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Chen: *screaming into mic*
Xuimin: *exposing his abs*
Suho: *smiling through the chaos*
Lay: *just now realized he is, in fact, at a concert*
Baekhyun: *dancing, I think?? (whatever it is, it’s seductive.)*
Chanyeol: *toys! Shiny lights! Fans! (Literal puppy)*
D.O: *(his body is there but his mind ???)*
Kai: *waving to fans with both hands (it’s been five minutes now)*
Sehun: *the members are now his toys (concert? You mean maknae’s playtime)*

Sehun: Being the maknae, people think they can say any secret around me and I won’t hear.
Sehun: Minseok and Jongdae slow dance in the living room when no one’s home. Chanyeol and Baekhyun roleplay as pokemon.
Sehun: Kai and D.O are dating. Suho and Lay refer to each other as Mr. and Mrs. Zhang at restaurants.
Sehun: They all think I know none of this, but I do know, and now, so do you.
Vivi: *barks*

EXO (ot12) Reaction: They see your movie heavy packed with action stunts

Anon said: “How would EXO (OT12) react when they see your movie heavy packed with action stunts. Thank you 😊“

Xuimin: “I swear to Baekhyun, I thought she had a stunt double for a second”

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Luhan: “Luhan I didn’t use a stunt double”

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Kris: ”The way you jump off a 3 story building is so cool”

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Suho: “You can tackle down a guy who’s 6 feet but you can’t kill a spider? Interesting” *tease*

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Lay: “Can you teach me some stunts?” *does aegyo*

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Baekhyun: *almost has a heart attack when a car you’re in explodes*

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Chanyeol: “Did you just catch a ticking bomb?”

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Chen: “This movie is so good!”

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D.O.:  *enjoying movie* “Kyungsoo you’re so small I can’t teach you any stunts“

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Kai: *way too excited through out the whole movie*

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Tao: *listens to you talk for hours about your movie*

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Sehun: “This is why were the coolest couple jagi”

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