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Do you do commissions? I just really like the way you draw Blueberry! xux

Heya cookie :)
So far I did only private requested comissions, but I’ve never dared to open/offer commissions. (So you’re really flattering me, to ask for this)
Why? ‘cause I still believe my art is lil’ crappy and needs improvement. My style varies from picture to picture,  because I always try out new stuff. My scetches are fine, but colo pictures aren’t that hot by me x)

However, if you are truly interested in commissions by me, then simply pm me :) I’m always giving my best, if a picture is not for me, so you would get something good in return. And I would talk this out with ya.
If there are more ppl interested in that, I would put of some rules and FAQs for info.


♆ happy halloween!
haha thats just my excuse to dress up characters _(:3JL)_
heres kye-sook,  soo-won & zeno 

Fixing loose ends | @disxppexr

When his mother and Vivi found an empty bedroom, they were left with a simple note on his pillow: 

                  Visiting an old friend
                   Last minute shopping. 
                  - Arthur 

The note wasn’t entirely a lie. The blonde left at midnight, having parked the van outside prior to. He drove with the radio blasting, drowning out his emotionless thoughts. Normally, fear would be pulsing through his veins and clogged with various ‘What if’ scenarios. Since the previous mission, he has felt nothing. 

Surprisingly, the mansion was still there; just glowing more dull from the previous visit. He parked the van in front, heading up to the door. Several eyes peeked out the window, then vanished upon him knocking on the wooden doors. 

With no answer, he stepped inside. The doors closed by themselves like last time. 

Standing in front of the flight of stairs in the dark room, Arthur called out for the ghost with the dead-panned voice. 

“Lewis. I want to talk with you.”

11/11 - Happy Birthday beloved Marimo! 

I’m not late in my country XDDU

When I first got into the series, Zoro was my fave character for a very long time, specially after Thriller Bark, he always inspires me to do cute nakamaship strawhats pics and this one was no exception. Even if I have several fave characters now, he remains as one my faves :D so Happy Birthday Zoro-kun!!

Sorry, it’s a bit messy xux


Some LuciPer fluff? xux I don’t even know what’s going on. The dialogues are terrible, apologies. ( x///x/\) Here’s a little bonus.

I just wanna draw some fluff and this happened. >///>;; Got the idea of Reaper loving Lucio’s heartbeats from @proper-nice-that and my RP days ago. Reaper got no more heart, so he listen to Lucio’s. :D