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Please can I ask you how much is shipping with Taobao? A lot the clothes I've seen in your videos are super cute and I'd like to buy some. (≧◡≦)

it varies. i recommend SAL shipping. EMS is more expensive but is supposed to be the fastest and most reliable, but you really pay a premium for it. SAL packages start at £15 for the first kilo iirc, and you’ll have to check with your agent, and mine arrived to me in 2 weeks from ship date. that’s been my experience so far.

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Hello beautiful person! (✿◠‿◠) Once you get this you must share five random facts about yourself then pass this on to your 10 favourite followers! ❤

OMG! Thank you  really

I got this before already but I’ll try to share different facts about myself (that will be hard), so here we go:

1. I will be going to a lana del rey’s concert this year

2. I love summer, I mean, I LOVE summer. To me it is the best season because beach, party, small and comfortable clothing, activeness, hot weather 

3. I’m always late, yeah always

4. If I get more than one week without eating barbecue I get all like “barbecuuuuuueeee, I neeeed barbecuee 

5. I’m really bad in every game I play (except darkstone), still I love playing video games

See you cutie, bye bye