xx route

why kanoshin is good bc i did a psychoanalysis of this ship a while ago on twitter

  • kano- young, severely depressed, pushes down his emotions to dangerously unhealthy levels, puts huge emphasis on “not letting go of the past”, SEVERELY DEPRESSED, hates himself
  • shintaro- young, severely depressed, pushes down his emotions to dangerously unhealthy levels, actively refuses to let go of the past in route xx, attempts to grow as a person in route 1 by moving on, SEVERELY DEPRESSED, thinks of himself as trash
  • both are extremely mentally unwell people who would understand each others state of mind, and understand the various coping mechanisms used to deal with mental illness and the like
  • shintaro has been shown in canon to care deeply for the members of the mekadan, shows concern over their well being. upset by the idea of kano hating him, as he expresses to kido.
  • kano hated shintaro as a teenager bc shintaro was a fucking ASSHOLE to ayano while she was alive. you cant get around that. he was rude af to her and she put up with it bc ayano was a good person. kano resented shintaro for treating her so terribly. lashes out after being under extreme stress, including being forces to pose as his older sister’s corpse.
  • kano in present day regrets his actions, recognizes that he’s done unforgivable things, and quote, thinks of [shintaro] as an idiot, but also a good person. he’s warming up to him.
  • kano letting go of past memories and regrets = starting fresh with shintaro, as he is willing to apologise and make complete amends with him
  • why wouldnt you like this ship
  • shintaro and kanos true personalities mesh perfectly. true kano has a nearly the same mindset as shintaro, yet it has been shown that when he lets his guard down, he’s somewhat cheerful. yes. its a cheerful dork and a grumpy dork combo. who doesnt like those.
  • both of them are INCREDIBLY intelligent and would be an intellectual power couple
  • can work through their past traumas together. neither of them have had great lives. especially not kano. shintaro, having regret not listening to ayano’s troubles while she was alive, would be more than willing to do everything in his power to help kano like himself
  • they are human. they will forgive. ene thinks that shintaro will forgive kano. they will become better friends. dont believe me just watch [uptown funk plays]
  • kanoshin is fucking golden don’t believe anyone who says otherwise
Kiki’s silly theory: When Shintaro started talking to Haruka in novel 6

I’m not sure and this is a weak theory since the 6th novel’s summary isn’t out yet but…I was wondering…

Shintaro died at the beginning of the novel already and met Haruka somehow (according to Furiwokaaan’s spoiler gatherings), and I was wondering when he died. Like in the illustrations you see him wearing his red jersey while talking to Haruka in Kagerou Daze (there was a TV, so possible), so it had to be recent (or at least after Song Route with LTM’s Route XX, Artificial Enemy and Outer Science)…

Then I thought…the missing children novel…

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