Alright never got the chance to post this so here it is now.

I um, may or may not have a sliiight obsession with um… Xu Shu from Dynasty Warriors and well my family or rather my mother took notice.

OK so she asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I didn’t know what I wanted so I told her I didn’t know. I really didn’t know.

Well my birthday came which I had a nice time. My mom said they got me a gift but it’ll probably come a few days later. OK, that’s cool. It was coming in the mail.

Ok almost a week passes and the package arrives. With my mom sitting there I tear open the package and take out what is probably the best gift I have ever received ever!

A fleece blanket with none other than my favorite DW character on it.

Like holy shit I have a fucking Xu Shu blanket. Yes I cuddle the ever living shit outta it every night.

Side note: my mother also loves Dynasty Warriors. She used to play with me all the time. Her favorites are Zhao Yun and Sima Zhao.