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Napoleon literally brought back slavery, how gross do you have to be not to see that as a sign of evil?

Oh my god… I should have known better than try and argue for contextualisation of history on Tumblr of all places. Of course people on here don’t understand nuances and how important it is to contextualise history in order to have a good understanding of it.

Who said it was okay to bring back slavery in the colonies? Nobody. And certainly not me. It is actually something I brought up in another post I made about him a few days back as a questionable policy of his; you can look up in my “Napoleon Bonaparte” tag and you will find it easily.

That being said, what people like you fail to understand is that CONTEXT MATTERS and so does historical context. If you fail to properly contextualise history then your understanding of it will always be false. Slavery is something that has existed in one form or another (what was serfdom if not slavery in disguise?) in every human civilization and nobody argues that it was okay - and certainly not me. It’s something we all carry and must remember in order to not repeat the mistakes of the past. What is argued however is that value dissonance is a thing and this is why you cannot hold people who were alive in the XVIIIth century to the standard and values we have gained and know are right today. You simply can’t look at history through XXIst century lenses or you will never properly understand it nor learn the lessons out of it that need to be learned and remembered, you will only be sitting in a position of false superiority instead.

When Revolutionary France abolished slavery in 1794 I don’t think you quite understand how radical and indeed revolutionary that was. Plenty of policies and beliefs that were held by revolutionary France where virtually unheard of, why do you think the monarchies surrounding it where so threatened by it? Equal rights for all? Abolition of privileges? All those things were threatening the status quo and had to be crushed in order for them to retain the power they didn’t want to give up. The point is, none of the absolute monarchies (or oligarchy in the case of Britain) who were surrounding France were any better. They didn’t KNOW better. Britain (touted as the “good guys” by those who want to paint a manichean picture of the era) only abolished slavery in the entirety the Empire in 1833. Over 15 years after Napoleon was exiled to St Helena.

Nobody is saying that all of Napoleon’s policies were good. What is argued is that by the standard of the times he lived in and ruled in, a lot of those policies he made (freeing the jews when they were confined in ghettos everywhere else, writing the civil code, promoting a meritocracy) were stepping stones toward pogress and enlightenment which eventually led us to where we are. People didn’t wake up one day and realise that slavery was bad or that women were equal, people and history are more complicated than that. It is an ever evolving march instead. Nobody argue it was good, we just argue that it should be contextualised.

You speak of a sign of “evil” as if history was a Holywood movie with easily identifiable bad guys and good guys, but you can’t. Real life isn’t a movie, and just because those events took place centuries before any of us were born doesn’t make it any less real. I do not argue that Napoleon was a hero, I argue that he was a leader of his time who should and need to be judged according to the values of his time and according to those he was far more enlightened than the large majority of the monarch that surrounded him.

So next time you want to call me gross, maybe you should look up the subject you are talking about in more depth than a few posts you have seen on tumblr and randomly decided to get offended at without bothering to try and gain any sort of true understanding of it first.

Ready for the last lessons of the week, today to the program course on art in the XVIIIth century, the bases of the sculpture, then course of drawing with model;) And to finish tonight direction Sunset Valley for the party Costume  :)

Prête pour les derniers cours de la semaine, aujourd’hui au programme cours sur l’art au XVIIIe siècle,les bases de la sculpture, puis cours de dessin avec modèle ;) Et pour finir ce soir direction Sunset Valley pour la soirée Costume party :) 


A Horseman’s Hammer, mid XVIth century.

Old iron head (over 200 years old - picked from the ruins of a XVIIIth century house in Mâcon) with forge-welded steel insert at the beak, steel handle and guard with fileworked details, and steel and brass wire wrap on the handle. Inspired by several examples including hammers in Belgium, Sweden and Norway.

Basically I wanted to make a basic, simple, plain hammer. Seems I failed.
Length 56 cm, head 145 mm.Weight 974 g.
I am asking 900 € for the hammer alone. But the idea is to make a “suite” of weapons, with a matching dagger (and scabbard) and even a sidesword, as sketched.Hammer and dagger would then be at 1400 €, and all 3 weapons at 3200 € (shipping not included, possibility of multiple installments).