We missed The Vow at Shangri-La so Megamall was our last resort.

We got there in time for the last showing and so did everyone else. The lines were ridiculously long at the ticket booths! Which was a complete turn off especially for her. She was really sad.

It was a good thing we noticed a Happy Lemon on our way up to the cinemas–we didn’t know they had one at there. We went back down and sought comfort :)

Also, we’ve been looking forward to trying their drinks (and it sucks that they don’t have a branch at Greenbelt/Glorietta yet) so it was definitely a pleasant surprise. The experience was not a letdown, to say the least. And we made a vow to come back and try everything else on the menu–then decide on our favorites!

We plan to take this seriously, we took home their printed menu and have crossed out / will cross out items we’ve tried over time. HAHA! Not that it matters.

Good times!

Happy Lemon
SM Megamall