Pregnancy time lapse (by Armands Alps)

Missed this chance! :(


I was waiting for her outside their building when two of her workmates saw me and suggested I go up to their office and wait for her there. They assured me it’s totally fine. I refused but they insisted.

5th floor. Penthouse suite.

I did not text her that I was on my way up, so I guess she was surprised.

We got to hang out for a bit out on the deck after she finished her work.

Good times.


  • Lollipops and Roses
  • Jack Jones
  • Mad Men: Volume 2

Tell her you care each time you speak.
Make it her birthday each day of the week.
Bring her nice things, sugar and spice things,
roses and lollipops and lollipops and roses.

One day she’ll smile, next day she’ll cry,
minute to minute you’ll never know why.
Coax her, pet her, better yet, get her
roses and lollipops and lolipops and roses.

We try acting grown up, but as a rule,
we’re all little children fresh from school.
So carry her books. That’s how it starts.
Fourteen or forty they’re kids in their hearts.
Keep them handy, flowers and candy,
roses and lollipops and lolipops and roses.