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Vice Versa

Genre: Fluff bruh

Warnings: Eh like a few swear words but hey it’s Dan I can’t control him

Words: 853



The live show was almost over; Dan had done his Spotify update, guess the crime, talked about some odd Japanese craze and all that was left was a cameo from Phil.

“Okay I think he’s in the lounge,” Dan glanced over his shoulder to check for any Phil sounds. “Let me just text him, if he doesn’t respond in five minutes I’ll personally go get him.” Most of the comments just called Dan lazy but Dan just laughed that off (partially because it was true) and texted Phil.

Five minutes came and went, the time filled with Dan saying a few puns and talking about Sam Pepper.

“He acts like we are all going to forget and think he’s a saint,” he rolled his eyes. “Yes as Elizabeth B. said in the comments, ‘he’s an arrogant douche’. Can I add asshole to the mix?” Dan laughed again but still managed to keep a serious vibe.

“Okay guys we’ve established that Sam Pepper needs to be banned from YouTube, can we all agree on that?” Dan paused for a moment, eyes scanning over the comments. “How about I go get Phil? Yes, okay Vanessa R. and Taylor E. agree that it is definitely Phil time.” Dan stood up, pulling his pants up over his boxers but everyone knew that they’d go back to sagging in a few minutes. Dan set his phone back down on the desk, the laptop webcam angling towards it.

“I’ll go find the AmazingPhil for all of you out there who only watch for him,” Dan started walking towards the door, whistling the Harry Potter theme music. After a long stretch of silence that could’ve only ranged to a minute max, the chime of Dan’s ringtone filled the room.  His phone lit up and the familiar message notification flashed on the screen. All the Phangirls read the text eagerly, after all they had nothing else to watch on the screen. The text was from Phil:

I’ll be up in a sec love xx

The chat went wild. Comments exclaiming of phan’s actuality and people claiming they guessed it.

It was no surprise that YouNow broke a few seconds later; the website crashing from so many people logging in to see their OTP be confirmed.

When Dan finally made it back to his room (had taken a quick wee before going to find Phil) he and Phil were surprised to see an error page instead of his ongoing live show.

“Huh,” Dan sorted his hair. “Guess the website broke again! I’ll just tweet about it and play some Guild Wars.” Phil nodded and withdrew himself from the room, generally annoyed that Dan had gotten him off his game of Animal Crossing for nothing.

Well thanks Dan for dragging me off the couch for this!” Phil punched Dan in the arm light heartedly, not fully angry yet.

Dan just rolled his eyes and decided to check on his twitter tag, seeing if anyone was truly pissed that the liveshow had cut off. The first tweet that popped up was from YouNow’s official Twitter.

Sorry guys site down from overloading on one page. Way to go @danisnotonfire!”

Dan was confused, he hadn’t done anything specifically interesting, right? In fact he wasn’t even on screen when the web page broke down.

“Maybe you should check your Tumblr tag?” Phil suggested, reading over his shoulder. He just nodded and logged onto his Tumblr.

As soon as he got on his ‘danisnotonfire’ tag, he was bombarded by screenshots from his latest YouNow.

“What’s so shocking about this?” Phil had a similar look on his face as Dan; absolute confusion. “It’s just a screencap of your phone.” Again, Dan didn’t say anything. He just clicked on the image to enlarge it.

“Oh my God,” Dan received a soft slap on the wrist for this. “It’s a text from you! Did you really send this? Please tell me it’s photoshopped!” His voice rose. Phil looked away guiltily, despite the overwhelming evidence that he was to blame. His eyes began to brim with tears which he quickly brushed away.

“Are you crying?” Dan immediately unclenched his jaw and lowered his eyes. Phil was now full on bawling.

“I didn’t mean to raise my voice Phil. Shit I’m so sorry!” Dan wrapped Phil into a hug but Phil pushed him away.

“I’m not mad at you Dan,” he smiled from ear to ear. “If anything I’m happy! We don’t have to hide anymore and we can finally be a normal couple. We can go out on dates, hold hands in public and not have to worry about someone possibly taking a picture of us.”

“Are you not happy about this Dan? Because I sure as hell am!” Phil pulled Dan into his kiss, locking lips for at least a whole minute. Dan just smiled and nodded, too busy imagining a worry free life. Because that day October 18th, marked a day when everything shifted and Dan and Phil’s relationship had finally been solidified and validated. And the whole world knew that Daniel James Howell loved Philip Michael Lester and vice versa.


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