • cupid (best overall) 2x
  • sweetheart (nicest blogger) 2x
  • dove (nafisa’s favourite) 2x
  • pigeon (dee’s favourite) 2x

p e r k s =

  • a follow from us (if we’re not already) and two new such-goals-besties!
  • will be queueing a lot from you guys <3
  • promos whenever you want (once a week)

h i g h e r   c h a n c e s =

  • talk to us!
  • reblog this post more than once so we can notice you!!

o t h e r s =

  • we’ll be announcing the winners a week after Valentine’s Day because yolo!
  • banner made by me, picture from tumblr

please don’t let this flop guys hugs hugs or it never happened <3

happy reblogging!  - CHOSEN!!