In bed with... Jaebum


Anon: Hello! Can you do the “In Bed With _____” Jaebum please? Thanks

Anon: Hey I just read your “how Jackson would be like in bed?” and it’s fucking awesome!!💕💕 gimme a high five!🖑👏👏👏💕💕 I also wanted to know if you could do it for JB if it’s not a problem? Thank you 💕💕💙💙💙💕💕💕 

Anon: Hey I really liked your “how would Jackson be in bed” and I was wondering if u could do it for JB please 😁

Hello multiple Anon’s! Thank you for requesting this! I literally think JB is not even human seriously he’s so goodlooking and charismatic wtf

TBH I’m not very pleased with myself with this :’-( I think i may come back later to improve it (and I’ll reblog it if I do!) 

Anyway… please do enjoy it! Bisous, Flo xx

In bed with… Series

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I’ll look after you

Sister Winchester - I’ll look after you

Pairings: Sam Winchester x Sister!reader

Y/A = Your age

Y/N = Your Name

Y/E/C = Your Eye Colour

Word Count: 1901

Warnings: Mental breakdowns and nightmares

Summary: You spend the day comforting Sam after he has a night of bad nightmares. Fluffy as I could make it. 

A/N: Sorry about not posting anything in ages. I’m getting a bit of writers block due to Netflix taking SPN off *cry*. Anyways I was working on a request and I am slowly getting through it but just needed a break from it and thought this might be a nice little fluffy thing. Oh and I am so sorry but I wont be writing anything for another 10 days because I am interstate with no wifi, sorry fam x. Also please excuse my poor grammatical and writing skills, I am half asleep here and it’s 1 in the morning lol, I do it for you guys thought. Love you long time xx

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In your Y/A years on this earth, you always saw your brother Sam as one of the most kind, caring and compassionate people you knew and loved. He was always laughing and joking around whilst also be a person you could rely on to give logical advice when you felt the world was against you. He was always there for you, from scuffed knees to breakups and bad grades and hunts. He always took care of you, even when you hadn’t said anything yet he would be able to read you like a book to know if something was wrong or not. You relied on him so much that you forgot how much he had been through himself.

However, today you noticed it. It was almost noon and you had not seen him around the bunker all morning. This was surprising because usually he was usually the one who had breakfast cooking when you woke up. Dean plodded into the kitchen with a newspaper under his arm looking for new hunts. You put down Dean’s coffee on the table, like you always did but Sam’s was now going cold.



“You haven’t seen Sam up, have you?”

Dean continued to flick through his paper unphased, “No I don’t think so. I haven’t seen him come out of his bedroom yet.”

That was pretty out of character for Sam. Slightly worried, you picked up Sam’s coffee and put it in the microwave to heat up, then wandered down to stand outside Sam’s door. It was shut and his room was silent, maybe he just slept in you optimistically hoped. You knocked on the door, “Sammy…you didn’t come for your morning coffee so I thought I’d just bring it to you” you sheepishly stated to the closed door. There was no answer so you awkwardly shuffled not knowing what exactly to do before placing the mug on the floorboards outside his room. You retreated but before reaching the study you turned around and quickly returned to Sam’s door, something just wasn’t right. “Sammy?” you softly spoke, “I’m just a bit worried”, no response you sighed, “I just want to make sure you are alright…So I’m coming in”. You fidgeted on the spot as nerves crept up your back. Your hand moved to the door handle and you slowly turned the knob. You creaked the door open to see the still Sam lying on his side on his bed. He was just having a sleep in you thought before you heard a small sob come from Sam. “Sammy?” you asked, “Oh Sammy, what’s wrong?” you walked round to Sam’s bed and knelt next to it. Sam continued to try and supress his shudders and sobs. He looked so vulnerable and broken you couldn’t help yourself reach out and help him. You moved a hand to brush Sam’s hanging hair from his eyes. After a couple of soft strokes, his own hand came up and held yours. He held your hand tight, using it to support himself with his eyes shut. You slowly moved yourself to sit on the bed and pulled Sam up to you and wrapped your arms around him. Sam’s large arms wrapped around you as he buried his face into the nook of your neck. You soothed his sobs and ran your hand through his long locks, untangling any knots from a day of staying in bed. With your other free hand, you rubbed soothing circles into his back, like he would when you were upset. You stayed like this for a while until he had calmed down. The shakes of his sobs subsided and his muscles relaxed, “Do you want to talk about it?” you asked whilst pulling him off your shoulder so you could look him in the eyes. They were red and puffy, his mouth gaped trying to find the words in answer but he was still in the clouds. “Hmm why don’t you have a shower first, that might make you feel better and wake you up a bit.” You suggested kindly. He nodded tiredly and you held his hands leading him to his bathroom. You got a new fluffy towel and turned the water on to a nice warm temperature. Sam looked so drain as he sat on the closed toilet seat as you prepared his shower. You stood him up and helped him out of his sweaty t-shirt, The nightmares are back you figured. You helped remove the bandages around his abdomen from past hunts and rolled them up. “Thanks sis” Sam hoarsely whispered. He had a slight upturn in the corner of his mouth but it soon dissolved again. He kept looking at you with desperation, as if you were about to disappear on you. You placed a hand on his cheek trying to comfort him again, “I will always look after you Sammy” you promised and planted a soft kiss on his cheek. Your heart warmed when you saw another small smile return to your sad brother’s face, “Alright I’ll leave you to do the rest and I’ll lay some clothes out in your room, okay?” You informed, Sam just nodded staring at you with puppy dig eyes, making it ten times harder to leave him.

He didn’t want you to leave. You held him together and being away from you, worried him. He missed you and the comfort you provided, was like no other. When you slid out of his bathroom he felt instantly alone. He needed you back to help pull the monkeys off his back, he needed you to keep the walls from collapsing on him. His breathing started to hitch and he tried to calm himself as he felt his demons creeping back, “Y/N? Are you still there?” he called out. “Yeah I’m right here honey. Are you alright? Did you want me to get you something?” You asked worried. Sam felt instantly better hearing your voice and felt the demons retreat. “Oh I-I was just wanted to know where you were” he admitted. “Oh” you were caught off guard, you didn’t really think anyone relied on you that much, it warmed your heart, “I’ll just be around here waiting. Call out if you need anything honey, but take as long as you need in there” You responded sincerely. “Yeah do you mind if…if you just, you know…stay close- It would just make me feel a lot better.” Sam sheepishly asked. Your heart felt like it was pouring out as you leant against the bathroom door, “Oh course Sammy, I will always be here”.

20 minutes later you heard Sam finally turn off the shower and that meant it was you time to leave his room so he could have some privacy whilst he changed. Sam stepped out of the steam filled bathroom feeling a lot better after your suggestion of the shower. He was surprised to see his bed made, with fresh folded clothes laying on the clean sheets. He looked around the room as he changed and saw you had also picked up his dirty washing and put his clean clothes back in cupboards and on hangers in his wardrobe. He sighed in disbelief of how lucky he was to have a sister like you. He pulled on his oldest but comfiest pair of Jeans, a t-shirt and his favourite plaid shirt which you bought for him, last Christmas. He laid back on his bed exhausted and waited for you to return.

Five minutes later, you returned with PB&J sandwiches and hot steaming hot chocolates. Sam sat upright staring into space whilst clutching one of his pillows in his arms, he didn’t even realise you had entered the room. “Hungry?” you asked, Sam was pulled out of his trance and moved his green eyes to your Y/E/C ones, you noticed his were duller then normal. His eyes were red and puffy again and a bit glassy. You felt a pang of guilt for leaving him unattended and hated to think that he felt so alone that he broke down in the time you were away. Sam stole his gaze away and stared down at his fidgeting fingers. You sat down on his bed and crawled to sit next to him, leaning on the headboard. You gave him one of the sandwiches and he ate it slowly with small bites. You watched him in the corner of you eye worryingly. He obviously wasn’t in the talking mood so you pulled his laptop up and put on ‘Stranger things’. You sat there for the rest of the day binge watching the series and you think it helped him, at least it got his mind off whatever he was upset about. He even laughed a couple times which was a bonus. It was nice just hanging out with your brother and doing something relaxing rather than life threatening for once. You finished the last episode and closed the laptop shut, “Time for bed Sammy” you yawned. You pulled the covers away from you and was about to retreat to your own room when Sam reached out and grabbed your wrist. You swung back around to see Sam’s puppy dog eyes, “Sorry umm… could you stay? Please. It’s just that I’m getting these nightmares and-”, “Of course Sammy, don’t worry. You don’t have to justify yourself to me” you smiled. Sam’s eyes softened and he exhaled in relief before making room again for you. Whilst hopping back into Sam’s bed you sunk down into the warm covers. Then finally Sam opened up, “They are worst then ever…the nightmares I mean…” He begun “Everything from Jess to Dad to Dean and the yellow eyed demon. Bad hunts and people I couldn’t save. Mum especially and…you…That’s always the worst.” He shuddered and gulped back the stone in his throat, “I remember every time I have let you down. Every time you have gotten hurt in a hunt and then the majority of the nightmares are ways that you die…over and over again. Like that time with Dean when we got stuck in Mystery Spot. I keep thinking I’m there at Mystery Spot, but with you instead,. But then Wednesday comes and your still dead and I don’t get another chance to save you” His voice was hitching as tears started to brim his eyes. “And I don’t know…I woke up and they felt so real. I was too scared to get up today and see if you were still here because I had lived through too many times of getting up and Dean telling me that you died last week, or last month or last year and then falling for it. There’s nothing that hurts me more than the idea of anything happening to you. That’s why I need you tonight. So I can wake up and know that it was all a dream” Sam bought up his hand to his face to wipe away grief tears. You felt guilty being the root of his nightmares and shuffled over and gave him a tight hug. Sam held you to his warm chest and that’s when you realised you were crying to. Sam now started to pat your hair and kiss your forehead until you both calmed down. Using Sam’s chest as a pillow, you listened to the soft rhythm of his heart beat as the two of you fell into peaceful slumbers.    

In bed with... Kihyun


Anon: in bed with kihyun pls?? 💞 love your reactions a lot btw

Anon: Could you do a “How Kihyun would be in bed? ”

Hi Anon! Thank you for requesting! I hope you enjoy reading this. Please send in more requests and feedback! 

Also, thank you for 300 followers! Not many, but enough for me, thank you :-0

Bisous, Flo xx

In bed with… Series:

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Switched [c.h.] // pt.2

pairing: calum x reader

word count: 1,993

wow this took forever to write god im sorry,,, just a lot has been going on

150 notes and ill write another part? is that possible friends? idk im gonna write a part 3 anyways im not stupid

requests are always open! hope you enjoy xx

in case you missed part one you can find it here

Sitting there, staring at his best friend and scared to try and say a word to him, Michael watched Calum pace around the room rambling about how his life was going to be over.

“She’s gonna be a freshmen and orientation ends tomorrow and how the fuck am I supposed to figure out who she is, track her down, and get my book back. What if it wasn’t even hers? What if it was her friend’s and she was just holding it for her and the slim chance that I do run into her, she doesn’t have the book on her because she had given it back to her friend and she’s already gone? What am I going to do then?”

Calum, for the first time in what seemed like an hour to Michael, had shut his mouth, so Michael took the initiative to speak. But right when he opened his mouth, Calum was hit with another wave of anxiety and frustration, and continued with his little spiel. “It’s not like I can just—”

“Calum, would you just sit down and shut the fuck up?” Michael said, interrupting him and nearly shouting to catch his attention.

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bts +  화양연화² (5/7) - cr. xx

In your eyes, how do you think I’m doing right now
How do you think I am?

I want to ask the several people who prayed for me to screw up
Does it seem like my home is going broke, you bastards.

“You lied to me” & “If you die, I’m gonna kill you.” (Sam x Reader, fluff, requested drabble)

I tried to make this super angsty but it got so messy and long and I didn’t like how it was turning out so I just totally changed it haha hope you don’t mind it’s super fluffy (literally) can you tell I love dogs xx

In which Sam has a surprise for you and is completely clueless.

Word Count: 1,324


When you heard a famous archaeologist was going to be in town for a lecture, you absolutely had to go. You were convinced Sam was going to come along too, but as usual he was busy. He’d been working late nights with Sully constantly lately, and you’d be lying if you said it wasn’t starting to get on your nerves. You trusted him, but the past couple weeks you two had barely had any time to spend together. He would come home after dinner, wash up and go to bed. Something was off, but you’d convinced him to at least pick you up after the lecture.

You glance down at your watch. He’s ten minutes late.

Another five minutes later when your old Suburu Forester rolls into the parking lot, Sam scans the area as he gets out of the car. You think he’s looking for you, but he walks to the trunk and opens it, leaning inside. You can see him talking to someone as you walk toward him. He hasn’t noticed you yet.

“Okay, okay, I know the car is scary, sweetie, but if you die, I’m gonna kill you, got it?” you hear him say as you walk up to the car, stress lacing his voice. You stop with your hand on the handle of the passenger seat door. Sweetie?

“Um, everything okay, babe?” you say, and he looks up quickly, slamming the trunk shut.

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You’ve Got Mail (She Loves Me) Pt. 12

Re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re:

Wanheda’s response is so simple, so to the point, that it sears into Lexa.

Make it right. Or walk away.

She places her phone back on the table in front of her and sighs. Pushing Clarke and Arkadia far from her mind. Choosing in that instant to walk away, focus on her plan, her store, her life here and now.

She can’t undo what has already been done.

It doesn’t do anyone any good to dwell.

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