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Can you do a blurb where Gemma and Anne don't like Harry's girlfriend and think she's using him for money. Harry doesn't know and then finds out and is really upset about it


“Harry, how many times do I have to tell you?”

“That I’m the fittest bloke you’ve ever laid eyes on?” She could hear the smirk through the speaker of her phone, knowing that he knew damn well what she was talking about. “As many times as you want.”

“You know what I’m talking about.” She wasn’t angry, per se- just overwhelmed, for lack of better words, at how much he spoiled her. “Just because I remarked how nice a bracelet was last week doesn’t mean I wanted it.” She sighed, the sparkle of the diamond on said bracelet catching the sun from where she had it laid on the kitchen table in front of her. “And if I did happen to want it, I could buy it for myself.”

“Know you could.” He didn’t sound the slightest bit phased because she put up an argument every time. “Just wanted to spoil my girl,‘s that really such a crime?”

“Yes.” She was quick to answer. “I don’t want you thinking I’m only here for the gifts and the money.”

“I know you’re not.” He shook his head, despite knowing she couldn’t possibly see him. “But it’s my way of showing you how much you mean to me.”

Admittedly, it warmed her heart how much thought and love was behind each and every gift, none of them were ever just a splurge of money because he felt like he had to buy her over.

“And I’m really thankful, but I honestly don’t need gifts to see that you’re genuine about us.” Her voice was much softer now. “Just- promise me you’ll stop spending your money on me all the time? I really do appreciate it but it would make me much happier to see you spend it on one of your ridiculously expensive scarves or something.”

“A’right I promise.” He sighed jokingly, as if she was asking a lot off him. “I hope you know I’m only going to go crazy on your birthday and at Christmas, though.”

“I guess I can live with that.” She reasoned and he chuckled.

He was one of only a few others sitting in the departures lounge of the airport and he was thankful for his own space in the corner, happier to bicker with his girlfriend than to make small talk with anyone else. After speaking for a little while longer, the voice on the speaker announced his flight, notifying him that there was only five minutes until the gates closed.

“I’ve got to go love but I’ll see you later on.” He stood up, throwing his carry on over his shoulder and making his way towards his gate.

“Ok, call me when you land safe.”

“Will do.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”


On her way to the airport, (y/n) decided she could kill a bit of time by calling in with Gemma as it would beat sitting on an uncomfortable metal bench for god knows how long until Harry’s flight came in. She also figured she could pick up his charger that he mentioned leaving there last week.

Having only been with Harry for just under 10 months, she had met Anne and Robin four times, Gemma three and Des just once. There was the whole formal ‘meet the parents’ meal a few months in and, afterwards, it was a rare occasion that she was able to travel with Harry to see them on his time off- she did have her own work commitments after all.

Despite that, she wasn’t entirely nervous about meeting with Gemma again; she seemed easy enough to talk to when Harry was present so she was sure going solo wouldn’t make a huge difference. After pulling up to the apartment block and being allowed to walk on ahead through by the security guard who had come to know who she was, she made it up to the fourth floor in a matter of minutes and gave a light knock on the oak-wood door.

“Hi!” She greeted the female clone of her boyfriend as soon as the door opened. “I was on my way to the airport to get Harry but figured I may as well drop in to say hello and pick up his charger for him.”

“Couldn’t he have done that once he landed?” She tried to ignore the bitter tone to her voice, deciding instead to laugh it off.

“He’s usually too tired to function after a long flight.” She laughed.

“I know.” She gave her a pointed look. “He’s been my brother longer than he’s been your boyfriend, y’know.”

This time, she decided to stay silent and chose not to address the bitterness in her voice. Without any further word, Gemma trudged back through her flat. Not knowing if she was welcome to follow or not, (y/n) hovered awkwardly by the doorway before deciding to just follow her anyway.

She could hear her talking to someone in the kitchen, but couldn’t make out – and didn’t really have an interest in- what they were saying.

“Hi, Anne.” She gave her a warm smile once realising who the voice belonged to on her arrival to the kitchen. “It’s lovely to see you again.”

“Thanks.” She gave her a tight lipped smile, not bothering to maintain any eye contact.

“I’ll just get that charger then-“

“New bracelet?” Anne nodded to the diamond link on her arm; the brand new one that had only arrived from Harry mere hours ago.

“Oh.” She looked down at it. “Yeah.”

“How’d you afford that?” The harshness in Gemma’s voice was painfully obvious now and (y/n) didn’t miss how her mother winced slightly at the tone she had certainly not been brought up to use, but she didn’t bother reprimanding her.

“Harry got it for me.”

“Of course he did.” She laughed a dry, bitter laugh. “Just like everything else you own.”

She was taken aback to say the least and couldn’t find any words to answer with, because what exactly could she answer with?

“What she means is that you seem to be getting an awful lot off Harry lately.” Anne tried to ease the awkward atmosphere in the room but didn’t back down on defending her son from someone she thought was taking advantage of him.

“I don’t-“

“I mean, if it’s not him taking you out everywhere and paying the bill every time, it’s you getting these expensive gifts off him.”

“I don’t ask him to.” She was making a poor effort at defending herself against the two strongly opinionated women, sounding nothing short of timid and nervous. “I don’t like when he buys me things all the time.”

“Sure you don’t.” Gemma rolled her eyes. “Listen, Harry’s an adult and neither of us two can tell him who or what he spends his hard earned money on. But we just wanted to make it clear that we can see you for exactly the way you are and we’ll never accept someone into the family who takes advantage of him.”


“No, Mum.” She snapped. “You said it yourself. Harry only thinks he’s in love and she’s taking advantage of that.”

She looked to Anne for confirmation that she hadn’t said such a thing after being so nice when Harry was there, but when her head stayed bowed down, eyes focused on the table, she took a deep breath and stuttered out a quiet “I’m sorry.” Before bolting to her car where she would be able to let out the hurt she was feeling.


Landed safe. Just getting my bags xx

In the café x

“Boo.” (y/n) jumped, startled from where she was in deep thought and didn’t have to fake the smile on her face when the familiar feeling of her boyfriend’s arms were engulfing her. “Well, somebody certainly missed me.” He laughed, placing a kiss on her forehead.

“I did.” She mumbled into his shirt.

“C’mon, let’s get home, yeah?” He suggested.

“Do you want a coffee before we go?” She asked, pulling a note from her purse that would cover the price of a coffee each.

“I’d love one, actually.” She stopped him when his hand went to the pocket of his jeans where he kept loose change.

“I’ll get it.”

“Love, ‘s only a coffee.” He smirked. “Am I not even allowed to treat you to that now?”

“Not when I’m fully capable of buying it myself Harry!” Her volume had increased slightly, but not to the point where she was drawing any unwanted attention to them. “I do have a job, you know.”

“I’m aware.” He spoke slowly, trying to read her expression.

“And could you please take this,” She pulled the bracelet off her wrist. “back? I’m sick of you throwing away all your hard earned money on me.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.” He placed his hands on her shoulders, forcing her to stay right where she was until he figured out what the hell was going on in her head. “What’s this all about? Where did you take this notion?”

“I’m not taking advantage of you.”

“No one said you were, poppet.”

Everyone says I am!”

“Well I don’t care what everyone says,” He shrugged. “I know you’re not.”

“You only-“ She took a shuddering breath in. “You only think you love me.” His face fell at her statement. “And I’m taking advantage of that.”

“No this isn’t-“ He shook his head. “This isn’t you. Is this the fans? I’ve told you not to look at what they’re saying.”

“No, it’s not the fans.”

“Who, then?”

She didn’t want to tell him; didn’t want to be the reason for a possible argument with his mother and sister. But the desperate look on his face made her want to take away all his worries.

“It doesn’t-“

“Who, (y/n)?” He was more stern now.

“Your mum and Gemma just pointed out a few things.” She swallowed. “I don’t blame them for thinking how they did.” He looked confused, angry and hurt that two of the people he cared most about were saying such things about one of the other people he cared deeply for. “It could be true-“

“It’s bullshit.” He asserted. “Complete and utter bullshit.”


“Let’s go home.”


Much later that night, Harry crawled into bed after having a shower and could tell by how his girlfriend was breathing that she wasn’t asleep, but was still facing away from him. He decided to give her space but laid one hand on her hip, tracing mindless little patterns.

“I called mum earlier.” She didn’t respond with words but he seen how her shoulders tensed up. “I made sure she knew how wrong that was of them to say such things about you.” Still no response. “She just worries sometimes but I’ll not let them speak to you like that again.”

“You didn’t have to do that.” Her voice was cracked with the emotion that had built up inside her all day.

“It’s because I love you.” He placed a kiss on her shoulder blade. “And I know I do.”

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Not even sure if it's on that list but I need pynch and things whispered into your skin you're so amazing I love u

thank you love xx

In Ronan Lynch’s mind this was his definition of a perfect night. 

He was in his childhood bed, just big enough for he and Adam to stay comfortable next to each other. The window was open, letting the cool air inside. Both Adam and Ronan were in their boxers that they slept in, Adam had started the night with an undershirt but Ronan had promptly removed that about twenty minutes ago. Sometime between that and Ronan beginning to slowly move his hand up and down Adam’s side, Adam stopped shivering from the slight cold air and his face was serene. 

They had no worries ahead of them. Adam’s term at the university had finished two weeks ago, and the summer was spreading out before them nicely. Ronan was beyond happy to have Adam home. 

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  • cancer.

Olá lindos (as), meu nome é Julia sou a nova moderadora da equipe zquadlocks e estarei ajudando aqui no tumblr, minha tag será: tagged/jubs. Espero que vocês gostem das minhas edições, estou muito feliz de estar ajudando. Se quiser conversar comigo mandem mensagem no meu twitter @gmzoxygen. Também tenho um tumblr random,caso você quiser dar uma olhada lá é este aqui . Beijos xx

In English: 
Hi dears, i’m a new member in the zquadlocks, my name is Julia. My tag is: /tagged/jubs. I hope you like my editions, i’m so happy to be here! If you want to talk you can rech me in my twitter acc @gmzoxygen i’ll be happy to meet you and make some new friends. Also, I have a tumblr random acc, if you want you can check it. this is the acc, xX

I’ll look after you

Sister Winchester - I’ll look after you

Pairings: Sam Winchester x Sister!reader

Y/A = Your age

Y/N = Your Name

Y/E/C = Your Eye Colour

Word Count: 1901

Warnings: Mental breakdowns and nightmares

Summary: You spend the day comforting Sam after he has a night of bad nightmares. Fluffy as I could make it. 

A/N: Sorry about not posting anything in ages. I’m getting a bit of writers block due to Netflix taking SPN off *cry*. Anyways I was working on a request and I am slowly getting through it but just needed a break from it and thought this might be a nice little fluffy thing. Oh and I am so sorry but I wont be writing anything for another 10 days because I am interstate with no wifi, sorry fam x. Also please excuse my poor grammatical and writing skills, I am half asleep here and it’s 1 in the morning lol, I do it for you guys thought. Love you long time xx

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In your Y/A years on this earth, you always saw your brother Sam as one of the most kind, caring and compassionate people you knew and loved. He was always laughing and joking around whilst also be a person you could rely on to give logical advice when you felt the world was against you. He was always there for you, from scuffed knees to breakups and bad grades and hunts. He always took care of you, even when you hadn’t said anything yet he would be able to read you like a book to know if something was wrong or not. You relied on him so much that you forgot how much he had been through himself.

However, today you noticed it. It was almost noon and you had not seen him around the bunker all morning. This was surprising because usually he was usually the one who had breakfast cooking when you woke up. Dean plodded into the kitchen with a newspaper under his arm looking for new hunts. You put down Dean’s coffee on the table, like you always did but Sam’s was now going cold.



“You haven’t seen Sam up, have you?”

Dean continued to flick through his paper unphased, “No I don’t think so. I haven’t seen him come out of his bedroom yet.”

That was pretty out of character for Sam. Slightly worried, you picked up Sam’s coffee and put it in the microwave to heat up, then wandered down to stand outside Sam’s door. It was shut and his room was silent, maybe he just slept in you optimistically hoped. You knocked on the door, “Sammy…you didn’t come for your morning coffee so I thought I’d just bring it to you” you sheepishly stated to the closed door. There was no answer so you awkwardly shuffled not knowing what exactly to do before placing the mug on the floorboards outside his room. You retreated but before reaching the study you turned around and quickly returned to Sam’s door, something just wasn’t right. “Sammy?” you softly spoke, “I’m just a bit worried”, no response you sighed, “I just want to make sure you are alright…So I’m coming in”. You fidgeted on the spot as nerves crept up your back. Your hand moved to the door handle and you slowly turned the knob. You creaked the door open to see the still Sam lying on his side on his bed. He was just having a sleep in you thought before you heard a small sob come from Sam. “Sammy?” you asked, “Oh Sammy, what’s wrong?” you walked round to Sam’s bed and knelt next to it. Sam continued to try and supress his shudders and sobs. He looked so vulnerable and broken you couldn’t help yourself reach out and help him. You moved a hand to brush Sam’s hanging hair from his eyes. After a couple of soft strokes, his own hand came up and held yours. He held your hand tight, using it to support himself with his eyes shut. You slowly moved yourself to sit on the bed and pulled Sam up to you and wrapped your arms around him. Sam’s large arms wrapped around you as he buried his face into the nook of your neck. You soothed his sobs and ran your hand through his long locks, untangling any knots from a day of staying in bed. With your other free hand, you rubbed soothing circles into his back, like he would when you were upset. You stayed like this for a while until he had calmed down. The shakes of his sobs subsided and his muscles relaxed, “Do you want to talk about it?” you asked whilst pulling him off your shoulder so you could look him in the eyes. They were red and puffy, his mouth gaped trying to find the words in answer but he was still in the clouds. “Hmm why don’t you have a shower first, that might make you feel better and wake you up a bit.” You suggested kindly. He nodded tiredly and you held his hands leading him to his bathroom. You got a new fluffy towel and turned the water on to a nice warm temperature. Sam looked so drain as he sat on the closed toilet seat as you prepared his shower. You stood him up and helped him out of his sweaty t-shirt, The nightmares are back you figured. You helped remove the bandages around his abdomen from past hunts and rolled them up. “Thanks sis” Sam hoarsely whispered. He had a slight upturn in the corner of his mouth but it soon dissolved again. He kept looking at you with desperation, as if you were about to disappear on you. You placed a hand on his cheek trying to comfort him again, “I will always look after you Sammy” you promised and planted a soft kiss on his cheek. Your heart warmed when you saw another small smile return to your sad brother’s face, “Alright I’ll leave you to do the rest and I’ll lay some clothes out in your room, okay?” You informed, Sam just nodded staring at you with puppy dig eyes, making it ten times harder to leave him.

He didn’t want you to leave. You held him together and being away from you, worried him. He missed you and the comfort you provided, was like no other. When you slid out of his bathroom he felt instantly alone. He needed you back to help pull the monkeys off his back, he needed you to keep the walls from collapsing on him. His breathing started to hitch and he tried to calm himself as he felt his demons creeping back, “Y/N? Are you still there?” he called out. “Yeah I’m right here honey. Are you alright? Did you want me to get you something?” You asked worried. Sam felt instantly better hearing your voice and felt the demons retreat. “Oh I-I was just wanted to know where you were” he admitted. “Oh” you were caught off guard, you didn’t really think anyone relied on you that much, it warmed your heart, “I’ll just be around here waiting. Call out if you need anything honey, but take as long as you need in there” You responded sincerely. “Yeah do you mind if…if you just, you know…stay close- It would just make me feel a lot better.” Sam sheepishly asked. Your heart felt like it was pouring out as you leant against the bathroom door, “Oh course Sammy, I will always be here”.

20 minutes later you heard Sam finally turn off the shower and that meant it was you time to leave his room so he could have some privacy whilst he changed. Sam stepped out of the steam filled bathroom feeling a lot better after your suggestion of the shower. He was surprised to see his bed made, with fresh folded clothes laying on the clean sheets. He looked around the room as he changed and saw you had also picked up his dirty washing and put his clean clothes back in cupboards and on hangers in his wardrobe. He sighed in disbelief of how lucky he was to have a sister like you. He pulled on his oldest but comfiest pair of Jeans, a t-shirt and his favourite plaid shirt which you bought for him, last Christmas. He laid back on his bed exhausted and waited for you to return.

Five minutes later, you returned with PB&J sandwiches and hot steaming hot chocolates. Sam sat upright staring into space whilst clutching one of his pillows in his arms, he didn’t even realise you had entered the room. “Hungry?” you asked, Sam was pulled out of his trance and moved his green eyes to your Y/E/C ones, you noticed his were duller then normal. His eyes were red and puffy again and a bit glassy. You felt a pang of guilt for leaving him unattended and hated to think that he felt so alone that he broke down in the time you were away. Sam stole his gaze away and stared down at his fidgeting fingers. You sat down on his bed and crawled to sit next to him, leaning on the headboard. You gave him one of the sandwiches and he ate it slowly with small bites. You watched him in the corner of you eye worryingly. He obviously wasn’t in the talking mood so you pulled his laptop up and put on ‘Stranger things’. You sat there for the rest of the day binge watching the series and you think it helped him, at least it got his mind off whatever he was upset about. He even laughed a couple times which was a bonus. It was nice just hanging out with your brother and doing something relaxing rather than life threatening for once. You finished the last episode and closed the laptop shut, “Time for bed Sammy” you yawned. You pulled the covers away from you and was about to retreat to your own room when Sam reached out and grabbed your wrist. You swung back around to see Sam’s puppy dog eyes, “Sorry umm… could you stay? Please. It’s just that I’m getting these nightmares and-”, “Of course Sammy, don’t worry. You don’t have to justify yourself to me” you smiled. Sam’s eyes softened and he exhaled in relief before making room again for you. Whilst hopping back into Sam’s bed you sunk down into the warm covers. Then finally Sam opened up, “They are worst then ever…the nightmares I mean…” He begun “Everything from Jess to Dad to Dean and the yellow eyed demon. Bad hunts and people I couldn’t save. Mum especially and…you…That’s always the worst.” He shuddered and gulped back the stone in his throat, “I remember every time I have let you down. Every time you have gotten hurt in a hunt and then the majority of the nightmares are ways that you die…over and over again. Like that time with Dean when we got stuck in Mystery Spot. I keep thinking I’m there at Mystery Spot, but with you instead,. But then Wednesday comes and your still dead and I don’t get another chance to save you” His voice was hitching as tears started to brim his eyes. “And I don’t know…I woke up and they felt so real. I was too scared to get up today and see if you were still here because I had lived through too many times of getting up and Dean telling me that you died last week, or last month or last year and then falling for it. There’s nothing that hurts me more than the idea of anything happening to you. That’s why I need you tonight. So I can wake up and know that it was all a dream” Sam bought up his hand to his face to wipe away grief tears. You felt guilty being the root of his nightmares and shuffled over and gave him a tight hug. Sam held you to his warm chest and that’s when you realised you were crying to. Sam now started to pat your hair and kiss your forehead until you both calmed down. Using Sam’s chest as a pillow, you listened to the soft rhythm of his heart beat as the two of you fell into peaceful slumbers.    

One small step

pairing: michael x paralyzed!y/n

word count: 1,936

requested! i actually loved this idea so fucking much oh my god and i ended up writing more than i planned oops

hope you enjoy xx

In all honesty, this is the moment you had nearly dreamed of all your life. Not just during your relationship with Michael, but as long as you could remember.

You weren’t paralyzed all your life, but in grade school you had developed a rare spinal cord disorder and lost your ability to walk entirely. All your time growing up, through middle and high school, you had always been jealous of how easily your friends walked about, not even thinking about putting one foot in front of the other. You were envious, needless to say, however when you were first diagnosed with the disorder, not all hope was lost. The doctors told you the chance of you walking again was definitely there, it would just take a bit of practice.

And every night you dreamed of just being able to stand on your own, let alone walk great distances. Just the simple act of standing amongst a group of people without sticking out like a sore thumb, sitting in your cumbersome wheelchair and always looking up at your friends above you, which you still haven’t grown used to. 

Meeting Michael was a whole other ballpark, though. Running into him one day–nearly running him over, rather–was the one thing you remembered about that day. Of course you were self conscious, meeting this stranger and doubting that he would ever think of you as a friend. And the idea of him asking you to be his girlfriend was even more of a shock to you; you were incredulous to the idea of anyone wanting to date you. But Michael fucking Clifford? He was unattainable in your eyes. Your life proved you wrong, as it seemed, and here you were.

When you first met, Michael was just another (extremely attractive) human you just so happened to run into. You weren’t familiarized with his background, his career, or anything like that. But with time, you slowly find out more and more about him, and you never would’ve thought you would be in any position dating a rockstar.

With the fame, of course there were fans. Supportive, haters, all the like. And at first you were wary that those certain people would be confused–some angry–that Michael would fall for someone he couldn’t even walk next to. But Michael had spoken out about it soon enough, and since then the fans seemed much more welcoming to you. 

Your kindness and warm smile proved you “worthy” of protecting Michael, being by his side and supporting him and his certainly demanding career path. 

Michael had asked many times for you to join him on tour, but you would deny it every time, not wanting to be an inconvenience to anyone, especially since going from city to city went at such a quick pace, you felt you would slow things down. 

But, what Michael didn’t know, is that you had been visiting a doctor and physical trainer to learn more about regaining the ability to walk again. You had been visiting the doctor for years before you met Michael, but he came into your life towards the end of your journey to learning to walk again, it seemed. 

This sparked an idea.

Michael’s birthday was approaching quicker than you realized, and the way his touring schedule fell, he would be performing the night of his birthday. He was on the other side of the country, New York City, to be exact. And after consulting it with your doctors, they concluded that a surprise trip to visit him would be possible–as long as your closest friend–Erin–tagged along just in case you needed any extra assistance.

And here you ended up, in a hotel room in downtown NYC, a few blocks away from Madison Square Garden where they would be performing tonight. The boys had performed their first sold out show here nearly 3 years ago, and every time they returned they felt the same sense of nostalgia amongst the foursome. It had been Luke’s birthday then, and now it was Michael’s turn for a birthday show.

Earlier, you had texted him a quick happy birthday message, saying how much you missed him and how you couldn’t wait to see him when he returns in the next coming months. You did everything in your power to make this believable, and he didn’t suspect a thing just like you wanted.

Your best friend laid sprawled out on her bed, mindlessly scrolling through her various social media platforms before she turned her head to you. “When did Zoe say she’d be here?”

“When the show starts so there’s no chance of Michael knowing I’m here before he went on.” You quickly explained. “So and hour or so?”

“Are you excited?” She asked, tossing her phone down and sitting up, giving her full attention to you.

You nodded and smiled widely. “Of course. I’m a little nervous though, like what if I get up on stage and I can’t do it?”

“You’ve taken some small steps before, right?” She inquired, to which you nodded. 

“Yeah, but it’s always been with Sarah.” I told her. “I haven’t really tried on my own because I’m scared that if I were to fall or something, that I wouldn’t be strong enough to get back up.”

“Believe me, Michael will be more than shocked to see you stand at the least. So either way, he’d be beyond proud of you.”

“I know…I’m just a little worried, y’know?” You said, playing with the hem of your sweater anxiously. “What if I embarrass myself in front of all of them? It’s a fucking sold out show, Erin.”

“I promise you, that won’t happen!” She told you. “Here, do you wanna get up and try walking over to me? Just as like a warm up?”

You couldn’t help but laugh a little, but you agreed, swinging your legs over the side of the bed and placing your feet on the carpet beneath you. Erin held her arms out a bit, just in case, and carefully you pushed yourself off of the bed you were sitting on, stabilizing yourself for a moment. Each time you stood up, you remembered the first time it happened, almost a year ago.

It was such an emotional day to you, and when you took your first step in years, you couldn’t help but cry. You imagined a deaf person hearing for the first time in your life feeling the same way as you in that very moment, or a blind person seeing. Regardless, you shocked yourself and the doctors as well, and leaving that day you knew that holding onto that small shred of hope was all worth it in the end. 

And now, you could take small steps.

You slowly bent your legs like your trainer had taught you, placing your foot in front of you and shifting your weight, putting yourself at ease somewhat. Erin’s mouth hung open, amazed at seeing you walk towards her, slowly put surely, all on your own. When you reached her, though, she stood up and pulled you into a hug, kissing the side of your face. “I’m so fucking proud of you, Y/N.”

“Thank you.” You said, hugging her back tightly. 

The next hour seemed to drag on as you waited for Zoe’s call, and when she rang, in a matter of minutes you were loading into a large black van outside of your hotel. 

The next half hour flew by, in your eyes, waiting backstage with adrenaline pumping through your veins as you talked amongst your boyfriend’s supporting acts, who were all excited for you to surprise Michael. 

“You wanna head backstage? We’re planning on having a really quick celebration for Michael after the next song so you want to be the first person he sees after the song ends.” Zoe told you, and you nodded.

The plan was for you to come out on stage, in your wheelchair just as Michael remembered you, but the real surprise would come when you would get up and walk over to him, embracing him. He would be incredibly happy to see you, no doubt, since it has been a couple months since the last time you had seen him before tour. 

You could hear the last chorus of “Castaway” being sung, the music blaring throughout the corridors leading backstage. Zoe offered to wheel you backstage, and you were hidden from Michael’s view as you waited for the signal for the surprise to begin.

And then, every light in the arena shut off, the crowd responding with wild cheers as they awaited to witness the next moment happen onstage. Just as the lights shut off, you caught sight of Michael’s head whipping around, confused at what was happening.

While it was still dark, Zoe wheeled you out, a cupcake with a candle lit in your hands being the only source of light.

His eyes fell on the small flame, and just as he quirked an eyebrow, the lights came back on and he nearly fell over at the sight of you. His first instinct was to run up to you and bend down to hug you, but you held the cupcake out to him with one hand and spoke into the microphone you were holding with the other. 

“Wait right there,” You instructed, handing him the cupcake as he stared at you with awaiting eyes, a grin creeping across his face with every passing second. 

You leaned over and flipped the foot pedals up to give you a place to stand, and Michael grew more confused. “Y/N, what are you–”

His voice trailed off, but you weren’t going to answer anyways. You pushed yourself up just like you had in your hotel room earlier, steadying yourself. At this moment, you hadn’t even realized the entire arena cheering for you, and when you did, you looked out into the audience with a confident grin, facing Michael once more. When you were finally stood up, he dropped the cupcake, not giving a damn about it (don’t worry, though, the flame blew out as it fell to the stage floor so nothing caught on fire). All he cared about was you.

And you took a step forward. One foot in front of the other. Step after step. Before you were right in front of Michael, an arm’s length away, and his eyes had tears glossing over. 

The next thing you knew and you were in Michael’s arms, his head buried into your neck as small tears fell onto your skin. You couldn’t help but cry too–but they were happy tears. No, they were ecstatic tears. Tears you cry when miracles happened. 

“Y/N, I’m so so fucking proud of you, angel.” He whispered to you. “I can’t…this is just–the best thing. I can’t believe it.”

You looked up at him, shaking your head and letting out a quiet laugh. “I’m so happy, Michael.” You told him, knowing for sure 

“I’m so glad to hear that, Y/N. And this…I’m so happy for you. This is absolutely incredible.” He said, looking up and down your body, marveling at how you were standing there, in his arms, and you had done it all on your own. “You’re so strong, angel. You don’t know how proud I am of you.”

He pulled you into another tight hug, pressing kisses to your cheek. And you held onto him, never wanting to let go.

“You lied to me” & “If you die, I’m gonna kill you.” (Sam x Reader, fluff, requested drabble)

I tried to make this super angsty but it got so messy and long and I didn’t like how it was turning out so I just totally changed it haha hope you don’t mind it’s super fluffy (literally) can you tell I love dogs xx

In which Sam has a surprise for you and is completely clueless.

Word Count: 1,324


When you heard a famous archaeologist was going to be in town for a lecture, you absolutely had to go. You were convinced Sam was going to come along too, but as usual he was busy. He’d been working late nights with Sully constantly lately, and you’d be lying if you said it wasn’t starting to get on your nerves. You trusted him, but the past couple weeks you two had barely had any time to spend together. He would come home after dinner, wash up and go to bed. Something was off, but you’d convinced him to at least pick you up after the lecture.

You glance down at your watch. He’s ten minutes late.

Another five minutes later when your old Suburu Forester rolls into the parking lot, Sam scans the area as he gets out of the car. You think he’s looking for you, but he walks to the trunk and opens it, leaning inside. You can see him talking to someone as you walk toward him. He hasn’t noticed you yet.

“Okay, okay, I know the car is scary, sweetie, but if you die, I’m gonna kill you, got it?” you hear him say as you walk up to the car, stress lacing his voice. You stop with your hand on the handle of the passenger seat door. Sweetie?

“Um, everything okay, babe?” you say, and he looks up quickly, slamming the trunk shut.

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                                          HAPPY NEW YEAR!

                         (  & happy birthday to my muse, moon yerin )

❝ May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art – write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself. ❞

you have made it to the end of 2016. through another year of obstacles, challenges, difficulties. thank you. for arriving here safely. for choosing to persevere through your journey when the door to giving up was presented to you on many occasions. breathe. relax. celebrate. allow yourself to bask in this year’s successes. in your accomplishments.

i am sending you all my gratitude. your motivation to weave a story for your beautiful muses while venturing on your own, real odysseys, is already a feat like no other. you must be tired. let me thank you for writing. for breathing life into ideas. for inspiring me to improve in this art.

i am sending you all my love in light of your contributions toward creating this safe haven. because each and every one of you have welcomed me with kindness from your souls.  warmth and love from your hearts.

may the universe offer you love. benevolence. sweetness. at every turn around every road.  

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anonymous asked:

I've never been able to figure out their living situation in Austin. Do you think the Js live apart in their separate houses or they stay in a guest house together while the wives and children live in the main houses?

I think they spend time at both houses. Though, I think they stay mostly at Jensen’s.

Both houses are quite big. I think the wives, kids, & the Js all use the main houses as well as the guest houses. It depends on where they want to be, where the others are, who is visiting, & whether they’re getting along.

Jared’s Austin house



He has a main house with 5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, 5 living rooms. The guest house includes 2 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, theater room, wine room, & exercise room.


He has posted pics & video of him in the theater room. X X X

In Jared’s McDonald’s ad, he was seen in the exercise room.

When Jared was in Canada filming, Gen used the exercise room. Her trainer posted pictures & videos





In the article about his Austin home, Jared says his home office is his favorite room. It’s where he first goes when he gets home. He said he’s “free of [his] worldly responsibilities” in there. X 

Gen says that it’s his space. When he sees her stuff in there, he throws it out the door without telling her.

Gen has taken a picture in there when Jared wasn’t home. X

Jared had her pose with him in the office too X

Pics of Jared in the office X X X

During thanksgiving 2012, Jared had a family gathering that he invited a fan to. Fan posted this pic of them at the guest house 


In Jared’s Minute Maid ad, you can see that they covered 2 framed pictures with other photos.

Jensen’s Austin house







Switched [c.h.] // pt.2

pairing: calum x reader

word count: 1,993

wow this took forever to write god im sorry,,, just a lot has been going on

150 notes and ill write another part? is that possible friends? idk im gonna write a part 3 anyways im not stupid

requests are always open! hope you enjoy xx

in case you missed part one you can find it here

Sitting there, staring at his best friend and scared to try and say a word to him, Michael watched Calum pace around the room rambling about how his life was going to be over.

“She’s gonna be a freshmen and orientation ends tomorrow and how the fuck am I supposed to figure out who she is, track her down, and get my book back. What if it wasn’t even hers? What if it was her friend’s and she was just holding it for her and the slim chance that I do run into her, she doesn’t have the book on her because she had given it back to her friend and she’s already gone? What am I going to do then?”

Calum, for the first time in what seemed like an hour to Michael, had shut his mouth, so Michael took the initiative to speak. But right when he opened his mouth, Calum was hit with another wave of anxiety and frustration, and continued with his little spiel. “It’s not like I can just—”

“Calum, would you just sit down and shut the fuck up?” Michael said, interrupting him and nearly shouting to catch his attention.

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bts +  화양연화² (5/7) - cr. xx

In your eyes, how do you think I’m doing right now
How do you think I am?

I want to ask the several people who prayed for me to screw up
Does it seem like my home is going broke, you bastards.


Excerpt“What else would it be, Phil?” Dan chuckles a little darkly. “In the end, I fucked up on love and I guess it’s something I treasure because I at least fucked up on love with you, not anybody else.”

Summary: Dan Howell likes to pretend someone he isn’t. But then Phil Lester comes along and suddenly he feels like a wilted flower after a rain shower.

Genre: u will cry au (a sliver of fluff)

Warning: death, mentions of alcohol, lots of swearing, very bad writing, sex, sad

Words: it;s like 10k

A/N: daed. i wrote this in like, two nights :=))). super late too!! HAHAHA :=))) hope u enjoy ur tears guys :=))) s/o to my waifu @asianellenpage​ to beta when my orig. beta was unavailable!! (s/o too to my troye boy for inspiring this fic + fall out boy’s disloyal order of water buffaloes bC REALLY IT REALLY GOT STARTED FROM THAT SONG) SHOUT OUT TOO TO MY ARTIST AND THEIR ART

“You alright there, mate?”

Dan Howell doesn’t answer.

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WestAllen + Facebook XX

In which Barry and Iris prank each other. Happy April Fools!

Edit: A larger version of Barry’s new profile picture can be found here