Alright so I got a message about this when I woke up this morning...
  1. Rules:

    • Always post the rules
    • Answer the questions of the person who tagged you
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    • I was tagged by magicalawesometastic

    My questions: 

    1. What would your reaction be if your OTP became canon and why? I would be really happy for them and hope that everything works out. :)
    2. If you were forced to play one sport professionally, what sport would if be and why? Umm. Umm. Can I pass? I suck at sports. Maybe ice skating or roller blading? Yeah. We’ll go with that.
    3. Would you rather be a Superhero, Timelord, or Wizard? Wizard! Most definitely!
    4. Where are you from? (DON’T be a smart ass about this!) The USA, PA more specifically.
    5. You are trapped in a torture chamber with only a dully sharpened pencil, your cell phone which is being tracked by the one who captured you and has virtually no signal, and a cellphone charger. All of these items are in your pocket, though you cannot reach them. The guards are playing darts and you are the dart board. Every time they miss, a small electric shock is sent through the chains that are holding you against the wall.The torture chamber is small, dark, and has one exit, which is heavily guarded. How do you escape? First, how the hell do you even come up with these things? I guess I would try bargaining with the guard. Ask him/her his motives and what I did to deserve the torture. If it seems justifiable, I’d accept my fate.
    6. Where do you WISH you were from? (DON’T be a smart ass!) CALIFORNIA!!!!! In state tuition! Whoo!!
    7. How many things? How many things what?
    8. Favorite thing to do when bored? Tumblr, draw, paint, and read! :)
    9. If you could do whatever you wanted with your life and money didn’t matter. what would you do? Live in California, meet famous people, travel the world, spend my days drawing and painting.
    10. Favorite YouTube video? It’s not my favorite, but it makes me smile.
    11. For my last question, we will pretend it is opposite day and, thus, write your own question. and answer it. Ok, what are you excited for? TO BE DONE WITH FINALS!!!


    1. If you could hybridize two animals, what would they be?
    2. Are you satisfied with your current life? If not, what would you change?
    3. What advice would you give to your 10 year old self?
    4. Worst year of life? Why?
    5. Best year of life? Why?
    6. Guilty pleasure?
    7. Most visited tumblr blog?
    8. Disney or Nickelodeon?
    9. What’s one song that represents your childhood?
    10. Would you rather be friends with boys or girls?
    11. Any secret/hidden talents?

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