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0: Emotionally unavailable dudes

2: #Allcity

Ran into cali love on Saturday, I got soaked in the down pour, but it was good because I was walking around and thinking. We wound up @ the same spot. I was just trying to dry off and make sure my devices weren’t ruined.

Peep game. I saw him, spoke, but kept my distance. You say you want to remain cool, for me cool is civil, but it ain’t like before.

I gives you space.

Peep game. He dipped, and I was literally working, tying to map out whether the function of Black women storytellers functioned as a kind of pre internet internet. ALSO, I read an analysis of The Women of Brewsters Place that was SOOOO cold, that I want to watch it again this week.

Anyhoo, the first hug, when we ran into each other was a saved hug, like church.

When he came back and saw me the second time, I got the hand in the small of my back and “I am about to leave do you want a ride home.” I was like I am good, no thank you. Then I got a second offer. The offer was genuine, but not for nothing, I already had a ride. A. B, that ain’t his job. C. Imma have to tell him to not touch me like that because that small of the back move marks access. That has been revoked.

mqueez Said he craved the attention but is repelled by commitment. Oh lawd she said a word, and she was right. Thank God for really perceptive friends.


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All Jeagers
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All Jeagers - YourDaftHero


Crew of six triple digits drinking for the right fix
Pack of wolves posted to scratch you off the hit list
Mismanaged mischief caused from these misfits
Clenched fists steady swinging, 3hunna, never miss

Boasting bliss, gang of X arm bandits in bandage
The deeds are done and the proof’s in the brain damage
Dip quick before you lose your other eye Slick Rick
Vanquish vermin in the smoke, no rabbits or cheap tricks

Fluent in this easy speak, poetry easily 
Reached that God Tier in SBURB all too recently
Dr.Daft, therapist, go and grab a number 
Kill your favorite actor and post it up on tumblr

Can’t defeat this, a foe for the fiendish
Never roll green, Joe I’ll will show ya what mean is
Winchester, headshot, pile up the demons
Cruise in that Impala then impale those unredeeming

Linguistic skills set to simply lacerate 
Finger gun to my temple, pow! Langdon, Tate
Fuck in fear and faith, the sisters all foretold my fate
Excel at the highest rate via sonic like accelerated rate

Hey, mate, watch who you talking to
Cause who you confiding in might be who I’m talking through
Top notch slew of sinners might’ve coined a con two
Roll through on my Kudo, cased closed kid, super sleuth

Yeah, all jaegers over here
Intention is killer with my rendezvous maneuver gear
Tell your girl bail unless she’s cool with me whispering “I’m so fucked up” right into her ear

Sugoi squad snuffing many sinners
Rolling over pros and this kawaii kid’s no beginner
Brass monkey in a grail and crown top the dome
With baseball bats and skates, ya paranoid we by ya home?

Whiff and top the cancer off in the ashtray 
Skip to the point, no foreplays my forte
Daft the Killer, well known to what foes say
Though I fall further into death from this forty

But don’t I do it often but when I jump out the coffin
My skin wraps the spliff, I light it and get to coughing
And damn these Yeezys so steezy on my dead ass bony feet
Fly to death but came back cause I’m nowhere near obsolete