Done with finals! Had more time to work on this one c:

Impromptu minimal background – was originally just solid black actually LOL.

 I’m very happy with how it turned out and it’s very fitting for the following quote:

“Diamond City holds answers, but they’re locked tight. You ask them what they know, but people’s hearts are chained up with fear and suspicion. But you find it. You find that heart that’s gonna lead you to your boy.

Oh, it’s… it’s bright. So bright against the dark alleys it walks.” - Mama Murphy

I made a gif for my water flight lair c:

I tried to stay as true as possible to the description for Tsunami Flats:

A becalmed coastal stretch of shoals and giant tidal pools. Dragons occupy the pools, burrowing into the loamy sand and shaping half-submerged underwater caves with their small, but growing magics. Sustenance, in the form of amphibious reptiles and fish, is abundant. Although seemingly a frontier, it is at these shores that the Water God is most able to protect his charges, employing tidal wave defenses to menace away aggressors.