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Matsuhanaiwaoi headcanons

- every third sunday each month is movie night. They go to their nearest movie theater, order way too much food (popcorn, chips, gummy bears, XXL soft drinks, cookies..) and play Rock-paper-scissors to decide on the movie they’ll watch. (The last time they went to see ‘Miss peregrine’s home of peculiar children’. Matsukawa and Oikawa couldn’t stop laughing when the skeletons came to life and fought against the monsters.)
~(Iwa: I swear to god shittykawa, if you scream 'spoopy’ ONE MORE TIME I’m gonna kick your ass.)

- all of them have different sleeping habits, which made their bedtime routines/the nights kinda troublesome. For example; Oikawa likes to read before going to bed, usually at 1am. Matsukawa likes to go to bed as early as he can (usually 9pm), turning off all the lights and making the room as dark as he can. Oikawa recently bought a sleeping mask which he announced with “here is something for the sleeping beauty~ may he sleep in peace and stop fucking turning the lights off when I try to read.”
Another example; Hanamaki can’t stand the heat. At all. Of course he doesn’t like to freeze either but the temperature has to be “perfect™”. But Iwaizumi freezes easily, so the room has to be warm/almost hot. Hanamaki bought Iwaizumi a heating mat and two really thick and warm blankets, so they handled that too.

- Iwaizumi and Hanamaki can’t cook for shit. Really, they can’t. Okay, they can make ramen but that’s about it. Before Oikawa and Matsukawa moved in they always had to order pizza or chinese food, but now they get a warm and fresh meal almost every day. (Even though they’re both equally good at cooking, Oikawa is a tad better at making the desserts. No one can beat him at making his famous chocolate pudding. Iwaizumi cried the first time he ate it.)