Fonts of the Month: April

April is over, and as usual here are (arguably) the best fonts released in this past month. You will find new proposals for sans serif, serif, slab, script, handmade, display fonts that fits in every project that you can and can’t imagine.

 Click on the name of your favourite font, don’t lose any detail:

  1. Neue Haas Unica by Linotype
  2. Freeland by Trial by Cupcakes (30% off)
  3. Asterism Clean by Great Lakes Lettering (50% off)
  4. XXII Awesome Script by Doubletwo Studios
  5. Burford Rustic by Kimmy Design (60% off)
  6. TT Chocolates by TypeType (85% off)
  7. Cera Pro by type me! fonts (50% off)
  8. Sybilla by Karandash (75% off)
  9. Aristelle by My Creative Land (30% off)
  10. Webnar by The Northerm Block Ltd (70% off)
  11. Go Gipsy by Latinotype (65% off)
  12. Mina Chic by Resistenza (40% off)
  13. Amelia Rounded by TypoType (90% off)
  14. Adorn Smooth by Laura Worthington
  15. Solitas by insigne (85% off)
  16. Merlo Round by Btazej Ostoja Lniski (90% off)
  17. Windsong by TypeSETit
  18. Nord by Letterwek
  19. Spills by Comicraft (50% off)
  20. Sant’Elia Script by Yellow Design Studio (72% off)
  21. Chronica Pro by Mostardesign
  22. Filt Pro by Martin Lexelius Core
  23. Astoria by Alan Meeks (30% off)
  24. LiebeLotte by Liebefonts (30% off)

XXII YeahScript – Our awesome new brush script font is now available exclusively on MyFonts. This font with its large range of alternates fits great for any kind of signpainter job. It is designed to easily create cool logos, headlines and text phrases within a blink of an eye. Just open your glyphspalette and simply chose the alternates that fits best to your creation. Lots of swashes alternates and linestrokes will help you to complete your unique designs.

Get it here:

Learn more here:

25 things i will never apologize for:

I growing up and changing

II changing my opinions

III the clothes that i wear

IV the way i carry myself

V the friendships i have made

VI my priorities

VII shying away from those who use me

VIII giving my attention to people who make me happy

IX demanding respect

X saying no

XI the way my body looks

XII telling the truth

XIII the tears i have shed

XIV not clinging to people who trivialize my feelings and worth

XV the self worth and doubt i foster

XVI relying on myself instead of others

XVII sticking up for myself

XVIII speaking my mind

XIX not paying enough attention

XX moving past memories that hurt you

XXI disagreeing with someone

XXII acting without reason

XXIII loving someone

XXIV taking care of myself

XXV being happy