I don’t worry about my past,
I worry about my future,
Will I be great, or another loser.
Honestly I’m scared
Scared for what waits there,
Scared that I will miss my moment,
Scared I’m stuck in a home with,
With regrets, disappointment,
Nothing to look forward to, simply hopeless,
Who the fuck are you,
I say as I look in the mirror.
I try to be a good person,
I try to make things right,
But sometimes I think late at night,
Is everything I’m doing wrong,
Have I known all along,
I get on my knees and pray,
Waiting to hear what you’ll say,
And all I hear back is nothing,
So I fake a smile but I’m just fronting,
Because what’s going on in my mind,
It’s constant all the time.
I’m always worried if I’m taking the right steps,
Am I walking the right path or going left.
What do I do if I can’t turn to you,
But you know what they say,
Just look up and have faith.
Because one day things will change.

I used to be bullied, the outcast, the kid overlooked, then I realized who I was, why I loved being different, then I realized I wasn’t so different. Also realized I’ve got siblings who look up to me, so I show them who they can be if they simply say FUCK YOU, to those who don’t like who they are.

Never been in love...

She says I’m crazy,
I think I may be.
I say what do you see,
See in me?
She wonders in astonishment,
Calls me her prince,
Sees who I really am,
Sees me more than…
…than anyone else ever has,
I’m in love so is that bad?
I wonder how much she loves me,
I mean truly,
I mean is she devoted,
Does she have other motives?
Does she want me to stay,
What should I say?
It doesn’t matter now,
Yes I feel like a clown,
But for her it’s ok,
Ok I’d have to say,
I’m going to enjoy it while it last,
Because good things end fast.
So I love you this is true,
My heart belongs to you.

You flipped out on me for talking about some one that used to mean something to me and something that happened recently…..but you constantly talk about these bitches and your ex’s that bother you and not once have I gotten upset at all. See a problem here?