Summer lovin', had me a fic exchange

I thought the sauciest-looking photo would be best to start off this post! 

Okay, so the prompt box (aka my ask box) is open from tomorrow night, following the Top 14 final (around 11pm CEST) but basically, it won’t close until close of play on June 21st (11.59 21/06) so you’ve got a good three weeks. Nobody panic! 

Prompts can be as simple or as complicated as you like - you can give a ship name and nothing else, or you can write a short paragraph on what you want to see, or you can do both and more besides because we’re accepting up to three prompts per person. It’d also be incredibly helpful if you could specify if you just want fic to be written based on your prompts, or if you’d be open to seeing other things (such as doodles or mixtapes)? 

Once they’re collected, are we handing them out Secret Santa-style? Whichever way we do it, you’ll get them by the end of June. But once you’ve got one, you can come back for another if you’ve completed it and are hungry for more :) The deadline will be midnight, August 3rd so you have a month to write and we can enjoy everything in the final two weeks before the season kicks off again. If you’d rather have longer to write, please say and we can lengthen it! 

I have a horrible feeling I’ve missed sometihng off or not explained it properly, but there aren’t too many of us so please just message me or reblog or something if you have questions!

I’m really looking forward to doing this with all of you! <3 


I have ten hours of train journeys tomorrow.

I plan to amuse myself by writing fic - and would love prompts and requests. I will write anything involving anyone. No, really. Fire suggestions into my inbox and I’ll love you forever.