June ‘17 Coliseum Guide

Damn look at those outfits!  So stylish.  Lovin’ it!  You’ll need to clear Tier 10 to get 2200 coins, enough for both outfit boards.  This will also get you the titles Wanderer (blue board) and Beauteous (pink board).  Finishing Round 10 of Tier 12 will get you enough coins for one Magic Mirror from each bonus board.

This month’s reward is Attack Boost IV Max, which is a 100% chance to activate AB4.  Top 10k gets one, top 1k gets two, and top 100 gets three.

The tiers look to be the same as last month:
Tier 11: 50 rounds, 9 skips
Tier 12: 100 rounds, 7 skips
Tier 13: 300 rounds, 6 skips
Tier 14: 999 rounds, 3 skips

Enemy List:

xx1: Speed
-Dual Blade* x2
-Dual Blade* & Armored Archer

xx2: Power
-Gargoyle Knight
-Armored Knight
-Hammer Frame

-Cannoned Camel** [M] & Power Wild [P] & Neoshadow [S]

xx4: Speed
-Eggscapade & Eggster Bunny***
-Eggster Bunny*** & Bag O’ Jewels x2
-Bag O’ Jewels x3
-Soldier x5

xx5: Power
-Fat Bandit & Large Armor
-Large Armor & Large Body

-Blue Gummi Copter**** [M] x3
-Creeper Plant [S] & Blue Gummi Copter**** [M] x2
-Fire Plant [M]
-Stinging Bee***** [S] & Ice Plant [M]

-Dual Blade* [S] & Wizard [M] & Aerial Knocker [P]
-Wicked Wick%% [P] & Tornado Step [S] & Green Requiem%%% [M]
-Emerald Sonata% [M] & Flower Rider [S] & Wicked Wick%% [P]

xx8: Power
-Aerial Knocker x2 & Shadow x5
-Shadow x5
-Bag O’ Coins & Aerial Knocker & Bad Dog
-Bad Dog x3

xx9: Magic
-Candy Apple
-Candy Apple x2
-Poison Apple
-Poison Apple x2

xx0: Power

*+1 S-Str
**+1 Str
***+1 PSM-Def
****+1 M-Def
*****+1 Str & +1 Def
% after 3 medals, heals all enemies
%%+2 PSM-Def
%%% after 2 medals, heals all enemies
%%%% after 35 hits, performs critical attack

Avoid 3 and 10 at all costs.  2 and 5 are pretty hard for one turning.  7 is alright as long as you can kill the Sonata before it heals.

8 is definitely the easiest round.  1, 4, 6, and 9 are the other ones you’ll want to be focusing on.

That’s all!  Good luck this month!

<3 KCM




1. Neptune - Sleeping At Last
2. Angels - The XX
3. Collapse - Vancouver Sleep Clinic
4. Wash. - Bon Iver
5. Wait for me - Motopony
6. Wolf - Sylvan Esso
7. Sunset - The XX
8. Drive - Halsey
9. Feels like we only go backwards - Tame Impala
10. My tears are slowly becoming a sea - M83
11. Apartment - Young The Giant
12. Far West - Ocean Calling



My own selection of #2014 NBA All Star#  Team1 and Team2. Illustration drawing by UniPin++Watercolor+Photoshop.

A Daria Playlist—"Unbelievers"

                                               xx Daria & Jane xx

1. “Unbelievers”-Vampire Weekend xx 2. “Heads Will Roll”(A-Trak Dub Mix)-Yeah Yeah Yeahs  xx3. “Away & Anywhere”-John Frusciante xx 4. “Let’s Dance to the Joy Division”-The Wombats xx 5. “Float On”-Modest Mouse xx 6. “Find My Way”-Nine Inch Nails xx7. “Rock Show”-Blink 182 xx8. “Freak Like Me”-Halestorm xx 9. “City of Devils”-Yellowcard xx10. “For a Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic”-Paramore xx 11. “That’ll Be The Day”-Streetlight Manifesto xx 12.“Blackout”-The Pack A.D. xx 13. “Sweetness”-Jimmy Eat World