Quando se ama, não é preciso entender o que acontece lá fora, porque tudo passa a acontecer dentro de nós. 



It’s 5:58pm, and Xavier still sucks. I get it, college rivalries are exciting and fierce, but since when did my face have anything to do with sports? Students at the University of Cincinnati (UC) using #XavierGirlsAreUgly is a fine example of how sexism is still alive and at work in our day-to-day lives. Should I start using #UCStudentsAreSexist to combat this? No, because I know that the majority of UC students are not. Seeing such an immature and outright shaming of women from a school upheld for its ingenuity and forward thinking is revolting. Between President Obama’s support for equal pay, the It’s on Us Campaign and powerful women speaking up for equality (here’s looking at you Amy Poehler and Tina Fey) why would UC students even promote such an inappropriate mantra?

Boasting 32,677 undergraduate students to our 4,652 for the 2014-2015 year (Source, Source), UC could very well be the #HottestCollegeInAmerica ranging from their creation of the college co-op to exemplary programs such as DAAP and CCM. However, some UC students seem to take the hashtag too literally resulting in the bullying Xavier females have felt for years (#XavierGirlsAreUgly has existed on twitter since 2011). UC President Santa Ono coined the term  #HottestCollegeInAmerica “to describe the excitement and energy I feel on the University of Cincinnati campus every day. It is a way of saying that we have a great university, and we’re going to tell people about it.” (Source) As far as I can tell UC was not given that title for any exceptional good looks or genetics that cannot be found anywhere else.

Specifically, in a study by The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health researchers found that intelligence is positively associated with beauty (Source). Now, I could make some other correlations and say that since Xavier has a harder admission rate than UC we’re clearly more attractive. I could also support it with our graduation rate being in the top 10% in the U.S. compared to UC’s 45%, and a 79% graduation rate in 6 years over UC’s 56% (Source). I could make the assumption of: How can we be “ugly” when research and statistics can back up our “attractiveness”? I could make a lot of different statements, but I also learned from my time at Xavier that correlation does not mean causation.

Using the blanket statement “Xavier girls are ugly” perpetuates misogyny. In general, attractiveness is operationalized by symmetry, and symmetry has been significantly linked to be “in the eye of the beholder”  (Source). This means that while some people at Xavier may not please you—and your symmetrical expectations—someone else could totally disagree. This goes for people everywhere, even UC. In fact, I have seen some UC students combat the #XavierGirlsAreUgly by posting pictures of UC girls that are not pleasing to their eye either. This, too, is unacceptable . Stop shaming women, and spend more time on legitimate facts you can use to trash talk at basketball games. I, personally, could not argue with someone who can list recorded facts about the differences in our basketball programs, or the number of times both teams have been in the Final Four.

Normally I would not be up in arms about something a rivalry spews out, but there is something imminently malicious about #XavierGirlsAreUgly. What may have started out as a joke has snowballed into UC students posting pictures and degrading any women in a Xavier t-shirt, Crosstown Shootout, or not. There is something much different from the “Friends don’t let friends date Xavier/UC guys/girls” chant over the very direct and harsh #XavierGirlsAreUgly.  I believe UC is better than the select students perpetuating microaggressions expressed in the hashtags. UC feminists and UC Students Against Injustice are doing amazing things on UC’s campus to promote equality, while Xavier has similar initiatives in their Live the Commitment Campaign  and Student Wellness Advocacy Group

The words of D’artagnan “All for one, and one for all,” have never rang more true. We are all humans sharing similar experiences; it is time to stop degrading people, especially by their appearances. We may be divided for a night of basketball, but we are all students who have the privilege to attend two wonderful schools designed to enlighten the mind, and help students attain future goals.


P.S.: Oh, and UC students using the pick-up lines, “Oh, you can’t go to Xavier, you’re too hot/pretty/beautiful” or “But…wait…you’re not ugly.” does not combat the issue. #XavierGirlsAreUgly is a form of bullying that is unacceptable. You want to talk shit about our free throw percentage go ahead, but then again, what conference are you in? (Hint, this is what real sports trash talk should look like)

With love,


“…The fallen angels your run with don’t know

It is our pain that makes us so human after all

Torn old sepia photographs show

Our fragile precious world

Must discard it, respond to the call…”- X.U. 

…The fallen angels I run with all know

It’s our fear that makes us so human after all

Torn old sepia photographs show

Our fragile precious world

Must reject it, respond to the calling…”- scaPEGoat

My cover of the Owari no Seraph/Seraph of the End OP got blocked on YouTube so here it is on soundcloud!

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Original Artist(s): Hiroyuki Sawano ▫ Gemie ▫ Masshoi ▫ Toshino Tanabe ▫ Hiroshi Iimuro ▫ Masayoshi Furukawa

Vocals & Lyric Adaptation: Sapphire


No more dying, no more wasting lives
Stand your ground and always be ready to fight

So quit feeling so ashamed
You’re not to blame
You don’t need to carry the weight
We’re all the same
Yeah, you’ve lost control, and it’s hard to let it go
But you’ll overcome, our salvation has begun

No signs, no lights
And it doesn’t feel right
I must believe
Cause now I realize who I need

I’ll be there, hold on
You’re here then you’re gone
So where are you now
Searching through the night
With dangers in sight
I’ll find you somehow

So face the demons within, let them know
This is the pain, the fuel that ignites the human soul
Time to make peace with the life you once knew
Just let those bridges burn
Cause the war is calling for you