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Warnings: language i think

You didn’t want to look down. Never. But you knew that you had to, you knew that you couldn’t ignore it forever. You were sitting on the toilet in your and Jared’s apartment. You weren’t wearing anything but your panties and one of Jared’s shirts. You hadn’t planned this, you didn’t even know if he really loved you.

You had only been seeing him for a year and living with him for about five months. But you knew that he always wanted to have you around, even backstage at interviews sometimes. You smiled to yourself as you thought about the night you met him.

It was raining and you were running down a street in your high heels, trying to make it to a meeting in time. You opened the door to the hotel where the your meeting would be held and ran to the elevator. A Man in a white shirt and black pants stepped out as you stepped into the elevator, making you tumble over, making one of your heels break.

“Shit, I’m so sorry” the man stopped the doors from closing and stepped inside the elevator to help you catch your balance as a big smile formed on his lips.

“Jared Leto”  He said and gave you his hand. You just mumbled your name back what made him laugh at you. You looked up to see the most beautiful eyes you had ever see. He smiled as you tried to break the minute long eye contact.

“I’ll buy you new ones, don’t worry” You smiled and thanked him as you said:

“I’m really sorry but I’m late to a meeting” He smiled and pushed the button for the floor with a conference room in.

“Let me take you out for a drink Y/N, and we can talk about your shoes” He said as the elevator moved.

“I would like that” You said as the door opened.

“meet me at the bar downstairs in an hour maybe?” He said as you walked towards the room you were heading.

“Sounds good” you said as the doors closed behind you.

Your smile faded as you heard a little beep. You opened your eyes and looked at the stick in your hand. It was positive. You took a deep breath. Tears. Were they happy or sad tears? Would abortion be an option? no maybe not. You didn’t even know what he would say.

“Honey, are you okay?” Jared’s voice made you drop the test on the floor. Fuck. He wasn’t supposed to be awake yet.

“Yeah” you said and wiped your tears.

“Come back to bed” he wined. You stayed quiet. It was now or never and you knew it. You just had to take a few deep breaths. You threw away the test in the bathroom trash before unlocking the door. He was standing outside of the bathroom door when you came out and gripped your arms softly. He was shirtless, only wearing his boxers.

“Look at me” he said as he carefully placed his hand against your cheek as he made you face him. You took a deep breath.

“I have to sit down?” You said, hands shaking.

“What’s wrong?” He followed you to you bedroom where the both of you sat down on the bed. He put on his robe before took your hands in his. A tear slipped down your cheek as you looked him in the eyes. He looked frightened. He squeezed your hand as you kept repeating

“I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry” He looked at you and suddenly he was gone. His hands flew up to his head. You were a little taken aback by his sudden behaviour. You looked at him as he started to walk through the room with his hands to his head. You were about to say something when he started mumbling something and then suddenly, making you jump yellig:
“Who?” He looked like he were about to cry. “I’m sorry but I can’t…I love you” He said, calming down.

“What?” You breathed out. He didn’t look at you. Suddenly it all came to you. You stood up and looked at your boyfriend.

“Jared, That’s not what happened. I didn’t cheat on you…I’m- I’m pregnant.” You finally said feeling how scared you got. You couldn’t face him. You sat down on your bed, looking at your hands again. You could feel his eyes on you. A few tears made their way down your cold cheek.

“We don’t need to keep it” You sobbed. You could feel him sit down next to you. His warm hand to your cheek once again as he dried your tears with his thumb. Before you knew it, he kissed you. You needed his warm dry lips right now. 

You kissed him like he was the only thing that could keep you alive and if you broke the kiss you felt like you would die. He broke it and pulled you close to him. You sobbed against his toned chest as he stroke your hair, trying to calm you down. He broke the silence by whispering “I love you” in your ear. He let go of you and looked you in the eyes with a big smile on his lips.

“Y/N,We’re having a baby…You could never make me more happy. I love you like I have never loved anyone and I want this baby more than anything. He or she is a creation by us” He said as he took your hands, his whole face shining of happiness. You cleared your throat.

“You really want this baby?”

“Of course, I’ve wanted to start a family with you since the day i met you. Maybe it’s a little early but we’ll make it. Together” You didn’t know what to say so you stayed silent. You laid down under the covers together as he hugged you.

“How long have you known?” He whispered.

“Well i started to get worried when my boobs grew and it got difficult to fit in my jeans.” The both of you laughed a little.  He lifted your shirt a bit and kissed your belly.

“Do you believe this?” You whispered as he let his hand brush over your stomach.

“Well everything is possible I guess” He said and kissed you.

American Woman

PAIRING: Reader x Steve Rogers -(mentions of past reader x Tony)


WARNINGS: swearing, little bit of angst! 

Request from @highchu​ - Hey doll! May I request Steve Rogera x reader based on Lenny Kravitz “American Woman”? Ps!Your writing is amasing and your cute af 😚

I’m now obsessed with this song I listened to it that much for inspiration lol, Enjoy xx


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Huh, American woman, stay away from me
American woman, mama let me be

One of the many things that Steve had to get use to the idea of waking up seventy years in the future was women. It was still a foreign concept to him; even after the serum he generated a lot of female attention. But when he was the skinny kid from Brooklyn he had Bucky to take the role of womanizer. Steve liked to think he had a type when it came to the opposite sex. Someone who was strong and independent, someone who wasn’t afraid to stand up for what was right, maybe that’s why he fell for Peggy all those years ago. But he missed his chance making the decision to put the fait of the word before his and Peggy’s. Now he had a new team of hero’s to look out for and that included you. 

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Malec Prompt list [No. 1]

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Hey guys,

another collab between me and @malec-luv and this time we have a prompt list. There are so many great fanfics already but we thought, why not add to it by giving the great authors in our fandom a few prompts, so here we go:

1.Even with the threat of Valentine eradicated, the Soul Sword is still missing and Alec and Magnus prepare for battle along with the rest of the Shadowhunters and Downworld. Alec decides he wants to train Magnus in archery, despite the the latter’s claim that his magic is really the only weapon he needs. Does Alec truly want his boyfriend to be skilled in his preferred choice of combat? Or is this only an excuse to spend some time with him?

2.Alec is invited to a fellow Shadowhunter’s wedding in Idris, and desperately wants to invite Magnus along as his date. They have only just started dating, and so his nerves causes him to worry and fret over how exactly he is going to ask his boyfriend, believing that he does not have a way with words like Magnus does. Magnus, having heard from Isabelle about the invitation waits with unmeasurable hope that Alec will ask him to be his date. However as the wedding looms closer and having heard nothing from Alec regarding the wedding, he starts to think with a sinking disappointment that perhaps Alec does not want his relationship with a warlock being on full display at Idris and starts to pull away and avoid Alec, something that does not escape the Shadowhunter’s notice. Will the boys work their way around the misunderstanding?

3.Alec catches a cold, and despite Magnus’s concerns continues to train and accompany Izzy and Jace and Clary on their demon hunting missions. Until during one mission, Alec faints and is escorted to Magnus’s, where Magnus insists he cannot move until he is all better and regained all of his strength. This culminates in Magnus telling Alec that he must remember to take care of himself while trying to rescue the world, otherwise all their efforts would only be in vain. Alec disagrees, saying it his job as Shadowhunter to put others first before himself, which results in an argument between the two. How will they resolve their disagreement?

4.Magnus and Alec met each other when they were in kindergarten, and have known each other ever since. Both have had feelings for the other, however both has been oblivious in thinking that they were the only one harbouring feelings. Now, at 30 years old both have had everything work out for them, Alec doing his residency and Magnus a practicing lawyer, when Magnus’s current boyfriend proposes to him. Alec is left with the choice of whether to take the leap and confront Magnus with his feelings, or to let his first love go for good. And Magnus can’t decide if accepting the proposal will be his way out or the worst decision of his life.

5.Magnus and Alec have happily been together for 2 years. When Magnus’s past of being a former gang member comes back to haunt him in a form that threatens to hurt Alec, he decides it is best for him if they break up, telling Alec he no longer loves him, breaking his own heart in the process. Alec, seeing through the blatant lie refuses to give up on Magnus, arguing that whatever it is that he is going through they can face it head on, together. Magnus struggles with not being able to let Alec go and trying to protect him from his former gang member that threatens to break apart everything Magnus has been working to build.

6.Rockstar AU – My band is super successful and we are starting our worldtour in the next few days. I'magine my surprise as I encounter you, who has been my childhood crush that I’ve embarressed myself infront of countless times, as our new stage rowdie. Now I have to get your intention without you remembering that I’m the akward kid from the playground. (Bonus point: You can’t recognise me anymore and think that I hit on you for fun)

7.I need you to be my fake boyfriend for the wedding of my sister/mother/brother etc. and I had a crush on you since the day we became best friends. Only problem: You have a girlfriend who is a bit of a bitch/are already taken, but I can’t ask anyone else since it’s a bit shorttime. Since you don’t like me like that this can’t go wrong, right?

8.We have to secure the peace in my kingdom/alliance etc.. Problem is that we’ve been in love for a while but can’t be together anymore because the people in the alliance hate each others guts/ we can’t make choices for our people objectivly anymore.

9.You are the heir to the throne of my neighbourhood country, but your evil oncle/stepfather etc. Is after the throne so you have the escape. Sadly you fall from a cliff and end up on my doorstep. I really don’t have a clue what to do with you or how to regain your memories but damn your eyes…Do I even want you to get the memories back?

Obviously you don’t have to write a prompt but if you do please tag us so we can check it out ASAP! Lots of love xx

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That’s My Boy

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Requested by anonymous:  hi, I love your writing so much! Could you do an imagine where reader and stiles are making out in the boys locker rooms, and they get caught by the entire team + coach, and no one will stop teasing stiles about it because they never expected to see him with a girl. Idk if this is weird by I love fics where people tease stiles😂love you xx


WORDS: 260


A/N: I hope you like it!

Y/N’s P.O.V.

Stiles pressed my body against the wall and kissed my neck, I needed him so bad right now. He held my hips and I jumped, with my legs around his waist, I took his shirt off while, feeling his hands on my ass. I kissed him, feeling my whole body crawl.

“What the hell?”

“Oh my god.” I said.

Coach and the entire team were looking at us.


I stand up and try to fix my hair and t-shirt.

“Coach, oh God.”

“Stilinski, put your damn shirt on!”

Stiles put his shirt quickly.

“I don’t want to know what was about to happen here. I really don’t! And I don’t think you should be here, miss Y/N, it’s the boy’s locker room.”

“I know, coach, I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.”

“Great, now, I’m leaving, and when I come back, I hope don’t see you here.” I nod.

The team was laughing a whispering. I rolled my eyes.

“I should go.” I said.


“Damn, Stiles, we couldn’t imagine see this! You and a girl….”

“Oh yeah?” I looked at the stupid boy. “We’re sorry to disappoint you, but I bet Stiles’ is better than this entire stupid team.”

They stopped laughing.

“Aw, look, she’s protecting Stilinski.”

“I’m not protecting anyone. It’s true.” I smiled.

Stiles licked his lips and I kissed him.

“See you later.” I smiled.

I closed the door and heard the boys teasing him again.

“Well, at least I’m having more sex than all of you.” I heard Stiles and I laughed.

That’s my boy.

Stiles Stilinski OneShot- It’s not fair

Request: Hey love:3 I was wondering if I could request a one shot where you’re Stiles’ sister and you miss your mom or something and he finds you crying on your bed and comforts you:-)

Warnings: It is about Stiles mum’s death and that shit is pretty sad so yeah.

Authors Note: We made a little change where instead crying in her bedroom she’s crying on her bathroom floor, nothing drastic. Also sorry that it is so short xx

Gif Credit: (x)

Word Count: 500+


You were crying on your bathroom floor back with your back pressed up against the bathtub. Not your usual pastime but you couldn’t hold it in any more. You missed your mum, now more than ever. Earlier this morning you were at the coffee shop studying by yourself and sitting right next to you were a mother and daughter. They had been talking about drama at school and the mum was giving her advice on how to deal with the guy she had a crush on and it just reminded you that you could never do that. It was true that your dad did try to make an effort in playing both the mum and dad roles but nothing could replace your mother.

“Y/N!” You heard Stiles yell. A banging on your door followed - he must have heard you crying. “I’m coming in Y/N, okay?!” He yelled again pushing your bedroom door open and running towards the bathroom door, opening it much softer than the first. As soon as your brother saw the state you were in he sat down right next to you and pulled you close. The embrace allowed you to cry into his chest and he could wrap his arms around you comfortingly.

“Im s-sorry.” You sniffled, feeling bad for being so weak in front of him.

“Hey, no. Don’t be sorry.” He said rubbing your back. “Now what’s wrong? Is it some guy at school? Cause if it is I will beat him up for you.. well I’ll get Scott to.” He added making a small giggle escape your mouth.

“No it’s not that. I just really miss mum Stiles.” You explained looking up at your brother with tears streaming down you cheeks.

“I miss her too bud.” He replied. Now he was the one who was the one not wanting to feel weak, not wanting to let himself cry in front of you. Stiles had always tried to act brave for you even though he really wasn’t. He had never let himself cry in front of you. Even at you mum’s funeral he held it all in until you were in a different room before he started to break down. 

“It’s just not fair.” You whined crying more into his shoulder. “She’s gone. I needed her, we all did. And then her body betrayed her. I just want to be able to tell her how my day went or about the date I just went on. But I can’t.”

“I know. The first thing I wanted to do when Scott was bitten was to ask her for help. Or when Lydia kissed me when I had that panic attack I wanted to tell her everything. I know it’s hard but there isn’t anything we can do. We just have to make the most of everyday and make sure to remember that we have friends and family that we can talk to. You don’t have to cry alone anymore. Next time you feel like this come to me and talk about it. I’m your brother. It’s my job to look after you.”

I’ve Got You

PAIRING: reader x bucky barnes 


WARNINGS: mentions of abuse, language but fluff at the end! 

Request from @lachicadelamanzana & Anon: 

(1)Can you make an imagine where the reader is a mutant? She is best friends with Steve and is Bucky’s girlfriend. Then the goverment(after the civil war)wants to kill her because they think she is too dangerous, and Bucky protect her? Love u and thanks

(2)Can you make a bucky imagine where the reader is an HYDRA experiment and his girlfriend? The Team doesn’t trust her, so she leaves. And Bucky finds her days later and confort her saying that if she is not in the team, he neither. Fluff pleaseee🙈🙈🙈

SO from the word count, yes I really got into these two prompts, I don’t know what came over me but I just ran with it! I also watched Suicide Squad the other night AND LOVED IT! Holy smokes like I’m a marvel gal all the way but I really enjoyed that movie! So I may or may not have put a little teeny tiny Suicide Squad reference in this. (whoops) but you get ten points if you can pick it out! Anyway I’m rambling, ENJOY xx


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You never wanted a normal life; the mundaneness of it all bored you. You hated seeing other people stuck in the vicious circle of existence. You wanted to do more with your life, see the world make an actual difference. Not go on a volunteering holiday for two weeks then come back to brag about it to your friends about how life chancing it was then do fuck all with your life. You wanted a real change. And oh how wrong you were. Hydra seamed like a good idea at the time, not fully knowing what you were getting yourself into but at the same time not really giving a damn.

“You are the perfect candidate for our program Miss (Y/L/N). Would you consider joining us?”

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Bad girl

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Requested by anonymous: Can you please make one where Dylan takes y/n to meet with his friends (could be dinner or maybe a club or something) but y/n start tease Dylan and he punishes her for that ;) sorry I can’t help it I’m in love with your smuts XX


WORDS: 566


A/N: I’m glad you like my smuts, I hope you enjoy this one.

Y/N P.O.V.

“Wow you are wearing it to please me or to make me jealous?”

“It depends.” I blink at him.

Dylan shook his head and I held his hand, we went downstairs and I saw his friends sitting at the table.

“Guys, this is Y/N, my girlfriend.”

I smiled, so everyone waved to me and greeted me. I sat in front of Dylan and I smiled to see how sexy he was.

I pulled my heel with the foot, barefoot and getting smiles to one of Dylan’s friends who told me about how it was studying with Dylan.

I lifted my foot, supporting it in Dylan’s lap under the table and he looked at me confused. S smirk was born on my lips and I rubbed my foot on his pants.

I felt my boyfriend’s hand grab my foot while he was talking to his friend. I pressed my other foot on his pants, forcing tightly, making him look at me.

Dylan let go of my foot and I kept passing it slowly on his pants where I could already feel some of his erection. His gaze fixed on mine and he shook his head.


“Thank you for coming.” Dylan says goodbye to his friends.

As soon as he locked the door, I felt his hands pushing me against the wall; he pressed his body against mine.

“I was horny for three hours because of you. You know what I’m going to do with you, my love? "He murmured.

"I’m dying to find out.”

Dylan grabs my thighs and I jump on his lap, he grabs me tightly and throws me on the couch, his hands tearing the buttons of my dress.

“You have been a very bad girl.” He kissed my neck tightly.

“I hope you forgive me daddy.”

His eyes burned on my skin, I licked my lips and Dylan took my bra, I groaned as I felt his lips on my breast, biting and licking it.


I took my hand up his shirt, but he held my arm above my head.

“Do not make me tie you up, love. Today I’m in charge. ”

I smirked and Dylan rubbed his hand against my intimacy covered by panties, I let my head fall back with his touch, Dylan released me and pulled his T-shirt and jeans quickly.

I raised my hand to kiss him, but he stopped me again. The desire in his eyes made me extremely horny.

“I’m gonna fuck you hard, love.” He sucked my neck. “You will learn not to tease a man.”

I watched his hard cock on his underwear and I smirk. Dylan took off my panties, throwing it away, his tongue came into contact with my clit and I gasped. His tongue moved strongly against me and I groaned loudly, my hands grabbed my boyfriend’s hair, pulling tightly as he continued.

“Oh my god, Dylan.”

His mouth pulled back and I feel his fingers penetrating me slowly.

“You are soaked.” He smiled.

I felt my stomach contract with every movement of his fingers; I kissed him urgently trying not to moan. Every touch made me closer to explode.

“D-Dylan, I’ll … oh my god … oh!”

He stopped before I could achieve orgasm. A frustrated groan escaped my mouth.

“Why did you do that?”

“Because you’ve been a bad girl.” He kissed me.


I bet you did not expect that.

Tell me IF you guys want part 2!