anonymous asked:

I think i remembered you downgrading your house size??? How can you do that on save editor through the new homebrew access for 11.5?

I think the save editor recently you can do that if you open up browser console

How to edit room size (experimental):
* open your savegame in the editor
* press F12 to open the browsers console
* type: players[x].rooms[y].size=z;
x=player number (0-3)
y=room number (0-5)
z=room size (2=4x4, 3=6x6, 4=8x8)
* save changes

If that doesn’t work out your other option is 
Get a hex editor to open the save(any, I’m sure most are similar but I use XVI32)
Then “go to address” the room address you want changed (0x numbers here)
On the left side of the editor change the number to the value you want
01(removes room), 02(4x4), 03(6x6), 04(8x8))