xxl night


So I’m at work bored and I had an idea. I watched Magic Mike XXL the other night for like the 100th time and it got me to thinking…

What five wrestlers do you think would be best for that job? Who would not only look sexy, but could dance sexy, connect with the women, just sell it in general?

My picks are Finn, Mojo, Seth, Tye and AJ….

Jack the Stripper

This took me a little while to write after being a little too inspired after a Magic Mike XXL movie night. Why the hell not? I don’t see any other good crossover about assassins as strippers. Inspired by Magic Mike XXL and [link]. Hope you enjoy!

Some nice visuals since they are heavily referenced. [X] [X] [X]

Gift for @thatonetenant the love loser of my life.

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Singing Helped Matt Bomer Strip in “Magic Mike XXL”  ( Late Night with Seth Meyers)